5 Chapter 5: Analysis

While my mother was still serving me my snacks, my other mother and the lady of the house, Mother Mylene, came to the garden with my older sister, Louise, in her arms.

"There you are." she said, then took a seat next to Mother Claire.

"Good afternoon, Milady and Young Lady."

"Good afternoon to you, too. Thank you for your services." Mother Mylene thanked the young maid and then proceeded to her tea and snacks.

The maid bent her back and raised the hem of her skirt skillfully, then greeted my mother, who was clad in a white dress. Her refined and precise movements and etiquette proved that she was given a high quality education. The maid is still in her teens, but she is already at the level of a professional.

It didn't take long for me to finish my snacks, and I have blessings to appraise. I opened my status board again, and the same translucent panel appeared out of thin air.



God's Vessel - giving the holder an additional 20% stat bonus and EXP boost. Skill, technique, magic spell, and resistance acquisition rates also increase. The holder allows for evolution until the holder reaches godhood.

God's Eye - the holder can use the visual powers of the following:

Analysis - a higher version of the Appraisal skill. The holder can identify not only the stats but also the skills of the target.

Clairvoyance - the holder can split his own vision from his body.

Telescopic Eye - the holder can enlarge its own vision, which can reach lightyears in distance.

Microscopic Eye - the holder can magnify and enhance its own vision to an atomic level.

God's Veil - the holder can hide its own status from others. The holder can also freely adjust the stats and hide the skills of the holder. Adjusting the stat higher does not mean getting stronger.


Godhood?! I will continue to evolve until I reach the divine realm? Wait a minute, does human even evolve? I have so many questions to inquire about, but it's not like they will be answered easily.

The blessings given to me by Goddess Prima were really out of reach for humans. I just had to hide it by the God's Veil.

The additional stats in my status must have come from God's Vessel blessing. It gives me more experience to level up faster. Acquisition of skill, technique, and spell also become easier. Leveling up faster unlocks the unavailable skills faster, and the additional stats make my body more powerful.

If I evolve into a god, I might ascend to the divine realm. So I have to stay as much as a step below godhood because I don't want to be separated from my family.

The God's Eye gives me incredible eyesight. Analysis gives more details than the Appraisal skill. Clairvoyance can help me investigate from a distance. Combined with Parallel Thinking, I can look left and right at the same time, and I can use it to win(by cheating) in card games.

I can also investigate from a distance with Telescopic Eye. It can even reach into outer space.

Microscopic Eye allow me to magnify my vision so much that I can even see the atoms.

The blessing God's Veil prevents others from seeing my true power. I'll hide my rare and powerful skills and all the blessings to serve as my trump cards. Also hide the stat bonus from the God's Vessel blessing.

Let us test the God's Veil first to hide my secrets. And this is the result:


Name: Raphael Raevender

Race: Human

Title: Heir of the Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Weak(Infant)

Level: 1

MP: 15

STR: 15

DEF: 10

MAG: 15

MDEF: 10

AGI: 20

Ultra Skill: Monarch of the Night

Extra Skill: Inventory, Limiter

Racial Skill: None

Skill: Item Enchant, Weapon Enchantment, Appraisal, Magic Sense, Thought Acceleration

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic Light Magic: 2, Lightning Magic: 1]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance

Blessing: None


This is what the appraiser will see if they use the Appraisal or Analysis skill on me. The bonus stats, overpowered skills, and blessings were hidden. It is enough to lessen their awareness of me.

Now, I have my visual powers from the God's Eye blessing. The first is Clairvoyance. I visualize split my consciousness from my body but knowing happened. Maybe I am using my vision right now, so I can't activate it.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. Then it suddenly became bright. I can see the similar garden now, even though I closed my eyes. I can move it and change the direction without moving a muscle.

I looked around and saw my mother sipping her tea, she wasn't looking around, unlike when I used magic. Maybe this ability doesn't use mana. I opened my eyes and looked like no one saw me close my eyes for so long.

Next is the Telescopic Eye. I turned my head and fixed my eyes on the flowers in the garden. I visualized the zooming of photos in the phone as enlarging the photo until the full screen was filled with the girl's chest.

My vision slowly enlarged, and I saw the flowers as if I were in front of them. I tried to enlarge it again, but nothing happened. This must be the limit of this body.

Then I changed my vision to Microscopic Eye. The flowers suddenly turned upside down, and my vision became blurry. I closed my eyes repeatedly, but it is still blurry.

I take my gaze to my right hand to find out it is large. No, my vision got magnified, and I can even see the pores. Maybe I should place the object closer to the focal point to see it clearer. I tried to magnify it further but I am at my limit.

Next is the Analysis. I fixed my eyes to the young maid and activate Analysis. A translucent panel appeared in front of her facing me.


Name: Mary Anallet

Race: Human

Title: 2nd Daughter of Anallet Barony of Astley Kingdom

Condition: Normal

Level: 25

MP: 390

ATK: 310

DEF: 280

MAG: 430

MDEF: 300

AGI: 450

Skill:Magic Sense, Martial Art: 2, Dagger Art: 1, Thought Acceleration

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic Water Magic: 3, Light Magic: 3, Fire Magic: 2, Wind Magic: 1

Resistance: Exhaustion Resistance, Pain Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance


Her name is Mary and she is a daughter of a nobleman. That's why she has a noble aura around her. She's always quick because she had 450 agility.

Are we located within the Astley Kingdom? There were no mention of Astley Kingdom or any nation in my status. So she may be someone from one of the neighboring countries.

Based on her stats and skills, she might be a mage who is wielding a dagger for close quarter combat. She is proficient with water and light magic at level 3. She has level 1 wind magic, maybe for drying clothes.

I don't know what is the standards of this world, but level 25 might be weak base in her age. Adventures must have three digit level and four digit average stat. Next to appraise is Big Sis Louise who is currently sitting on Mother Mylene's lap while serving with snacks.


Name: Louise Raevender

Race: Human

Title: 1st Daughter of Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Weak(Infant)

Level: 1

MP: 15

STR: 25

DEF: 15

MAG: 15

MDEF: 10

AGI: 20

Ultra Skill: Monarch of the Night

Extra Skill: Limiter

Skill: Weapon Enchantment, Appraisal

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic Lightning Magic: 1]


She has higher stats than me with a total of 100. She was older by a year than me so there's no need to complain. She is more on physical type than magic type.

She also inherited the Ultra Skill Monarch of the Night like me. Was there a reason why we inherited this Ultra skill? Maybe for securing our bloodline.

Next is Mother Claire.


Name: Claire Raevender

Race: High Human

Title: Sage, Dungeon Conqueror, Dragon Slayer, Mistress of Raevender Territory

Condition: Normal

Level: 1325

MP: 55300

STR: 14100

DEF: 13095

MAG: 69725

MDEF: 22435

AGI: 18545

Ultra Skill: World Magic: 5

Unique Skill: One Man Army

Extra Skill: Regeneration, Auto-MP Recovery, Plant Manipulation, Limiter

Racial Skill: Longevity

Skill: Magic Sense, Martial Art: 5, Pole Art: 4, Danger Detection, Weakness Finder, Alchemy, Detection, Appraisal, Taming, Summoning, Enchant, Vegetation, Chantless, Thought Acceleration, Parallel Thinking

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic Fire Magic: 10, Water Magic: 10, Wind Magic: 10, Earth Magic: 10, Light Magic: 10, Dark Magic: 8, Lightning Magic: 7, Compound Magic: 8]

[Non-Elemental Magic Pure Magic: 10, Space-Time Magic: 7, Illusion Magic: 6, Poison Magic:5, Force Magic: 4 ]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Poison Resistance, Magic Resistance, Blast Resistance, Physical Attack Resistance. Asphyxiation Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance, Infliction Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Temperature Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance, Elemental Magic Nullification


Holy cow! Mother Claire is over level 1000?! All stats are at five digits?! Those thicc and soft badonkers has more than thirteen thousand defense?! I cannot imagine my mother's gonna be this powerful. I promise to myself not to ever anger her.

Mother's skill list were filling the panel. She not a Human but a higher race of High Human. The Longevity was the racial trait of a High Human. It says that this skill can delay or halt the aging and the lifespan of the user.

The proficiency of her magic skills reached up to level 10. She doesn't have the Monarch of the Night Ultra Skill but had the World Magic.

I analyze mother's skills and this is the result:


World Magic - ultimate magic that was beyond level 10 magic. The World Magic can affect the world itself.

One Man Army - the more the numbers of the enemies, the more powerful the user. Every 100 enemy gains the user 1% stat bonus (capped at 100%).

Regeneration - automatically heals the user at high speed.

Auto-MP Recovery - automatically restore 2% of the user's MP every minute.

Plant Manipulation - allows the user to control plants at will.

Pole Art - allows the user to use pole techniques.

Danger Detection - increases and sharpens the awareness of the user from danger.

Weakness Finder - locates the weak points and weaknesses of the opponent.

Alchemy - synthesize materials to create various items, separate components of an item and alter its properties physically and chemically.

Detection - detects lifeforms around the surroundings.

Appraisal - allows the user to look at the name, race, condition, and stats of the target. Also working on items and weapons.

Taming - the user can tame and befriend magical beings.

Summoning - the user can summon a tamed or random magical being (based on the mana input).

Enchant - enhances the selected target/s, also enchants single-use skills, spells, or techniques on items.

Vegetation - manipulate the plant's growth rate.

Chantless - cancels the incantation of the techniques and magic spells, but reduces the output by half. 


The Ultra Skill World Magic is more powerful than the level 10 magic. Depending on the mana applied, it can change the topography.

When Mother's opponents reach ten thousand units, she gains double stats. Her sustainability is also good.

I didn't see it yet but she might have a summoned beast. Combining the Vegetation and Plant Manipulation made her a druid or a forest mage. She can freely control wood at will, like a certain wood user in a ninja anime.

Based on her titles, she must be a powerful and famous mage. The ebony staff from before was probably owned by her. That purple rapier besides the staff should be used by Mother Mylene.

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