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"So my choices are dying or joining you guys?" Ning asked as he narrowed his eyes at the 3 that sat before him.

"Yes," Clara spoke with not much emotion in her eyes.

"Hmm, that's a hard decision," Ning said as he slumped back on his chair. "Give me a moment."

Carlos and Kepli gave a weird look to each other. They couldn't imagine why he was not just simply accepting the deal.

Clara was surprised as well. "Do you really have to think to make a choice between life and death?" she asked.

"Others might fear death, but I don't," Ning said. "I only fear what I might have to do if I were to join the gang. Do you guys go around asking for protection fees from various stores in the empire?"

Clara looked around awkwardly. "What's a protection fee?" she asked.

The other two shrugged as they weren't aware of such a thing at all. Ning realized that he might have spoken about something they did know about, so he quickly changed the subject.


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