7 Chapter 7: World History

Several springs have passed, and I am now six years old. I've learned several things, like basic knowledge and common sense. I already started learning how to read, and I can now read common words.

I am at the mansion's library right now, located on the first floor. I am currently reading a book about this world's history. I was itching and patiently waited for the right time to ask mothers to teach me about this world.

Last year, I ran out of patience and asked my mothers with enthusiasm. Five years old should be the right age to ask my parents to teach me how to read, write, and do arithmetic.

They had our elegant maid, Mary Anallet, to help me study and also to teach me etiquette. Sister Louise also joined me in the lessons, although she was having a hard time, specifically in arithmetic.

During the lessons, I discovered that the Viscounty of Raevender does not belong to any country. Mary said that that was the reward for saving two countries, the Kingdoms of Astley and Boulder, from a large-scale monster invasion.

Both the kings of the country bestowed our mothers with peerage, a medal of honor, and a piece of their land. It would cause a conflict if one or neither of the two countries didn't have a reward for their saviors.

Our territory was facing an unexplored sea of trees called "The Great Forest of Darkness". The forest is where the army of monsters came from.

The book I am reading right now consists of information about this world. There are two main continents in the world. The Northern Continent, where we are located, and the Southern Continent. The continent on which we were located has eight countries, including the Demon Territory.

Our territory was located at the far northeastern corner of the Kingdom of Astley and at the southeastern corner of the Kingdom of Boulder. The east of our territory was the Great Forest of Darkness.

The territory of Raevender has a city where we live. The city was a piece of land directly owned by the royal family of Astley. The city's purpose was to collect resources from the Great Forest of Darkness.

The Kingdom of Boulder provided us with their fertile farming land. The land is bountiful for various crops like grains, vegetables, fruits, and root crops. It is also owned by the Boulder royal family.

There are many humanoid races aside from humans. The southwestern part of the continent was occupied by demihuman races like dwarves, beastmen, and elves. Above the continent was an island where demons lived. The demons have already invaded a portion of the northern part of the Dixon Empire. The Empire is the frontier country against the demons' invasion.

The monster invasion from the Great Forest of Darkness was said to be led by a demon. Although the demon was already disposed of by my parents.

I tried to investigate the other reincarnations in this world. I found some interesting information about possible reincarnators in this world.

Two thousand years ago, a man suddenly appeared and called himself a prophet of Goddess Prima. He performed some miracles like healing diseases, restoring amputated limbs and reviving the dead.

(Why does it feel familiar? Perhaps it is just a coincidence.)

He was said to be proficient with magic, especially Light Magic, and a wise and virtuous man. He gathered followers and asked them to help him spread the words of the Goddess. He traveled from one place to another until it became a civilization.

He founded a religion and formed a country. The people declared him the Founder and First Pope of the Primaria Theocracy.

The warriors in his country became proficient with Light Magic. The Pope formed a knights' order, and it gave birth to the Paladins to protect humanity from evil.

He wrote the Ten Commandments and spread them throughout the world. His sermons and actions made the world approve of his sect, which officially became the world's main religion.

"The Ten Commandments...?" I muttered as I read something familiar.

I walked towards the bookshelf to find a book about the theocracy. I then found the book and went back to the table.

I scanned the pages and found what I wanted to inquire about. The Ten Commandments were written by the First Pope. And it was almost the same as Moses'.

"Not only he imitated JeSUS but also Moses. The thing he was lacking was splitting the sea in half."

If you found out that the god you worshipped doesn't exist, you would become a devotee immediately if you faced an actual god.

Back to the theocracy, they expanded their influence through crusades. They protected people from the threat of the demon until the demons isolated themselves on the island of the north.

There is territory expansion coverage in the northern half of the continent. They became the center of the world for centuries. But not all things were moving according to plan. And that was where the next reincarnator took place.

1500 years ago, the demons, who were persecuted and isolated on an island in the north, began to move. The reason for this was the existence of a Demon Lord.

The demons gathered manpower and resources for decades and then started their invasion. The theocracy was at its peak at that time and had its 9th Pope when the demons slowly took the north.

The paladins resisted and repelled the demons, but the demons were more powerful and stronger than before. The demons were strengthened by the powers of the Demon Lord.

A century of war between the humans and the demons occurred at that time. The war stopped when the demons conquered half of the theocracy, including the dungeons.

The reason for the invasion was still unknown. It is speculated that the Demon Lord conquered a dungeon within the Demon Island and wants to conquer more on the mainland.

The Demon Lord tried to capture a 70-floor Dungeon in the former territory of the theocracy but failed. He realized that he had already lost many of his elite soldiers just to conquer the dungeon. He then gave up in the end.

He built a castle near the dungeon and continued to rule his territory. He continued his invasion until the theocracy's domain was as small as it is now. But it only lasts for a few centuries.

The next reincarnator was born a thousand years ago. His family was killed by the demons during their invasion, and he swore vengeance against the Demon Lord.

He led his own army and fought against the demons. His heroic charisma strengthened his army and increased their motivation.

The hero's army reclaimed the conquered towns on their way to the Demon Lord. They gathered the human prisoners and strengthened their manpower.

The Hero confronted the Demon Lord and slew him. It did not take long before the Hero's Army subjugated all the demons on the mainland.

After they took back their domain, the Hero challenged the dungeon that even the Demon Lord struggled. He successfully captured then dungeon and obtained a legendary class weapon.

The Hero ruled the land he conquered and became the first emperor of the Dixon Empire. He also used the dungeon's feature and founded the Adventurers' Guild.

The Empire is currently the strongest country on the continent.

That was the significance of the otherworlders that I can find right now. There were still changes that were probably caused by otherworlders in the world.

The popularity of art and music greatly increased way back up to five hundred years ago. The uprising of the artists changed the people's view of the arts.

The new concepts of art occurred during this era. New designs for the structures, like gothic-style buildings, new types of fashion, new musical instruments , like the piano and violin, new genres for music and art, and so on.

That new thing that occurred at that time was quickly appreciated by the people and adopted. This creates new opportunities and a new way of living for the artists and craftsmen.

The one who said to promote and influence new arts in this world was a noble woman. At a young age, she already mastered any musical instruments at that time. She could also paint more detailed and realistic portraits.

She invented two new and better musical instruments: the piano and the violin. She composed several music pieces that were popular until now. She made disciples and taught them the ways of the arts.

When she performed, she caught the eye of her kingdom's Crown Prince. The prince married her, and they became the king and queen of their kingdom later on. She was then called the Mother of Modern Arts, and the Kingdom of Astley was called the Art Country.

Hmm. Was five hundred years ago Renaissance or Baroque Period? I forgot, so I'll check it later on the net.

I noticed that those possible reincarnators were reborn on the Northern Continent, including me. They created and invented new things that influenced the world. And it is still existing today.

But there were things that have still bothering my mind until now. It was said to exist way before the rise of arts five hundred years ago.

I open my right palm in midair at shoulder level. I visualize the opening of my [Inventory] skill.

I already knew how to store and conjure items at will. I can also sort items neatly and adjust the temperature of each compartment. I tried to use the adjusted temperature to grill or chill meat, but I cannot secure raw meat at present.

Suddenly, a pitch black disk-shaped matter appeared above my palm. I then visualize the item that I want to take out of the [Inventory].

A piece of clothing appeared and landed on my right palm. White straps are attached to the pair of triangular white foams under the purple clothes designed with flower embroidery. In other words, I am holding an undergarment called a brassiere. 

This was owned by one of my mothers, Mother Claire. I stole it while she was taking a bath. I don't know why I stole it without thinking.

When mother noticed she had a missing underwater, she immediately blamed another mother, Mother Mylene, as the culprit. My innocent mother insisted that she didn't steal her underwear, which took a long time to convince her.

This existed for centuries before its invention on earth. And it already existed before the reincarnator was born.

I groped the cup of the garment with my left hand. Its size was big, probably around 90 to 100 cm.

I sniffed it, and there was still the scent of her sweat lingering on the undergarment. I stored it in a vacuum compartment, after all, without the flow of time.

I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from the other side of the door. The footsteps were getting closer to the door.

I immediately throw the underwear into its designated compartment. I fixed my sitting position and then pretended that I was reading.

The door opened, and a maid came in. She had golden-blonde, mid-length bob-cut hair. Her blue eyes stared at me, who was already looking at her.

She was only twenty years old, and she always had serious facial expressions. She was my current teacher, the elegant Mary Anallet.

"You already read this much? You're learning so fast despite your young age."

She gazed at the books of the World's and the Theocracy's history lying on the table.

"It is thanks to your guidance."

"Not only reading, but you already know how to do basic writing and arithmetic. Even your sister, who is older than you, cannot do this feat. You must be a genius."

"Is that so?" I replied to her praise.

I can even do multiplication and division from the day I was born. It's not like I can say that to her. Having learned this fast probably frightened her. She must have thought of me of the exceptional individuals that appeared every 500 years.

"Do you have anything you want to do, Young Master?"

I started thinking as she asked that. Is there something that I wanted in my past life but cannot achieve before? There was one thing that I wanted to do but couldn't because we were poor.

"I want to play music!"

Mary opened her serious eyes, then snapped back to her senses immediately as I shouted my desire enthusiastically.

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