6 Chapter 6: Legendary Weapons

I finished analyzing Mother Claire. I could say that she's the most powerful rearguard in the world right now. Her world-shaking magic spells can wipe out an entire country if she wants.

Let me and Big Sis be grateful to the world for being born of a powerful and wonderful woman. Now let's proceed to Mother Mylene. I fixed my eyes on her and activated Analysis skill.


Name: Mylene Raevender

Race: High Human

Title: Sword Saint, Dragon Slayer, Dungeon Conqueror, Viscountess of Raevender Territory

Condition: Normal

Level: 1428

MP: 25698

STR: 72956

DEF: 30124

MAG: 26564

MDEF: 17600

AGI: 41258

Ultra Skill: Divine Sword Art: 5, Monarch of the Night

Unique Skill: Absolute Severance, Godspeed

Extra Skill: Regeneration, Auto-MP Recovery, Limiter, Intimidation

Racial Skill: Longevity

Skill: Martial Art: 10, Sword Art: 10, Magic Sense, Close Quarter Combat: 6, Danger Detection, Detection, Weakness Finder, Appraisal, Weapon Enchantment, Enhanced Senses, Attribute Armor, Thought Acceleration, Parallel Thinking

Magic Skill: [ Elemental: Lightning Magic: 10, Fire Magic: 8, Wind Magic: 7, Water Magic: 6, Earth Magic: 5, Compound Magic: 5, Light Magic: 4] [ Non-Elemental: Space-Time Magic: 5, Force Magic: 5, Pure Magic: 5

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Impact Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Physical Attack Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance, Blast Resistance, Poison Resistance, Magic Resistance, Infliction Resistance, Temperature Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance


She's even stronger than Mother Claire! All of her stats are in five digits! These two wonderful women in my life were probably the monsters of this world. Both of them can take out powerful dragons and even conquer dungeons.

Mother Mylene's swordsmanship proficiency was so high that it reached the divine level. I am not sure if I can surpass or even be on par with her in terms of swordsmanship.

She has the subskill of Ultra Skill: Ultimate Art, the Unique Skill: Absolute Severance. With her superior swordsmanship, a guaranteed kill will be secured.

She has another Ultra Skill aside from the Monarch of the Night. I also recognize some skills that are new in my eyes.


Divine Sword Art - sword techniques that surpass level 10 of Sword Art. Each swing of the blade contains divinity that damages souls.

Godspeed boosts the user's raw velocity, mobility, and brain activity at lightning speed.

Intimidation - the user releases his menacing aura to frighten his targets.

Weapon Enchantment - temporarily adds attributes to the user's weapon for a short period.

Attribute Armor - the user clads itself with magical armor of different attributes. The effects varied with the attribute.


Attacks that damage the soul sure are scary. A damaged soul cannot be healed and restored unless the healing is done using divine power. Even if the body is unharmed, if the soul is dead, it is impossible to bring it to life. It also affects the cycle of reincarnation.

I should be careful and not let my guard down against this kind of attack.

She didn't bestow this skill on either me or my sister. She must have some reasons why.

The Godspeed skill greatly increases the user's agility. Cladding yourself with lightning from the skill Attribute Armor while using Godspeed would increase the effects even more. Doing it at night looks cool and awesome.

Weapon Enchantment provide attribute to your weapons temporarily. Find the opponent's weakness first using Weakness Finder then apply the opponent's weakness to your weapon. It greatly increases the chance of winning.

Mother Mylene has to be the best and most powerful sword wielder, or even vanguard, in the world. It might not be wrong to say that she is the world's strongest person.

My mothers are both the Sage and the Sword Saint. One is the vanguard, who fights at close range, and another is the rearguard, which attacks and provides support from a distance.

They have each other's backs and fight their opponents together with trust. They love one another and gave birth to me and my sister.

Having these women in my life, I encourage myself to do my best and meet their expectations. So, I have to train myself to become physically strong and study my lessons to gain knowledge and wisdom befitting of a nobleman worthy of the title.

While I was having deep thoughts, I suddenly felt a little sleepy. Having a child's body is tougher than I thought. I need to sleep more than before I got reincarnated to replenish my strength.

The Nocturnal skill sometimes made me awaken at night, and I found myself struggling to fall back to sleep again. Even if I finally fell asleep, it was already past midnight. When I woke up the next morning, my body was so heavy that it felt as if an invisible force was pulling me back.

Today's activity must have exhausted my energy and maybe consumed some of my brain cells. Then I heard the voices of two women talking.

"Oh my, Raphael seems to be sleepy."

"Yeah, he must be stuffed. He ate all of my served snacks, after all. Fufu."

"Let him rest for today. Mary, please take baby Raphael to our room and let him sleep."

"Understood, Milady."

I didn't hear what they were saying, and my body is slowly losing its strength. I already had my eyes closed when someone grabbed me and put me on something soft.


When I woke up from my short nap, I was alone in the room. Looking around, I can still see my mothers' weapon embedded in the wall. The majestic purple-bladed rapier and the out of this world pitch-black staff with rainbow crystal.

They looked like they were made from rare and expensive materials. The materials must be of high quality and withstand the powers of my mothers.

I did not waste this opportunity to check out the proud weapons of my parents. I use Analysis on the rapier first.


Demonic Rapier Mammon

Grade: Legendary

Description: One of the legendary 「Seven Demonic Weapon」 series that recognizes its owner. The blade was made from Violettite while the hilt was made from orichalcum. It is harder than adamantite and has a higher mana conductivity than mithrill. It has sharp edges that can slice through a dragon's scale without resistance. Can only be obtained from the reward chest after defeating a high difficulty dungeon boss.

Effect: Despoil - has 50% chance of stealing one of the target's skills. This effect has a 24-hour cooldown.

Indestructible - this weapon cannot be destroyed unless it is of mythical grade.

Owner: Mylene Raevender


A legendary-grade weapon?! I never thought it was owned by my mother. It was not created by the people in this world but by the dungeon. There are six other weapons like this in this world. It was named Mammon, the demon of greed. Maybe the creator made then named these weapons from Earth's mythology.

The rapier is tough and a good magic conductor. It can even slice a dragon like tofu.

The weapon's effects were befitting its name as the embodiment of greed. It has a chance to take the skill of the target once a day. It cannot be destroyed if your weapon is legendary grade or below.

There might be other series of legendary and mythical grade out there. It had powerful effects, and it selected its worthy owner. Next is Mother Claire's ebony staff.


Demonic Staff Beelzebub

Grade: Legendary

Description: One of the legendary 「Seven Demonic Weapon」 series that recognizes its owner. The staff was made from a branch of the World Tree, and the crystal was from the crystallized tear of the Rainbow Dragon. The wood was as tough as adamantite and had the highest mana conductivity. The crystal allows the wielder to use all attributes of magic. It can withstand multiple world-class magic spells. Can only be obtained from the reward chest after defeating a high difficulty dungeon boss.

Effect: Devour - an ability to absorb corpses and convert them to mana. Also heals the wielder a little.

Indestructible - this weapon cannot be destroyed unless it is of mythical grade.

Owner: Claire Raevender


This staff is in the same series as Mother Mylene's rapier. As expected of the Sage, her weapon must be at legendary level. Now it is Beelzebub, the demon of gluttony.

It has the highest mana conductivity of all the materials in the world. The crystal emits colorful lights, so the Rainbow Dragon must be a powerful entity in this world.

The staff's effect is to absorb dead bodies and then convert them to mana. Mother can restore mana by just devouring corpses. With her Unique Skill, she increases her power while continuously replenishing her consumed mana.

Our family was already in possession of two legendary-grade weapons, and I don't know if these were all. They are powerful, so they probably possessed one or two.

I want for us siblings to be recognized as worthy of a legendary weapon wielder. For that to happen, we must train hard to get stronger and conquer dungeons on our own. I gaze at my right palm and form a fist.

(I have a long way to go. I'll practice and study hard to become a person that my family could be proud of.)

I promised myself that I would do my very best to get stronger and surpass my parents, with or without my cheat skills.

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