1024 Death and Fear

"We are… going to fight Sorlus?" Hi-Ah asked with a surprised look on her face. She wasn't expecting to have to fight with the 12-year-old-looking kid as part of her training today. 

Jung-Hee was a little hesitant as well. Both of them knew that Sorlus was a strong dragon, but he was always in his human form, so they couldn't help but see him as a young brother to them.

Fighting such a young man was not something they were expecting to have to do today, or if ever at all.

"Not really fight, no," Ning said. "With the power difference, there won't be much of a fight at all. What you're going to do is die today."

Hi-Ah and Jung-Hee paused a little. "Sorry?" they asked.

"You heard me right," Ning said. "You two do not know the extent of the terror the monsters in the upper-tier dungeon can hold. So, today you will find out."

He then turned around to Sorlus and said, "Revert back to your dragon form and kill them."


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