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Reincarnated as a Son of the Sword Saint and the Sage


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Honestly I want to like this novel. I really do. Like, I see the potential it has but theres just that one thing thats really bugging me. It's the fact that he is so... submissive. Now what do I mean by that? He's clearly a dork who has never had a girlfriend in his life. He's a simpleton who would likely give up all his powers if his mom, mother (He has two moms) and sister asked him to. In our everyday language he would definitely be a simp. I think the thing that really bugged me was him admitting his secret to his sister. I said it in a comment but I found the build up for him telling the secret to be plainly infuriating and terrible. Author, in the nicest way possible I want to tell you that it was bad. But the big kicker is the fact that although he has all this power his real personality is still so...wimpy. It's Honestly disappointing and I unfortunately will choose to drop this novel. If anyone else can stand a simpleton who acts like he's chasing skirts with the mind of a 30 year old man whose never been a women then feel free.

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Big question I haven’t started yet but I looks good. Will the moms be in the harem that would be amazing?


The MC is a deplorable and submissive S.I.M.P. There really is no reason for it and just seems to happen for gags and giggles, but it gets old really fast. The story also gets derailed often and many times where the mc could just say 'no' to bothersome stuff, he took it upon himself to say yes and whine about it. The simpening started around 23 ch.


He gives in way to much he like a dog his sister told him she wanted to put him on a leash and convince himself that it for a good reason he is weak minded he needs to be a man change that and he would be perfect


it gets very wierd at later chapters with clone and stuff. Basically clone NTR as clones have their individual soles and stuff. Also MC is very unlikeable , simp and staying within his sister's garsps. The whole novel give NTR vibes sorry :(


At first I quite liked it, but as other's have mentioned he's the oblivious or slow (to a crawl)-type MC typical of japanese writing, which in and of itself isn't inexcusable, but around chapter 60 I couldn't take it anymore. He starts creating underlings with his multiple minds, creates a part of 1 dude and 3 women (different bodies but all a copy of his own brain in them), and they immediately, for no reason, start having intimate group sessions while the main body has a wife (and a sister) he refuses to touch. 60 chapters of waiting for him to man up and do something on anyone, even his fiance, and within 2 paragraphs of making copies of himself they are having three ways.


Reveal spoiler


I saw a lot of reviews mentioning how submissive the protag is but I wanted to give the story a fair shot. But I’m at chapter 55 and it’s just getting worse it doesn’t even feel like he has any atvantages from his cheats. They still just equal to his sister who has no cheats and is only a year older than him. They feel more like master servant than a real family.


Not to be that guy, but what happened to "my first time is reserved for Sophie".


can you please fasten the story development and fixe the da*n MC mentality


Reveal spoiler


I would have given a better review if not for the terrible main character


everyone saying mc is a beta despite him being less than 15makes me wonder if they have brains, also all the painful waiting is worth it by chapter 100 when the best part begins


Huge amounts of info drops at the start and the writing quality could be better but overall a decent read.But i would prefer the mc to be less submissive to his sister.


will there be yuri in harem?....,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.


Not my cup of tea.But this one had great potential, things do seem to get better as the story progressed but this is complete TRASH! (atleast for me)You can go ahead and read it, if you don't mind how mc acts or the writing and character interactions.


I feel uncomfortable at chapter 192 ..... the mc is still going even his partner pass out ...and he still show that to his sister ...poor sister


Basically 20 chapters for a single day to go by in that world after the first 100 chapters and mc doesn’t have his first time until early 100s not to mention the repetitive use of words with incorrect connotations like “affirmative” even the overall writing is so cringy with horrible references I got second hand embarrassment so many times when reading. what makes this book worse is that there are so many chapters for the mc’s other personas I almost skipped 100 chapters for that alone. Don’t recommend so save your time


Well like others I wanted to like this story but it was just so hollow. Things just happen and there is no development of anykind. Honestly this feels more like a draft then a propper story.


You read the story for mc to become strong and gain haremI read this story to watch mc getting cucked and degraded by his own siswe aren't the sameto me the sister is good protogantisti consider this yuri jam