Reincarnated as an Energy with a System

The Energy System allows its user to absorb energy (with some restrictions) to obtain whatever the user could want in his Immortal life. Follow Ning's journey as he travels through different worlds with different energies in a multiversal adventure. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/HuMaR7EVm7

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1595 Chs

Back to Gionia

Ning did what he thought was right. He brought back the four generals and the army to the Demon King's city again and placed them there.

He couldn't stop them from going out, but with the absence of a Demon King, they would first have to sort that out before they could attack. If Hyesi was right, that would take a few years for sure.

That was the most Ning could do to save the humans, but also not hurt the demons who Hyesi saw as his own people. 

The thousands of years worth of memory he had as a cultivator definitely overshadowed the few dozens of memories as the Demon King, but Ning still couldn't discount the feelings or connections he had made here.

"That should be enough for the humans to prepare when the demons come knocking eventually," Ning said. "Is that enough?" 

The young man frowned a little. "It's not nearly enough, but I have to take whatever I can get. I am not in the spot to make demands anyway. So, thank you, sir."