3 Chapter 3: Reincarnation

I opened my eyes, I was in a room in the middle of the night. Only the dazzling moonlight lets light into the room through the gap of the curtain hanging on the windows. The first thing I notice is that my body has become smaller. In other words, I am a newborn baby right now.

The room was decorated with expensive looking ornaments. A magnificent rapier with a state-of-the-art golden hilt and shining purple blade was embedded against the wall. Besides the sword, there was an ebony-black wooden staff with a rainbow-colored crystal.

Judging from the equipment displayed on the wall, it must be owned by a swordsman and a magician. These must be my parents' weapons of choice.

I moved all of my limbs into the empty air to check if nothing was wrong. The goddess never said I would be reborn as a human, so I have to do a reality check.

It looks like I don't have any inhuman body parts like horns, tails, or animal ears. Conclusion: I was reincarnated as a human or other human-like species.

I can't stand with this baby body yet, so all I can do is roll my body. I roll my body to the left, and I see pillars of thin wooden planks. I just realized that I was in a crib.

I roll my small body again in the opposite direction. This time, I saw another infant aside from me. The baby looked like it was a year old and was heavily asleep. I don't know the baby's gender yet, but the baby had black hair.

(Maybe this child is my older sibling.)

Wondering what my relationship with this child will be, I looked down and saw a huge bed through the gaps between the pillars of wood. Clothes scattered carelessly around the floor. Two lumps covered by a white blanket rest above the bed. Two people sharing a bed must be a couple.

(These two must be my parents in this world. And they had enjoyed a night in front of their children. How shameless.)

For some reason, I did not feel exhausted or sleepy at all. I also feel like I can see through the darkness of the room. My strength was also enhanced by almost two folds.

I looked up and stared at the ceiling. The thing that maybe this world's light bulb has embedded is attached to the ceiling. It was white and had a hexagonal shaped prism with four sides.

Furniture with a mirror and drawers stands in front of the bed. Place a six-foot high rectangular whole-body mirror beside the furniture.

I don't know how to use magic and got bored so I decided to go to sleep.


A time passed by and I am now six months old. Half a year has passed since I was reincarnated in this world ruled by Goddess Prima, and I can't still use magic yet. Compared to my previous modern and hi-tech world, this world has a civilization level similar to that of Middle Age or Renaissance Europe on Earth.

I discovered that the language spoken here is different from any language I know in my original world. So I have to start learning the language again. I noticed that I learned words faster than before, and I already knew some common words. Maybe a baby's brain has a faster learning rate than a grown-up one.

In my past life, I desperately studied the language of the country where my favorite novels came from so I could read them raw, but I made no progress at all, so I had to wait months for the translated copy.

Apparently, my given name in this world is Raphael, the Archangel of Health and the Tuesday angel. Coincidentally, in my past life, I was born on the day of Tuesday. By the way, the child from before is my older sister, Louise.

I am in front of the mirror right now while sitting on the lap of my mother, Claire. She was sitting on the bed while caressing my head gently. As I can see, I had amethyst colored eyes and light brown hair.

My mother has long, black, lustrous hair. She has a bewitching beauty and a nice body figure that make everyone turn their heads for her. She's still in her early twenties, so she's still young and pretty. The thing we have in common is that we have the same eye color.

I observed the people around the mansion and found out that this world has 360 days a year, with 12 months, so 30 days each month. A week still contains seven days, the same as Earth. The names of the months in this world were based on zodiac signs.

The region where I live has seasons that change occasionally. I was born during the autumn of the month of Virgo and survived the winter with my parent's warmth. Now, the snow had melted and gone back to the nearby river. The trees begin to color the horizon again with their verdant leaves. The flowers in the meadows opened their petals as they warmly welcomed the spring.

I have to learn this world's culture, common sense and basic knowledge. I do not want to be called a heretic for being an eccentric fellow that reacts to every culture shock I will encounter.

The existence of a mysterious power called magic greatly affects the lives of the people in this world. Magic makes the daily lives of the people easier, like creating a flame to ignite the firewood, drying newly washed clothes by manipulating the wind, or treating a wound with soothing healing magic.

The level of technology in this world was rather primitive than advanced. I didn't see any appliances that were powered by electricity. But I saw some wireless devices, like our house's lighting that emits bright white light. Probably powered by magic.

"That's hurt, right? I'm sorry I didn't come immediately. But don't worry, I already healed it away." My mother said with a mature voice, still caressing my head.

(It's fine, mother. It's my fault anyway.) I apologized mentally.

Yesterday, when I was laying on my parent's bed, I got curious, and I accidentally fell off and hit the floor. The pain felt a little bit than expected. My mother hurriedly came to me and immediately used magic to ease my pain. The warmth of her healing magic flows throughout my body like a river of life running through my veins.

Since then, remembering that feeling again and again, I've managed to find the magic that resides inside of me. I tried to control it, but it's really difficult. So I call it a day, close my eyes, and take a slumber.

I tried to manipulate my mana again, and I barely succeeded in controlling it. I learned Magic Sense, Thought Acceleration and Parallel Thinking skills in the process.

I tried to imitate my mother's healing magic on myself. I felt the warmth, but it was definitely weaker and different than my mother's.

<Light 2 Magic has been acquired. spell Level Low Self Heal learned.>

(Ooh! I've learned a magic spell.)

As I said that internally, my mother looked around the room as if she sensed something unusual. Then she stopped and hugged me a little tight.

"Did you use magic just now? Nah, you haven't reached one year old yet. Maybe it was just my imagination?"

(Did she sense that I used magic?)

She asked as she looked down until her bosom lay on my head. It was so soft, but it's heavy. I fixed my eyes on the mirror and checked my own reflection.

(I looked like a king sitting against a comfortable throne wearing a massive crown.)

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked the wooden door from outside. The door opened with a creaking sound. Then a woman, clad in a luxury dress, around the same age as my mother, came into the room and closed the door.

"I'm home." the woman proclaimed with a gentle voice.

"Welcome back." my mother replied in a warm way.

The woman then sat down besides my mother, spread her arms, and wrapped them around her. She sniffed at my mother with her eyes closed. My mother's fragrant scent reaches her nostrils all the way to the olfactory nerve.

"You smell good."



"Then, it can't be helped."

My mother turned her head sideways to face the woman. The woman closes the distance between their faces. Their faces got closer to each other, and then_.


A sound resonates in the quiet room as they cross their lips passionately.

(The geh level is ovah 9000.)

Really? In front of your own children? Big Sis Louise is still sleeping in the room. That's right. The woman kissing my mother right now is also my mother. They are married because they allowed same-sex marriage in this world. 

Her name is Mylene Raevender. She is the current Viscountess of our territory. She went out to the royal capital for official business.

I don't know how, but they are my biological parents. In my previous world, it was possible for both people of the same gender to have a child through scientific methods. This is a fantasy world of sword and magic that even breaks the laws of nature, so maybe it is possible.

She has light brown lustrous hair and amethyst eyes like me, I had inherited those traits from my Mother Mylene. She had her hair braided on both sides, then tied them at the back of her head.

She had the same head turning figure as Mother Claire, but the chest part was lacking a very few centimeters in circumference. Despite the few centimeters' gap, they are still bigger than average.

If our parents were this gorgeous, my older sister Louise will inherit their divine genes and will turn into a beautiful lady when she grows up.

"Thanks for the warm welcome."

"Now, go back to your office and finish your work. I'll be taking care of them." Mother Claire ordered as she shoved Mother Mylene off.

"Fine, fine. See you at dinner." She stood up and walked toward the door.

"Yeah, later." she replied as she saw the door shut.

"Now then."

She lifted me, then turned my small body to face her. Then, she gently raised her upper garment up to the upper chest with her hand.

Exposing her belly and her porcelain white skin. Raven black underwear bra tightly pushed her two enormous lumps of fat up manifest.

"You're hungry, aren't you?" Mother asked.

(Yes!!!) I screamed internally.

Of course, I did not speak or nod. It would be strange if your months-old child understood what you were saying. I just pretended I did not understand her and put my hands on the summit of Mount Everest.

"Fufu. Here they come~."

She said as I enjoyed the bliss of her huge pair of milkers. Let's not waste any seconds, as I realized I will only experience this luxury for a very short time. No need to hold back and take it while I still have this privilege. I was in euphoria at my most anticipated time of the day.

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