50 Overnight Cultivation

Once they were done celebrating, every single one of the villagers went to sleep. Ning decided he should get some sleep before the morning too.

'System, wake me up 15 minutes before the sun comes up,' he said.


'What? Why negative?' he asked.

<Cannot put you to sleep when you have a body of your own to control. Please switch body to sleep>

'That— no. I just got a body. Is there no other way?' he asked.

<You can go to sleep normally like everyone else>

As if he had just realized it, Ning went, 'Oh, Of course. Yes. Now that I have a body, I can finally sleep, can't I?'. He was unusually happy about it. He looked around the village and everyone was asleep on the floor. He tried to think of other places inside the houses to sleep, but those beds were made up of rock as well.

'Do I really have to go all the way back to my house to sleep?' he wondered. The hardness of the sleeping space was not the only problem. The other problem was heating. Now that the fire had started to die, the air was getting a little chilly.

Although he wasn't really feeling it all that well, he still didn't want to take the chance of the air getting so low that he had a cold tomorrow. He fell into a dilemma. 'Do I sleep on the floor and risk catching a cold? Or do I walk all the way to my house where I can maybe get proper sleep?'

He started thinking of the pros and cons of both of those options when he realized that he had a third option.

'Or I can just not sleep and go cultivate.' He thought of himself as really smart when he thought of that. He walked into Hyesi's house and sat down on the bed. Both Hyesi and Belini were sleeping outside, so he was free to do whatever he wanted here.

He closed his eyes and started slowly breathing in and out. Once again, he calmed himself and started feeling the Qi in the surrounding. This time, however, he used his Energy vision to look outside.

Small bright specks of light slowly appeared in the air, all randomly moving around with no purpose. 'This is Qi, huh,' he thought. There wasn't a lot of them in the air. Maybe a few dozen at best.

He started using his cultivation technique and the specks of light started to slowly move around the room, slowly making their way back to him. Soon, he was covered in dozens of specks of light trying to enter his body.

'Ah, this reminds me of the time Freya cultivated in front of me,' he thought.

The specks of light entered the body, and new ones formed randomly in the surrounding. Over the course of the night, he managed to gather hundreds of specks of Qi into his body. Yet he only felt slightly different from before.

The difference was definitely there, but it was so small that it was almost negligible. 'Guess my body isn't really the best for cultivation huh?' he thought.

Morning arrived soon and everyone in the village was awake. Ning too stood up from his cultivation and walked outside. The villagers weren't waiting for him yet, when he arrived they immediately greeted him.

Ning walked towards Hyesi and stood near him. His cap was over, so it was about time to gather energy once more.

Hyesi and the rest of the villagers started performing their rituals to prepare their bodies for the yang energy from the sun of the dawn. Ning waited for that time to come. Everyone's body started glowing when the sun was about to arrive.

It was time. Ning closed his eyes and started concentrating on gathering Yin to turn it into heat. In a sudden burst, all the Yin from the surrounding, including Hyesi and his mother's body gathered up to him.

Once they covered his body, they started changing to heat energy.

Immediately, he started feeling like he was being burned alive. His concentration broke and he immediately stopped using the technique.

'Sh*t. I forgot the energy was enough to burn trees. I shouldn't be using that with my human body. Thank god I stopped in time, or I would have gotten serious burns all over my body,' he thought.

Now that he couldn't use Yin to heat conversion techniques, he switched to Yin to sound conversion technique.

A moderately loud hum started sounding from all over his body as the Yin he gathered turned to sound energy, being absorbed by him.

The sun came up and everyone stopped cultivating. They got down on their knees to kowtow to their god. Only this time, their god was in front of them, so they turned towards him and kowtowed.

"Thank you for blessing us, O great and bright lord Inikaka," they shouted.

Ning felt a little weird, but didn't say anything and simply nodded. Everyone stood up and went to do their own tasks.

'Should I go cultivate again?' he wondered.


Suddenly, his stomach growled. 'Ah, I forgot I had a body now. I get hungry so fast. I should eat something, but what? There is nothing in this island,' he thought. 'Do I have to go to the other island for food?' he wondered.

He sighed and called Hyesi over.

"What is it Lord Inikaka?" Hyesi asked enthusiastically. Being called over by their lord was an honor for them. Doing some tasks for them even more so.

"This new human body is weak and needs sustenance. I need food and water, or this body will die soon," Ning said.

Hyesi hesitated for a bit and said, "But Lord Inikaka, we don't have any water. Also, the meat will take some time to cook."

"I know. I didn't call you here to get me some food," Ning said, confusing Hyesi in the process. Hyesi cocked his head not knowing what to expect.

"No, I just want you to come with me to the other island and help me in what I am doing."

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