72 How many ?

"Ahh...ahh...aah... I'm going to come~" moaned Amelia as she bounced up and down on Alex penis.

"I'm also going to cum, where do you want it sis~" 

"Insideeee~" replied Amelia as she came.

A moment later, Alex also grunted and released his essence inside his sister.

Amelia slumped on his chest as the both of them breathed with labored breathing.

"Was it...the tenth...or eleventh this time ?" Asked Amelia, still laying above Alex.

"I really... don't know" replied Alex.

Since their first time becoming one, they kept going at it non-stop, they didn't eat or even rest, they just kept fucking like rabbits, they did it in every position they could think of and everywhere in Amelia's room, from the bedroom, the bathroom to even the table and hairdresser.

Actually, it would not be strange to find traces of semen or love juice everywhere in the room, even on the walls!

A thick and intense scent of sex lingered in the room, but it didn't hinder them from continuing in their activities.

They were so concentrated on just enjoying each other that they came to lose the track of time, if they were asked what day it was actually they wouldn't be able to answer, if it wasn't for their level they would have long caved in, even then, Alex had to use 10 soul points to further enhance his stamina, bringing it to 140 to have a chance at matching Amelia intensity, during those last hours he had come to know something about his sister that he didn't know before : she is crazed for sex.

Despite how many times they did it, she always wanted to keep going, it was like she was always horny, he had come to ask himself what kind of monster he had unleashed, but it's not like he was any better, so one could say that they perfectly matched each other.

"It was...so good" said Amelia, to which Alex nodded his head in agreement.

"Want to go another round" asked Amelia after she caught her breath.

"Yeah, let's go-" as he was replying Alex came to a stop as another voice cut him off.

"I don't think so. You two have been at it for the past two days. I even had to stop the girls from coming into this corner of the mansion to avoid bothering you. But I think it's time for you to stop."

The both of them released a squeal of surprise after they recognized the voice and Amelia quickly jumped from Alex, making a plop sound as Alex dick got out of her pussy.

"Li-Lilia w-what are y-you doing to her ?" Asked Amelia while stuttering.

"Well, I came to see how my husband was doing, I see that you took good "care" of him" replied Lilia with a smile.

"That..." Amelia didn't even know what to say to defend themselves, after all, Lilia had caught them red-handed, there was no denying it.

As she was brainstorming to find something believable to say, she heard a chuckle next to her, she turned to look at Alex with a dumbfounded expression.

'How can you laugh in a situation like this, your wife just caught you having sex with your sister!' Screamed in her head Amelia.

Alex could almost imagine what she was thinking, making him laugh even harder, it was normal that she freak out, after all, Alex never told her about his suspicion that Lilia already knew what would happen.

After a moment, he calmed himself and said as he looked at Lilia "you should stop teasing her babe, she is about to have a heart attack".

Since Alex already understood that Lilia expected that the two of them would have sex but didn't stop them nevertheless, that's mean that she was okay with it.

"Fine, fine, I'm stopping, nevertheless her expression was priceless as she thought I caught you" chuckled Lilia 

"I know right?" Agreed Alex with a sneer of his own.


Not knowing what was happening, Amelia just looked with an astonished face as the pair of husband and wife made fun of her.

"W-What is happening here" managed to ask Amelia after she collected herself.

"Well that's quite simple, Lilia knew from the beginning what we would, or, should I say she knew what you would try to do" Replied Alex.

"B-But how ?" Wondered Amelia as she looked at Lilia, in her mind there was no way for her to know or be suspicious of what might happen between Alex and her.

"How?" Repeated Lilia with a chuckle before adding:

"Girl, even a blind man can see the infatuation in your eyes every time you look at my husband, or should I say our husband now ?"

Hearing her, Amelia blushed in embarrassment, eliciting a chuckle from both Alex and Lilia.

"Stop chuckling!" Exclaimed Amelia as she glared at the both of them.

"Calm down little Amy, we are just joking" said Alex as he patted Amelia on her head, but all he got was an annoying gaze in return.

"You knew all along and didn't tell me" said Amelia before directing her gaze at Lilia.

"And you, does it not bother you that your husband is sleeping with another woman, moreover his sister ?"

"Not really" replied Lilia while shrugging her shoulders.

 "Where I come from, it's not uncommon for family members to marry in order to preserve the purity of their bloodline," explained Lilia.

"I see" replied Amelia before asking the most important question that was on her mind, "you won't ask us to stop our relationship right ?"

"If the two of you want to continue, you can do so" replied Lilia with a smile.

'Yes!' Thought excitedly Amelia hearing Lilia response, she didn't really have any intention of stopping their relationship even if Lilia denied her, but it was good to know.

"Now that it's sorted out, how many soul points do you currently have ?"

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