10 Chapter 10 - Heading Out On An Adventure

---Several Days Later---

Having taken some time to reflect on my goals, I decided I would need to make a move soon and head out on my own. Thinking it about it more, I realized that the initial timetables I wanted to use to advance through my early years wasn't going to work. People like Erza and Mirajane would need help much sooner as the Mage Hunters would be after them quickly, especially Mirajane with her Take Over magic that made her look like a Devil.

'She and I will have really good chemistry given the fact we both have demonic forms.', I thought with a smile, 'I can use that to my advantage when I meet her. Erza will be easy to get along with as well since I can save her and her friends from the Tower of Heaven easily enough. I just have to get there before the Mage Hunters do...otherwise they will kill everyone there.'

The Fairy Tail world to begin with wouldn't be that difficult, it was the Avatar world that gave me pause for concern. Depending on where I fit in that timeline, it would be difficult to get close to Zuko and Azula to start the process of making friends with them. My hope was I ended up somewhere close to them so I could use the childhood friend card in the future.

'Zuko can take the throne without any problem, I don't want it. As for Azula, someone is going to have to mellow that firestorm out. I will happily take on that task!', I chuckled mentally, 'It also would be cool to get some proper training from Iroh. I could use it to control my magic better, and control my strength easier. Katara and Sokka would have to wait a bit, but I would definitely save their mother from being taken away. It will demonstrate I am trustworthy, and will help setup the golden team for saving that world properly.'

My goal was to get Zuko on the throne, and help keep him on the straight and narrow. Without Aang there to keep him on track I would need to do it my way.

"Hold the phone...can't I pretend to be the Avatar?! I have access to magics that allow me to use all four elements!", I said to myself as I looked up into the sky, "Haha, that might actually be fun! I could be the warrior their world needs instead of the peace loving hippy they would have had."

Sifting through my thoughts on the roof of the Traveler's Inn, Bella and Lily were busy with classes inside. Having demonstrated to Hermes and Zeus that I was beyond what was needed to live in education, they had left me to my own devices for now.

"All things considered though...I need to get Bella and Lily into the Astraea Familia before I go. It's the safest option for them, and they can grow a lot under her Familia.", I considered, "Two years...that's how long I have to get them in the door."

Deciding to put a plan of action together, I began plotting out my goals for the next two years.

---Two Years Later---

From that moment onward, I spent my days spending time with Lily and Bella. I would be gone for a few years so I wanted to make the most of it with them. Enjoying each day with them, we grew closer as a group and had many adventures with each other. By the time I was ready to head off on my own, the two of them were going to join Astraea's Familia.

"Todays that big day!!", Bella shouted running into Aqua and I's room, "Mael, wake up!!"

"I am awake.", I chuckled with a yawn, "I know you are excited, but it's still really early. Have your belongings already been packed up?"

"I know, but we got to go see Goddess Astraea. Lily and I already got everything packed up!!", she stated, "Lily and I get to join her Familia as Supporters!!"

Over the course of the two years, the Guild determined that I really only targeted people that used Supporter's as bait. When they made that announcement public, that practice stopped almost overnight. Having lost dozens of exploration teams to my wrath, the Familias were more than happy to follow that rule. While I still didn't like children being used as Supporters, I understood they needed a way to help make money to survive so I relented on that thought.

Currently standing at four foot nine inches at five years of age, I stood out among the children of Orario. Being strong enough to lift heavy objects with ease, I had made a name for myself in beating up Soma Familia members when they went after Lily. The deities in Orario were chomping at the bit to have me join one of their Familias as they wanted me to be their Ace. It was flattering, but right now I had bigger fish to fry than worry about choosing a Familia.

"It's too early...", Aqua complained rolling over in bed.

"You don't have to go.", I sighed, "Not like you can do anything anyways."

"...bite me...", she groaned.

Having been in close proximity to her for the two years, I had grown fond of Aqua. Even though she was a loud mouth, pain in the ass woman...she did have her charms. I was going to miss having her chest in my face every morning, but I would come back for that ass and straighten her out in a few years.

Rolling over again and going back to bed, she wanted to sleep more before getting up for her shift. Getting dressed I met Lily, Bella, Zeus, and Hermes downstairs for breakfast. Having a light meal, the two girls dragged us out of the place to get over to the meeting point near Babel.

"You must be proud.", I chuckled.

"I am, but I am disappointed you aren't joining one yet.", Zeus stated, "My contract is about up, you sure you won't join one?"

"I want to explore the world more before picking a Familia. Once I join one, I will be tied down here without any ability to really do what I want.", I chuckled, "I will come back in a few years, and join up."

"You aren't going to stick around for Bella and Lily?", Hermes questioned.

"Nope, they will have a Familia to rely on for protection and safety. I already got Soma to agree to releasing Lily so the Soma Familia should no longer bother her.", I reminded him.

"This is true.", Hermes agreed with a smirk, "Enjoy the freedom while can."

Greeting Astraea as we drew near Babel, she gave us a friendly smile and wave. Running over to her, both Lily and Bella looked overjoyed to be joining a Familia. Over the past two years they had grown to idolize her Familia, and had worked extra hard to join them.

'I am glad Lily has moved past her issues, and is able to work alongside Bella. It took a lot of work to break her mindset, but she views us as family instead of Adventurers.', I thought with a smile, 'I can't wait to see their progress when I get back.'

"Please take good care of them.", Zeus told Astraea.

"Of course, they will be treated like my daughters.", she assured Zeus.

Looking back at me, I could see some hesitation on their faces. They hadn't been away from my side for more than a day in the past two years so they were uncomfortable with parting ways for now. When I announced my plans to leave Orario for awhile, Bella and Lily gave me the cold shoulder which was kind of cute in my opinion.

"Are you joining a Familia?", Astraea asked me trying to feint ignorance.

"I am going to travel a bit before joining a Familia. I want to see how far I can go without a Falna.", I told her.

"That is a very ambitious goal, I wish you the best of luck.", Astraea said with a smile.

Thanking her for her kind words, I gave Lily and Bella a hug goodbye. Promising to come back to Orario in a few years, they forced a smile to make me not worry. I knew it would be tough on them, but they would survive without me. Giving Astraea my thanks for taking them in Zeus, Hermes, and I started to leave when Bella spoke.

"When you come back I will be one of Orario's Top Adventurers!", she proclaimed.

"I'd expect nothing less from you.", I replied with a smile, "I will take you both out to dinner when I get back, count on it."

Agreeing to that, the two of them waved us goodbye before heading to Astraea's home, Stardust Garden. As we were walking back, Zeus asked me why I was so calm when I was parting with them. Telling him that this was the best possible outcome for Bella and Lily's growth, I wanted them to reach for the star and follow their dreams. Astraea's Familia wouldn't lead them astray, and they could grow up well there.

"You sound like an old man.", Hermes laughed slapping me on the back.

"Whatever you say...", I sighed.

Getting my few belongings packed up, I got ready to head out myself. Glancing over at Aqua, who was still asleep, I leaned over her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

'Don't go getting yourself sent back to Heaven...you have an expensive tab left to settle with me.', I thought with a smirk.

Leaving the room with my belongings, Aqua's eyes opened wide as she touched her cheek. Wearing a grin on her face, Aqua decided to wait for Mael's return to claim him for her own. Having shared a bed with him for two years, Aqua was determined to make him her champion.

'I can't wait to see Freya's face when he joins my Familia!! I will throttle her Familia, and win a boat load of money!!', she thought, 'Mael and I can retire after that, and enjoy drinking together.'

Stopping downstairs to say goodbye to my grandfather, Zeus looked a little upset. He had really grown attached to Bella and I so saying goodbye really hurt.

"You stay safe Mael.", Zeus told me.

"I will, I do want to tell you something before I leave.", I said to him.

"Something wrong?", Zeus asked.

"Take Zald and Alfia away from Orario...if you don't I am afraid they will make a rash decision.", I stated, 'I couldn't get close to them without people seeing me so I couldn't heal them. If he can take them with him, I can heal them when I get back.'

Looking at me with concern, Zeus asked how I knew those names. Telling him to trust me on this, I wanted him to have a chance to rebuild Hera and his Familia.

"What sort of rash decision are we talking about?", Hermes inquired.

"One that will put us at odds in the future if they don't get away from here.", I warned him, "Erebus is not to be trusted under any circumstances."

Looking at me in shock, the two of them didn't know what to say. Telling them that I had a dream that he caused massive amounts of damage to Orario in the future, their expressions hardened. Usually making this claim would have gotten me in trouble, but the two of them trusted me immensely so they took my warning to heart.

"I understand, I will do what I can to save them. It's the least I can do after what Hera and I put them through.", Zeus stated.

Nodding my head, I thanked him for taking care of me up till now before leaving. Since many people had eyes on me, I opted to walk out of the city normally and blended into the crowd before warping off the world.

---Babel, Evening---

"I apologize My Goddess, the boy vanished into thin air after leaving the city. I had our team searching everywhere, but he just vanished.", a member of Freya's Intelligence Team informed her.

"Interesting, a five year old boy escaped detection from several trained trackers...it makes me want him more.", Freya said with a smile, "The more I learn about him, the more I am sure he-"

"My Lady...you don't really think he is a mythical Demigod, right?", the man asked nervously, 'A Demigod is just a legend, they aren't real.'

"I do.", she said without hesitation, "Too many unexplainable things have happened since his arrival in Orario. I am not the only one that thinks that way either. For now, make sure no causes his sister and friend too much trouble. They are the key to bringing him back in the future."

Acknowledging the order, he left to pass down her decree to their underground teams.

---Loki's Residence---

"Ya lost him!?", Loki groaned rubbing her face.

"I am sorry Loki.", Finn apologized, "He must have known people were looking for him. He slipped away in the morning chaos at the Main Gate."

"I want ya to keep yere eyes on those two girls he was always with. He will come back for them, I am sure of it!", Loki stated, "Ais and him will make our Familia the strongest one in Orario!"

Sighing mentally, Finn understood Loki was going off on another one of her tangents. Leaving her be, he didn't have the energy to deal with her when she started dreaming big...it usually ended with her putting the familia in an awkward situation.

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