13 Chapter 13: Result

I've been killing slimes and goblins for hours. I gained experience from killing monsters and leveled up. As I leveled up, I also increased my stats and became more proficient in using my skills, techniques, and magic spells.

"It's already late. Monsters become stronger and more aggressive when night comes, so let's call it a day."

"Huh? It's already this late?"

Without Mom telling me, I wouldn't have noticed that the clouds had a yellow shade. The scenery of a setting sun swallowed by the horizon was still beautiful even in another world. Let me take a screenshot and save it in my memory.

I already felt that I was losing some of my stamina and exhausting my mana. I don't have mana restoration skills yet, so I have to restore as many mana as possible. I feel so tired after recognizing its signs in my body.

The night in the Great Forest of Darkness was really dark and dangerous. The monsters become more active and aggressive, looking for food to hunt. Some have Nocturnal Skill that enhance their senses and stamina at night.

I also have the Nocturnal skill from the Ultra Skill Monarch of the Night. I can use it to restore my stamina and enhance my senses, but being in this forest at night was a suicide. I must follow Mom's words or I'll make her upset.

"Let's go back to the entrance and meet up with your mother and sister."

"Yes, Mom."

Mom walked, and I followed her to help guide me to the entrance of the Great Forest of Darkness. I met a few slimes on the way and immediately killed them with magic in one shot.

"Experience fulfilled. You leveled up by 1."

(And I leveled up just by walking out of the forest.)

I already took a screenshot of the perfect spot for my teleportation. I planned to explore the forest in the future, reach its center, and conquer it if possible.

If I manage to find a dungeon, I'll explore and investigate it first before conquering it. Each dungeon had different levels of difficulty. The easiest dungeon had only five floors, and the current most difficult was the 70-floored dungeon in the capital of the Empire.

Conquering an unexplored dungeon makes you the Dungeon Master. You can even create a nation by capturing a dungeon, just like the Dixon Empire. The Dixon dungeon is the most difficult known dungeon in the world; only the first emperor and my parents had reached the seventieth floor, defeated the boss, and got a legendary-grade weapon at hand.

Before I knew it, I could see the plains and was already at the entrance of the forest. Mother and Sister are already at the destination, waiting for us.

"Welcome back."

"You are late again."

"I'm sorry. I had so much fun that I didn't notice the time."

Mother greeted us with a warm welcome, but my sister scolded me for being late again. I had fun experimenting with my skills and spells against a variety of monsters.

Swordsmanship, magic spells, and even skills. I used every kind of attack in my arsenal to test it on the monsters. Combining variations of abilities to make a new type of attack

I used the combination of Telescopic Eye and magic to slay a slime from a distance. I endowed lightning to my mithrill sword to do magic swordsmanship. I enveloped my body with magic to improve it and added attributes to my attacks.

Increasing my reservoir of attacks improves my output in a battle. The tide of a battle could be turned by a single attack. That's why I increased my variations of attacks to make more strategies to counter an enemy attack or even turn the tide of the battle.

"Then, let's compare our levels and stats, and let's see who's stronger now."

"Yeah. You first."

"Ok. Just wait."

My sister said it is time for us to compare our growth in this monster hunting. I told her to show hers first, and she agreed. Then a transparent, intangible panel appeared in front of her.


Name: Louise Raevender

Race: Human

Title: 1st Daughter of the Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Normal

LV: 23

MP: 450

STR: 870

DEF: 500

MAG: 300

MDEF: 310

AGI: 680


"Hehe, this is my numbers now. What about you?"

She proudly showed her status board while puffing on her still-developing chest. She is already at Level 23, and her strength is almost at 900. Her agility is at 680, and she has low numbers in terms of magic.

She was more of the physical type and good with a sword, like Mother. As she claimed before, she was not good at casting magic, which is why her magic power had the lowest number in her stats. I activated my God's Eye to take a peek at her skills.


Ultra Skill: Monarch of the Night

Extra Skill: Limiter

Skill: Weapon Enchantment, Appraisal, Martial Art: 6, Sword Art: 6, Close Quarter Combat: 4, Danger Detection, Detection, Weakness Finder, Thought Acceleration

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Lightning Magic: 5, Fire Magic: 4, Light Magic: 4 Wind Magic: 3, Water Magic: 3, Earth Magic: 3, Dark Magic: 2 Compound Magic: 2] [Non-Elemental Magic: Pure Magic: 4, Force Magic: 3, Space-Time Magic: 1]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance, Asphyxiation Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Lightning Magic Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance


As expected of my big sister, even her skills were more focused on close combat. Her magic skills were inferior to mine, but they are still above average despite her being a ten-year-old girl.

Her stats already reached the level of the upper caste of a low-ranking adventurer, while her combat prowess was that of a kingdom knight. Even though she is good at magic, she is still at the level of an average magician. But I'm sorry for her.


"What are you grinnin' for?"

"Too bad, my elder sister of mine. Too unfortunate for you." I said as I opened my status board.


Name: Raphael Raevender

Race: Human

Title: Heir of the Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Normal

LV: 24

MP: 510

STR: 720

DEF: 390

MAG: 700

MDEF: 390

AGI: 520


"And this is my numbers, Sister. As you can see, I'm more superior to you in terms of level, total stats and magic."

"N-no! This can't be happening! My little brother surpassing me, his beautiful older sister? Impossible!"

"Wake up to reality and accept the cruel truth."


What are you whining about? It's just a level, you know? Level is not the only factor in being strong. And it is not that I gained more experience or level in the first place.

Thanks to my blessed body, I gained more experience than the average and leveled up faster. I also gained additional stats hidden in my status board. And this was really my real status.


Name: Raphael Raevender

Race: Human

Title: Reincarnator, Heir of the Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Normal

LV: 24

MP: 510+102

STR: 720+144

DEF: 390+78

MAG: 700+140

MDEF: 390+78

AGI: 520+104

Ultra Skill: Ultimate Art, Monarch of the Night

Unique Skill: Parallel Profile, Plunder, Skill Synthesis, Computerized Mind

Extra Skill: Inventory, Regeneration, Limiter

Racial Skill: None

Skill: Item Enchant, Weapon Enchantment, Magic Sense, Thought Acceleration, Parallel Thinking, Martial Art: 4, Sword Art: 5, Close Quarter Combat: 3, Detection, Danger Detection, Weakness Finder, Concealment, Keen Smell 

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Light Magic: 5, Lightning Magic: 5, Fire Magic: 4, Water Magic: 3, Wind Magic: 3, Earth Magic: 3, Dark Magic: 2, Compound Magic: 3] [Non-Elemental Magic: Space-Time Magic: 7, Pure Magic: 5, Force Magic: 5, Illusion Magic: 3]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance, Asphyxiation Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Magic Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance

Blessing: God's Vessel, God's Eye, God's Veil


With my bonus stats, I almost surpassed my sister in strength. I acquired a new Extra Skill from the Racial Skill of the slimes, Regeneration, a while ago. I had a higher growth rate than more people, thanks to my blessings.

My stats were above those of a low-ranking adventurer like my sister. My combat prowess was the same as that of an average soldier. But my magic skills were at the level of an elite magician.

Compared to a normal person, me and my sister's average stats were absurdly high. Our maid, Mary, was only around at Level 25, but her total stats were inferior to ours.

This was because me and my sister trained our bodies from childhood and avoided killing monsters up until now. The growth rate of leveling up was proportional to my efforts as a person before leveling up.

I hid my Reincarnator title, my additional stats, and some of my broken skills from the others using the God's Veil. I will tell all of it to my family when the time comes. I will accept everything about how they will react after learning the truth. But I will think about that later.

"The sun had already set and the sky is getting darker. Let's go home, everyone."

"Yeah. And Louise, you're just behind a level. There's no need to worry about that. You are still more superior in sword than Raphael."

"Okay, Mother."

Mom reminded us of the cloudless, dark skies. Half of the sky already had a dark hue. The city in our west still had an orange shade, while the forest in our east was already dark and emitting noises from afar. A few stars can be seen twinkling above the forest. The position of the stars reminded me that I was in a different world.

Mother told my sister not to worry about her status. Level is just a number. The important thing is that you had the talent and skill to use those numbers to protect your loved ones.

We walked along the road from the entrance to reach the city walls. It takes more than a kilometer to reach the city from the forest. It will be part of my exercise, so I didn't mind walking that distance. We entered our carriage at the gate and entered the exclusive district to reach our mansion.

"Phew, I'm worn out, and my body felt so heavy."

After I took a bath and ate my dinner, I immediately went to my room and laid on the bed. The activities this afternoon really drained my stamina and mana. I didn't activate the Monarch of the Night skill because I wanted to rest and restore my strength properly. I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

The next day, we began our training again and halted our monster hunting. It's been decided that we only do monster killing once a month and train the rest of the time.

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