6 Genius, and departure.

Chapter 6

"Peak tier Earth Grade", As soon as the words appeared on the plate, people in the room started to cheer for Gu Ning. It should be known that in this world with multiple sects, empires, and kingdoms, having a peak tier Mortal grade talent could be considered a prodigy in a kingdom, a peak tier Human grade could become the first genius of an empire, whereas a peak tier Earth grade could become the first talent of a continent.

Anyone who awakened talent higher than Peak tier Earth grade could only be considered real geniuses and only a small number of people could awaken them.

Following Gu Ning's trial, the elder called the younger generation's name one by one, after some time the elder also called for Gu Mei to be tested. Hearing this name, Gu Chen immediately pay close attention as this young lady was a heroine.

"High tier Earth grade." The elder announced.

"It seemed like her talent will undergo a massive change when she meets the protagonist." Gu Chen thought inwardly.

Cheers started to erupt once again after hearing such a high talent grade.

Not long after Gu Mei was tested, the elder also called up Gu Lei, the other villain of the Gu family, and once it was revealed Gu Lei had the same talent grade as Gu Ning, the people in the hall became surprised.

People were surprised to see such high talent coming from the branch families.



After hours of testing, only one person was left to be tested.

"Gu Chen." The elder called.

After hearing the elder, everyone became silent and focused on the young man who was walking towards the testing platform.

"Please put your hand on the crystal ball."

"Yes Elder."

After Gu Chen put his hand at the crystal, the room became totally silent because everyone was wondering what grade of talent will the first young master of the Gu family will awaken.

All of a sudden, very bright golden light flashed throughout the hall and effected everyone in it, and after the light deemed and the flash effect had gone. Everyone, including Branch Family Leaders, Elders, and even the Patriarch was shocked to the core. Because at the moment, golden letters was imprinted on the tablet which said "Peak tier Heaven Grade.".

A huge uproar was caused after someone on the hall started chearing for Gu Chen.

"The young master is invincible!"

"The young master is an unrivaled genius!."

"The Young master is mighty!"

Cheers could be heard from every corner of the hall.

"Ehm." Upon hearing the patriarch had something to say, the hall started to become silent again.

"Gu Chen my son, I see that you have not disappointed our family, and I hope to see you grow strong and bring might to our family. I also hope that having such high talent will not make you an arrogant person, and instead I hope you work harder than everyone else.

"I understand." Gu Chen bowed and replied to his father.


After the ceremony ended, some branch family were going back to their families. Some had happy expression while others were going back disappointed.

"Father why have you called for me." Gu Chen was asked his father as he was called by his father after going back to his room.

"Chen'er, you have exceeded my and everyone's expectation and have achieved talent that has never been seen since our ancestor the founder of our Gu family himself, that's why when you go outside to gain experience, I hope that you will be safe and work diligently until you become strong enough to protect yourself. And until then, I will personally be teaching you."

It is a tradition for the younger man of the Gu family go to the outside world and gain experience once they become 10 years old.

"Father himself will be the one to teach me?"

"Of course, now that you have achieved such high talent, you will undoubtedly be the future patriarch."


3 years later^

Gu Chen had finished 3 years of training under his father, and will turn 10 today. His father was delighted to see that the cultivating speed of his son was 10x faster than his.

And not long after the awakening ceremony 3 years ago, my mother had given birth to a girl which they later named Gu Qingcheng.




Name: Gu Chen

Title: First Young master of the Gu family

Talent: Mid tier Saint grade (++)

Cultivation realm: 3rd grade Nascent Soul realm(++)

Cultivation technique: Heavenly Absorption (High tier Heaven grade)

Skills: Gu Chen Sword style(Low tier Heaven grade), Gu Family Heavenly Palm (Peak tier Earth grade), Gu Family Cloud steps (Peak tier Earth grade), ….

Weapons: Star Sword (High Tier Earth Grade)

Function: Inventory, Shop, Lottery, Virtual Space

Quest: None]

Today was the day that Gu Chen will venture the outside world and leave the Gu family until he reached adulthood.

"Big brother, can you play with me today." A beautiful young girl who was about 3 years old said to Gu Chen.

This young girl was none other than Gu Qingcheng, his little sister. Qingcheng had long white hair that is similar to their mother. However, her eyes are undoubtedly her best feature as she had one red eye and one cyan eyes.

"Oh, isn't this my little cute sister." Gu Chen pinched his sister little nose, and said playfully.

Gu Qingcheng pouted and ran to their mother to report this situation.

"Cute." Gu Chen thought.

After being scolded by his mom, Gu Chen and his family eat dinner together.

"Chen'er starting today, you will gain experienced in the outside world. I don't want to speak too much, but I just want to remind you that you need to keep yourself safe at all time and practice diligently okay?" His father said.

"I understand father."

After dinner, Gu Chen started to pick up his belonging and get ready to go.

"Brother, can you not go?" Gu Qingcheng asked with tears in her eyes as she was sad to be separated from her big brother. Although her big brother always teased her, and sometime angered her, Qingcheng was really sad at this moment as her big brother was always there to play with her even when he is tired from all his training.

Rubbing his sister's head, Gu Chen smiled and responded "Qingcheng, brother has to train and be strong to protect you and our family. Can I trust you that when I am gone, you have to be a good girl?"

"Yes big brother." Gu Qingcheng replied as she tried her hardest to stop her tears.

"Then Father, Mother. I will be going".

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