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Reincarnated as an Energy with a System


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It's really good. Jus trus me. The beginning might be a tad rough but I've defo seen worse... Hidden gem right here. . . . Well, it's not all that hidden tbh. All over the leaderboards and stuff. It's still good tho.

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It is one of the best story on this platform. In this novel you get to enjoy many different worlds that mc travel each one is unique with well detailed world building. Author even shared maps of those worlds. there is only one thing that i don't like which is system shutdown which happened more than once. it is fun story to read


This is my review after more than a year of writing this book. I will start by saying that this is not my best work, but one that is very fun to write, and from the comments I receive, it is quite fun to read as well. This is not an action-packed story with very high tension and suspense, so don’t expect that. It is more than anything a Slice of life. This is a story about a man who turned into energy and can no longer die. As a result, he goes around the world, the galaxies, and eventually the multiverse to see new things and visit new places. You will see all types of power systems, all types of stories, not just Eastern Fantasy as I idiotically put it up as. There’s cultivation, magic, summoning, space adventure, and will be many more things. In addition, I wish to answer a few questions and clear some confusion/ hatred. Q. Why did you turn him into a Human? That beats the premise of the story being about a Non-human MC. A. I didn’t turn him into a human, he was always meant to be one. I never intended to write a non-human MC to begin with when the idea first popped into my head. Still, in a sense, he’s still not a human and never will be. ****** Q. Why is the MC dumb/ not intelligent? A. When I started, I didn’t even know how to write a mediocre MC, let alone one with a brain. So I decided to go with an easy choice that will let me do some exposition without making it an info dump. So, basically, it was because I wasn’t very good at writing in general. ***** Q. Why are the first 100 or so chapters bad? A. When I started writing the book, I had 0 hope of continuing it. I was already writing another book I had started just a month ago, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I gave this book maybe an hour at most to simply write a chapter and no other time to think of the plot. As a result, the first 100 chapters are some of the worst chapters I have ever written. I only started caring because it ended up being quite a bit popular amongst the readers. ***** Q. Why does the MC not jump in a volcano and sleep for a million years? A. I get this question a lot, even though it is explained. He cannot just sleep forever. There is a high chance of losing energy instead of gaining it when he sleeps. Besides, he likes meeting new people and seeing the world. ****** Q. Why does the MC care about humans? A. Why not? He was a human too, and in some way, he still is one. If you are looking for a cold MC, or anti-hero MC, this is not it. Just because he’s an immortal, he isn’t immediately apathetic to everything around him. ***** I hope you can read past the first 100 chapters, and maybe even enjoy them. If you cannot, that’s understandable as well. Thank you for reading the book either way.


I should say I stopped reading around chapter 100. The idea is really cool and I loved the first 50-60 chapters but it fell of from there. Similar to many other books with a non humanoid MC it dosent stay that way for long. He gets a human body and all of a sudden its like every other cultivation book on this app. It feels like he is limiting himself greatly because he wants to be a human and have a human body. He could "sleep" anywhere he wants for a few hundred years and have enough energy to buy whatever he wants but he wants to cultivate slowly for some reason and then is mad/upset when he isnt stronger.


Hello, Author here. This is a story I started on a whim for WPC #192 and somehow won bronze. The first 20 or so chapters are just me searching for directions I should be taking this novel to. So, many ideas that pop up there don't last for long. Especially, the dual personality. However, the world I build up during these times is not random. Also, please do not expect the MC to be a genius or something, and just enjoy what he does.


I have read till 34 chapters. Believe me, it is a gem. This one has great potential. This is one of the few novels on webnovel that are high quality in everything. Please try to make it hit. And I hope the author keeps it up and try not to add cliches and plot armors.


I only read synopsis and u had to choose one of the most pathetic ways to die 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 this story is going to be funny and awesome I can tell


Started off promising but turned into a cultivation novel after chapter 130, dropped. I dont understand why authors always go this route whenever they bave a system involve in the story. I also don’t get why MC always getting frustrated when he doesn’t have enough energy to spend when he can just sleep for a couple hundred years.


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Read up to ch 118. Was readable till then but I really couldn’t Anymore. Save yourself some time and skip this. It is so forced and cliche with zero dimensional characters with typical young master types.


the novel has a lot of potential but the way you are making the mc need to ask the system for everything is making it a lot less interesting to read


Cool story with good worldbuilding and side characters. The prevalent and major issue that ruins the book for me is the sheer stupidity of the MC, born with an IQ rivaling the rocks he resides in, he seems unable to think for himself and use his abilities and system in an efficient way. Another major problem is the inconsistency of the system's point system. The value of items and knowledge of things in the system shop fluctuates wildly to where a couple of shovels and a single coin cost as much as getting a fully functional human body. You could buy basic knowledge of every language in the multiverse, or you could get a farming toolset... Overall I believe the cool and interesting setting and universe are ruined by an incompetent lead.


I read up till chapter 89 but after the first arc which was good it just gets boring. One thing that I hate is how dumb the MC is sometimes and he is limiting himself. He says he wants to stuggle so he gets the worst talent and body but all he does is just complain how slow he cultivates and compares himself to others.


If you're reading this I suggest you stop because there is too much bad points in the story. • MC is dumb and not your genius or normal mc type, he doesn't try to think for himself but only ask the system to solve every bit of his problems (like literally for everything, I wont lie just read and be disappointed). • MC chooses a very weak body and unsuitable for cultivation and complains every time when other people make breakthroughs, he complains that his body is to weak and its unfair, and says why can't he have that body that can cultivate fast. Furthermore it worsens because of the fact that he can create a super body that is very op. • MC is not insightful, in just a year he could accumulate hundreds of billions of energy to create a super op body for cultivation that can reach godhood fast but instead he says that he should struggle by himself cause it would be no fun and chooses his very weak body, in the end he spent a few years adapting to qi and increasing his realm in qi condensation, which is very dumb. • This is a novel with a very op system but makes the mc dumb and dependent on everything to make the story longer and give the author money. • Truly bad, you can't be expecting from this, now the novel is already declining with only 3 chapters per week because the readers have long abandoned it 1-100 chapters. If you read this, you'll be infuriated by the dumb logic and long wait for the author to release the chapters. • As I see it this novel will get 2 out of 5 from me.


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Good idea but it's complete garbage the protagonist is Op but the author makes him dumb enough that he doesn't even try to use his powers and he prefers to stay with a weak human body instead of turning completely in energy as well as horrible where this novel ended up because even though he is immortal he prefers to socialize with a random village of humans and what came out of that was horrible without Telling the horrible character development (MC) he has divine powers that at some point can equate to omnipotence but instead of fighting he prefers to use an ability that literally doesn't does nothing and damages himself making him go into a coma and when humans start asking what happened he starts acting like a 5 year old child and then reveals a simple thing complete garbage with the title you expect him to be energy but you thought wrong he prefers to have a super weak and deadly body If anyone can please send me a story with a good idea like this (of the protagonist being an energy type or something without a body) then send me


If only the MC was smarter than a goldfish after a stroke, this story could have been great. It is too bad, because the writing itself wasn't bad.


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This is a good story among so many trash webnovels. While people will think in the first chapters why the MC doesn't Just sleep until he becomes OP,it will be explained later. The MC doesn't want to be OP without doing nothing. Just think about it,how boring your life would be if you were OP (Just like Saitama)? You wouldn't feel ALIVE and the MC Is Immortal,so... This is a new world with many new things to see and we know that there is a Universe and Multiverse to explore. I hope in 200-300 chapters we Will be in another Planet and It would be cool if the MC creates an army throughout the Universe with the groups of people he helped because it would be like a Family and the MC won't feel alone