1135 Package

A month passed pretty quickly for Ning as he didn't have much to do in the academy. 

For now, he simply went to his classes, joined Tenn for some training, and spent his free time earning some credits.

He had spent his credits a few times in the academy restaurant to eat some good food, but aside from that, he hadn't been able to use it much.

With what he was taught in the classes, he didn't find the need to immediately go to the library either. 

Ning's improvement in his Essence rank had slowed down a lot as well. With the absence of the fruit and the crystals, he could only rely on the moonlight to aid him in absorbing pure Essence, and that was never really that helpful at all.

With how slow the Twin Moon absorption technique was, it would take him forever to reach the next rank which was the Essence Manifestation realm.

Fortunately, he wouldn't have to continue absorbing the moonlight forever.


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