MC Status and Harem (Contains Spoilers)

STATS (as of Chapter 164) 

Name: Raphael Raevender 

Race: High Human

Title: Reincarnator, Heir of the Raevender Viscounty, Dragon Slayer, Incester, Dragon Tamer, Dragon Mater

LV: 1259

MP: 42069+8414+7190

STR: 50556+10111+10298

DEF: 25198+5037+6943

MAG: 47742+9548+9819

MDEF: 24996+4999+8834

AGI: 43613+8723+9581

Ultra Skill: Ultimate Art, Monarch of the Night, World Magic: 1, Ultimate Augmentation, Ultimate Combination, Akashvani, Ruler of Death, Overlord of Sins

Unique Skill: Parallel Profile, Plunder, Omnidirectional Perception, Bestow, Weaver, Fear Incarnation, Botanist, Alter Ego, Organic Domination, Anti-Skill, Baneful One, Megethoskinesis, Weaponist, Discriminator, One Man Army, Godspeed, Invincible One, Immortal, Mystic Artist 

Racial Skill: Longevity

Extra Skill: Inventory, Limiter, Regeneration, Thread Manipulation, Purity Sensor, Petrification, Intimidation, Auto-MP Recovery, Plant Manipulation, Kin Command, Perfect Concealment, Mist Radar, Blood Life, Ownership, Disguise, Sticky Thread, Steel Thread, Size Change, Wing Manifestation, Split Body, Dragon Scales, Poltergeist, Cursed Body, Infinite Regeneration, Acid Body, Fragmentization, Crystalization, Minimization, Spirit Sense, Spiritual Scathe, Weapon Master, Cancel Magic, Dragonization, Shapeshift, Blood Contract, Elder Dragon Scales, Dragon Blast, Telepathy

Skill: Item Enchant, Weapon Enchantment, Appraisal, Magic Sense, Thought Acceleration, Parallel Thinking, Martial Art: 9, Sword Art: 10, Close Quarter Combat: 8, Chantless, Detection, Danger Detection, Weakness Finder, Concealment, Mist Create, Spear Art: 8, Club Art: 6, Dagger Art: 9, Keen Smell, Hawk Eyes, Heat Detection, Sharp Ears, Echolocation, Soundless, Attribute Armor, Enhanced Senses, Enchant, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Herculean Strength, Vegetation, Pole Art: 5, Scythe Art: 10, Shooting Art: 7, Bite, Claw Attack, Breath Attack, Cooking, Taming, Summoning, Bullet Plume, Scale Shot, Contract 

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Lightning: 10, Fire: 10, Light: 10, Water: 10, Wind: 10, Earth: 9, Dark: 7, Compound: 10] [Non-Elemental Magic: Space-Time: 10, Pure: 9, Force: 9, Illusion: 8, Poison: 5, Acid: 5]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance, Asphyxiation Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance, Blast Resistance, Physical Attack Resistance, Poison Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Infliction Nullification, Instakill Nullifications, Fear Nullification, Magic Attack Nullification, Hunger Nullification

Blessing: God's Vessel, God's Eye, God's Veil


HAREM (as of Chapter 232) 


- Sophia Raeven 


- Claire Raevender 

- Mylene Raevender 

- Czarina

- Inari 

- Elise Trandafir 

- Gabrielle 

- Uriel (offscreen) 

- Lucy (offscreen)

- Mary Anallet

- Louise Raevender 

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