911 Ning's Test

As the machine tested Ning's stats, a variety of people watched him. The Scouters were watching because it was their job, but the majority of the rest were watching because the person taking the test was Chinese.

And they had to wait for a while to see the result.

"Hmm?" the staff members came to the front to look at the device as it took an abnormally long time to show up result.

"I'm sorry, it's taking a while. Please stay right there," the staff said.

Ning shrugged and stayed there. He had to wait for nearly 2 whole minutes before the results came back.

[Strength: SSS, Speed: SSS, Mana: B]

The moment the stats appeared on the screen, everyone in the room collectively lost their minds. 

Hi-Ah was too shocked to say anything. All she could do was rub her eyes and look at the stats again. She even wondered if she was seeing double for some reason.

"Wait? Is that…?" 

"Is that two Ss or three Ss?"


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