37 Chapter 37: Revenge Hunting

A giant wooden mace swung with killing intent towards a standing girl, for the girl to massacre all of its brethren. But the girl just slashed her deep blue blade and chopped the attacker's gigantic arm.

"Sigh. I'll leave it to you, Raphael."

"Air Vortex Cannon." I nonchalantly recite the spell while pointing my crimson sword at the target with my right hand.

Upon casting a Level 7 Wind Magic spell, an invisible turbulent ring of sharp winds released from my blade at high speed and easily crushed the limbs and the head of an A-ranked Level 400+ Ogre King.

The remaining torso of the eight-meter-tall humanoid dropped to the ground with splats of blood. I unconsciously opened my Inventory and kept my loot inside.

In the depths of a dense forest, a few kilometers beyond the site of our confrontation with the S-ranked Indestructible Lizard, Sister and I are slaying monsters to level up for the first time after a month.

My sister and I were restricted to killing monsters since we leveled up too much in the stampede. We've been training our bodies and skills for a month.

Mothers lifted our month-long quarantine and now permit us to slay monsters with the same trice-a-week hunting schedule. But we're limited to level up ourselves up to ten levels per session.

Even though it's only ten levels, leveling up to our current Level takes more time and effort than before. The higher the Level, the more experience it needs to gain. Even without the restriction, gaining ten levels in a single day requires a lot of effort.

By the way, here are my current stats:

Note: (H) means hidden


Name: Raphael Raevender

Race: Human

Title: Reincarnator(H), Heir of the Raevender Viscounty, Dragon Slayer

Condition: Normal

LV: 642

MP: 12982+2596(H)

STR: 15748+3150(H)

DEF: 9218+1844(H)

MAG: 16222+3244(H)

MDEF: 9102+1820(H)

AGI: 15208+3042(H)

Ultra Skill: Ultimate Art(H), Monarch of the Night

Unique Skill: Parallel Profile(H), Plunder(H), Skill Synthesis(H), Computerized Mind(H), Omnidirectional Perception(H), Bestow(H), Weaver(H), Fear Incarnation(H), Botanist(H), Alter Ego(H)

Extra Skill: Inventory, Limiter, Regeneration, Thread Manipulation(H), Purity Sensor(H), Petrification(H), Intimidation, Auto-MP Recovery, Plant Manipulation(H), Kin Command(H), Perfect Concealment, Mist Radar(H), Blood Life(H), Ownership(H), Disguise(H), Sticky Thread(H), Steel Thread(H), Size Change(H), Wing Manifestation(H), Split Body(H), Dragon Scales(H), Poltergeist(H)

Racial Skill: None

Skill: Item Enchant(H), Weapon Enchantment, Appraisal, Magic Sense, Thought Acceleration, Parallel Thinking, Martial Art: 8, Sword Art: 9, Close Quarter Combat: 6, Chantless, Detection, Danger Detection, Weakness Finder, Concealment, Mist Create, Spear Art: 5, Club Art: 3, Dagger Art: 5, Keen Smell, Hawk Eyes, Heat Detection, Sharp Ears, Echolocation, Soundless, Attribute Armor, Enhanced Senses, Enchant, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Herculean Strength, Vegetation, Pole Art: 3, Scythe Art: 5, Shooting Art: 4, Bite(H), Claw Attack(H), Breathe Attack(H), Cooking

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Lightning: 10, Fire: 10, Light: 9, Water: 8, Wind: 8, Earth: 8, Dark: 6, Compound: 8] [Non-Elemental Magic: Space-Time: 10, Pure: 8, Force: 8, Illusion: 7, Poison: 4, Acid: 5]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance, Asphyxiation Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Magic Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance, Blast Resistance, Physical Attack Resistance, Poison Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Fear Resistance

Blessing: God's Vessel(H), God's Eye(H), God's Veil(H)


I've been leveling up for more than six years, and I've already reached the 600th realm! Which is absurdly high and abnormally fast even in this magical world!

My stat reached five digits on average. which makes me stupidly overpowered. Not just me but also my sister.

Thanks to my blessings and our mothers' spartan training, I've been able to level up quickly in a very short time. Even long-lived races like elves take centuries to reach this Level.

Since this forest is vast and filled with indefinite number of high-ranking monsters, we've been able to hunt down as many monsters as we want and gain an unlimited amount of EXP. Now, we've exceeded the norm and broken everyone's common sense.

Adventurer-wise, I would have surpassed S-rank and reached Supreme Rank D. Once an adventurer reaches Level 400 and earns enough credits, they will be promoted to Supreme Adventurer.

By the way, both our parents were the only adventurers to surpass Supreme Rank D and reach Supreme Rank S, or SS-ranked adventurer, before retirement. This rank requires at least Level 1000 to achieve.

In the last stampede, I encountered new monsters and was able to get my hands on their skills. I have been collecting and synthesizing skills and have acquired new ones. Some of it was broken and kept hidden.

"Let's go deeper. I can't get enough of these barbaric humanoids."

"Even an Ogre King was not enough for you? Well, they move on instinct and attack only with brute strength, following the same pattern after all."

Just a moment ago, this place was an Ogre settlement filled with fiery and strong ogres. But was completely annihilated by Sister and me.

We've been on a killing spree to let out our pent-up patience from not hunting for a whole month.

"Since you have greater detection, go and find me an opponent."

"Don't just ordering me around, you know?"

As my sister had ordered, I opened my Omnidirectional Perception and looked like a monster worthy of my sister's desire. And I found something interesting.

"Oh! What a rare find!"

"Hoh. You found something?"

"Not just something. It's the elusive Scythe Mantis. Hiding for ambush a kilometer north."

"Let's go and check what it's capable of."

With the vastness of Omnidirectional Perception and the accuracy of the Clairvoyance, I held Sister's left hand and cast "Warp". We teleported and landed a hundred meters away from the hiding Scythe Mantis.

"Okay. What will we do now?"

"Just walk and let it attack us."

"If you say so…"

She said to lower our guards and let the mantis ambush and attack us. This mantis looked like it specialized in ambush attacks, and we have to be in lax to see its capabilities.

"Let's go."

We walked leniently between the tall trees and went straight towards the ambush range of the mantis. The mantis is concealing its presence completely, as if blending in with nature. It sensed our approaching existence; the mantis is preparing for its ambush.

With hands on the back of my head, I leisurely skipped my feet while whistling a happy tune, like going to a picnic. Sister just walked as plainly as she could.

Upon passing the tree of its concealment, a white blur entered our peripheral vision. Fast and sharp cutting of air reached our auditory nerves.


Sharp and deafening noise of colliding metals echoed in the woods. Loud enough to frighten and chase away the birds nearby.

"So this is the A-ranked Scythe Mantis."

"It's creepy as hell."


Race: Scythe Mantis

Condition: Normal

LV: 468

MP: 4054

STR: 12186

DEF: 7078

MAG: 3254

MDEF: 5520

AGI: 12836

Extra Skill: Perfect Concealment

Racial Skill: Nocturnal

Skill: Martial Art: 3, Scythe Art: 5, Enhanced Senses, Detection, Danger Detection, Weakness Finder, Thought Acceleration, Echolocation

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Wind: 6, Earth: 2] [Non-Elemental Magic: Acid: 3, Poison: 1]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Hunger Resistance, Fear Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance, Poison Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Physical Attack Resistance


A humongous mantis of ten feet high with a white exoskeleton slashed both of its sharp forelimbs on us upon stepping into its range. But we were faster and quickly blocked it with our katanas.

"Want to fight it alone, Sis?"

"Why not? It's definitely worth fighting than those unintelligent ogres."

"There you go…"

We parried the scythed forelegs together and knocked it back. I stepped out of the game and let the two monsters face each other, preventing other monsters from interfering.

"Entertain me, you insect."

The mantis launched itself toward my sister. With a Scythe technique, the mantis slashed both of its forelimbs in unison. A wave of blades released from the scythed forelegs, forming an X, and were aimed at my standing sister.

(Level 5 Scythe Wave, huh.)

To counter the attack, Sister lavishly slashed her blade twice and released two Sword Waves. The two sets of waves collided, resulting in intense air pressure.

The mantis left dumbfounded for a second, and Sister took that opportunity to charge and attack. The mantis regained its composure immediately and reacted to Sister's overhead blade by doing a big side step to the left.


In spite of avoiding fatal damage, the mantis wasn't left unscathed. The mantis scanned its massive body and found out that one of its limbs was missing.

"Please don't damage its blades, Sis."

"No need for you to remind me."

Realizing the power of its opponent and the possible outcome of the fight, the mantis made a run for its money. Despite having one of its limbs amputated, the mantis didn't lose its prime speed.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

Sister covered herself with yellow lightning and chased the running mantis. I waltzed in to their previous post and picked up the amputated leg. Even though its ivory exoskeleton is as tough as steel, our blades can cut it easily.

"It looks like crab meat, though."

I took a peek at the fresh meat under the tough exoskeleton.

"Maybe it would taste like crab if we cooked it?" I said to myself, then throw the limb into my Inventory.

I tried to catch up with them by following the trail that they made. They left tall trees to be cut down by their blades. There are even scorched ones.

"This insect gave me a good fight. We still have time left and didn't reach our daily cap. Go find another challenger, Raphael."

"Well… when I was looking for monsters earlier, I noticed an irregularity in this forest."

"What irregularity is that?"

"Twelve kilometers north, there's a plain in the middle of this dense forest."

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