Reincarnated as a snake?

A typical reincarnation story about a dude who got reincarnated into a fantasy world as a snake inside a dungeon... but with some twists! So follow the tiny snake on his journey through the lands to become a bigger snake. --- Only writing it for fun and to pass some time. Chapters will be around 1500-2000 words long. Oh, and English is not my first language, but should be readable. The cover is not mine...

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Moving Pieces

(Human Empire Avarez)

 Emporer Aldin Pontos the 7th. sat on his throne while his right-hand man, the primary executive official in charge of government affairs, Luger Blight spoke with a clear voice.

"My ruler, we have reports, that the elves have a guardian in their fort city Latia. A tier 3 or higher serpent. It is still unknown how this monster achieved that. And further Graf Lakus Greyborn the one in charge of the "cleansing" reported that his nephew Rudeus Greyborn was slain. No witnesses. Further investigations are still pending. But he strongly urges that we should send more troops and order an immediate assault, killing or capturing the monster as soon as possible. Or so he states."

Pontos VII. looked at Luger and sighed. He was already 75 years old but still looked not older than 30. His long white hair and deep red eyes pierced the very soul he looked at.

"The Greyborns are always so hasty when it comes to war... but they always achieve their goals, or mostly at least. I have already permitted him to assault Lutia." The Emporer pushed a knight piece across a map, while also placing a snake on the board.

"On another note, how is the experiment "God's chapel" going? Depending on their improvements I would even consider sending 100.000 footsoldiers and 20.000 mages to break their barricade. The war is already going on for ages."

"Hmm, the last report on "God's chapel" states that there is a 70% success rate and a diminish of 10% per further success. "God's Aegis" is also nearly finished, we only need a few more days till 100% completion."

"Finally, took them long enough. Send a letter to Graf Lakus Greyborn, stating that reinforcement will be sent when "God's Aegis" is finished and ready for use. In the meanwhile, allocate Graf Noberus 1000 artillery mages, 5000 mage-bloods, and 100 dragon riders. They should attack Loroto and Leptus as soon as possible. No captives."

"Yes, my lord."

Black ravens materialized as they flew in all directions spreading the news to the top officers.

"Luger, will this all be worth it?" Said the Emporer as he stood up and looked out the giant window.

Luger walked next to him and sighed. "I don't know my lord... The grudge ran too deep. There is nothing we can do now."

"Should I have left my brother claim the thrown? He would have known what to do..."

"There is no need for self-doubt my emporer. As your right hand, and friend, I can only say that it saddens me to see you in your position, but I believe that you will do what is needed for this empire."

Pontos VII. nodded and silently left the throne room. Elite royal guards made way as he exited.

'I am sorry Aldin, but peace with the elves will never be an option.' thought Luger as he oversaw the mighty capital city and all the people buzzing around. Walking towards the map he picked up the black king piece and mumbled. "You will pay for what you did." Knocking the piece off he left the room.

"Keep an eye out, will you?" he whispered, and the shadows moved.


The fort city that Raas stade in buzzed like an ant colony. Soldiers fortified walls, Blacksmiths roared with clanks and hisses, and people evacuated houses. Raas who was carefully slithering around stopped one soldier and asked.

"Hey, what is all this commotion about?"

The soldier was too busy carrying a wooden box and nearly bumped into him.

"Sorry city guardian, we got news that large movements were spotted east and west of the city."

"Are the humans attacking us?"

"Very likely... go ask the general for more info, I have to go!" and with that, the soldier ran off.

"Oh well, I think I will end my stroll and see what Lana knows about all this."

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"I wonder what I will gain from this... never heard of spirits or what they can even do..."

Slithering back he noticed Lana cleaning her bow and arrows.

"What are you doing there?"

"Haven't you heard the news? Avarez is sending out large groups, over 10.000 soldiers have been spotted. The last time such an assault happened was 25 years ago. Even the Emporer is using his spirit magic to gather soldiers."

Raas was taken aback that only after one day after talking to Lakos Luvari II. the humans made such a massive move against the elves. He wondered if he was part of the reason, or if it was just one big coincidence.

"How long till the army arrives?"

"From what my father told me, probably 3 days maybe 4 if the front lines and traps could stall them long enough."

"What now? Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Yes, go to the magic library, the city lord already informed me that you should head there when you come back from your stroll."

"Will be on my way, but first are you planning to fight in the war?"

"Yes, of course! No go and let me prepare my weapons."

"yes sir..." Raas had conflicting thoughts about her participating in the war, but at the end of the day, he can't change her mind. She was already dead set on defending her home.

So with a sigh, he left the temple and slithered towards the library. 

All the people made way for him and some even stopped for a split second to greet him.

He could see a lot of large siege weapons move towards the walls and large metal platings.

It took him a few minutes longer than usual to get to the library as the traffic was horrendous.

Before he even reached it a tall elf already waved at him, shouting. "Over here guardian Serpent!"

Slithering close he lowered his head, "I told you to call me Raas."

"Sorry about that. But anyway, those are some grimoires, they cover the basic skills any monster should have, and from what I have heard you still miss a few very common ones."

"And how do you plan I read them?" asked Raas slightly flapping his winds.

The elf librarian held onto his glasses and smiled, "Grimoires aren't your normal magic books, you only need to pour in enough mana and the skill should imbue into you. they are enormously expensive, so I hope you will put them to good use."

Raas didn't miss the underlying message and just smiled, "Don't worry I will put on a spectacle for you. I am already itching to unleash some of my large-scale spells."

"Good to hear that, no follow me. We can talk more in the backyard."

Raas nodded and carefully slithered through all the people and buildings.

We felt kind of strange that all the power till now was gifted to him... but who cares?

He will take every bit of strength to survive this world.

So with determination, he went in.


"You piece of gravel have you gone completely mad!?" shouted an emerald golem clad in dark green metal armor.

"You know, after I got the news from father that you finally called to fetch you I thought that you would have come back to your senses. But seeing you now... I am disappointed in you Eraldin."

"My name is Sahra, elder brother." said the sand golem with venom in her voice.

"Ts, to throw away your given name and even take on a name from one of Sol's apostles. What a disgrace you have become, little sister." the golem looked at her with disgust.

"You are the one that disgraced our family! Have you already forgotten?! Did all the mutations and Saphire gems decrease your intelligence, Emanko?"

"Not another word, Eraldin..."

"What? Are you perhaps too ashamed to admit that-" Before Sahra could say another word, the ground turned into a pure emerald crystal. Arks of emerald already ran up her body, pinning her in place while his sword was already on her neck.

"Not. Another. Word. Eraldin."

"..." She never saw her brother this mad before.

"We have wasted enough time, let's go." He signaled to the soldiers who were motionlessly standing behind him. 

"Yes, Commander!"

A clear mirror sprung out of the ground, but instead of seeing one's reflection a grant hallway showed. Marble walls, golden statues, and overly luxurious carpets decorated the way to an as overly fancy double door.

Emanko went in first, the mirror rippled as he went through and the soldiers soon followed.

Sahra took a deep breath and looked behind him, "You coming Derat?"

The fish who was hiding in his spectral form suddenly appeared and nodded.

A sudden heat enveloped her heart, she looked at the sigil that came from being named. It burned in a brilliant light. She smiled but pushed the feelings away, not wanting to show those emotions to anyone else except Raas.

Derat stared at her strange behavior and scoffed.


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