1202 Ice and Magma

Alena started the real fight with a Magma javelin that she create in her right hand. She threw it at her brother without hesitation, with the full intention of hitting him in the face.

Allen smiled and slammed his leg. Three spikes of ice appeared from the ground, like icebergs in the ocean, and stopped the magma from getting through, even though they were destroyed in the process.

The steam from the boiling ice hung in the air for a moment before it immediately condensed and dropped to the ground as the prince used his own attack.

It was a skill not different from Yorsha's Burning Sun in which he turned the entire area around him into a freezing hellscape. Ice spread from where he stood and covered the ground.

At the same time, snowflakes fell from the surrounding air as the remaining water vapor condensed due to the frigid cold.

The princess stood where she was without moving and looked at what her brother was doing without being impressed at all.


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