Reincarnated As A MC With The Highest Compatibility Rate

[WSA 2024 Entry] Mark, a military officer, dies in battle and unexpectedly regains consciousness, only to discover he had inhabited the body of a 17-year-old named Dennis. He also realized that this was a different earth. As he recovered memories from Dennis, he made even more shocking discoveries... "Earth's location in space got shifted three years ago?" The circumstances encompassing this revelation, as well as the effects it brought upon the human race, rocked Mark to his core. Dennis, who was orphaned from the earth-shifting incident, had gotten drafted into the Modified Combatant program. This was created to train humans and experiment on them to increase their compatibility rate with the new Ultimate Vestro Battle suit created by government scientists, which had an inbuilt system. This was in a bid to bring out the full potential of the suit so humans would be powerful enough to resist and battle against the extraterrestrial forces plaguing the planet. Despite this being a dangerous endeavour, Dennis agreed to be a part of the program so he could cater to his little brother, who happened to be the only family member he had left. How will Mark, who had now become Dennis, move forward after getting thrown into such a catastrophic world while bearing an insanely high compatibility rate with the suit...? ------- [ Activating Memory data... ] [ Operator recognised ] [ Operator name: Dennis Slark ] [ Level : 1 ] [ Compatibility rate: 99.09% ] [ Cores Harvested: 0 ] --------- "Cores? What is that?"

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A Fight

{ Two Days Later }

A group of four could be seen on a plain field rolling from side to side as projectiles shot in their direction.

This plain field wasn't exactly plain since there were multiple slabs of rocks positioned at different areas, which the group used to take cover.

Whirring sounds echoed through the field as weird, greenish beams came to life on the perimeter, hurtling toward the group with precise speed and trajectory.

With split-second precision, Darrin engaged in tactical evasion. Diving, rolling, and executing rapid directional changes, he navigated the field with a fluidity that belied the chaos of the beams.

He was at the forefront of the group while the others were struggling to catch up behind.

On the far end of their peripheral, General Gustav, Lieutenant Colonel Derrick, and a few other military officers watched the group participate in the chaotic endeavour with observing eyes.

"Out of the four, Darrin seems to possess the best physical attributes," Lieutenant Colonel Derrick voiced.

"He is said to be the second strongest in their squad, so this is understandable," General Gustav stated.

"Looks like we can't see Rodrick in action till he becomes immune to the freezing roar," Lieutenant Colonel Derrick seemed a bit disappointed as he was referring to the one known as the strongest in squad one.

Rodrick and five others were still having issues surpassing the first stage of their training, which was overcoming the freezing roar from the pseudo-mutated Gorritropod.

Dennis had become immune on the second day and began the second stage of his training before the others, even though he was yet to surpass it.

Darrin and Malik became immune on the third day while Cory Parson, the captain, had just gained immunity and joined them in the day's exercise.

It was just the four of them engaging in the second stage, and from the looks of things, Darrin seemed to be doing the best among them.

"Dennis, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be doing so great," Lieutenant Colonel Derrick pointed out.

"He is not physically adept... his strength lies in other aspects," General Gustav responded.

The other two soldiers around were surprised the moment they heard that.

"It's the first time I've heard the General stick up for someone," one of them voiced.

"I am not sticking up for him. I am simply stating things as they are," General Gustav instantly denied.

"Seems to me like the General is growing fond of that kid," the other soldier chuckled.

General Gustav shot him a glance that made his smile freeze instantly as he swiftly returned to standing at attention.

"Either way, the others might surpass this stage before him and move on to the next," Lieutenant Colonel Derrick muttered.

Just as he finished speaking, one of the green beams slammed into Dennis's body up ahead, sending him flying.

"Restart!" General Gustav commanded.

Dennis got up with a look of frustration before heading towards the back of the field.

Fortunately, the MCs had protective military gear on, so whenever they got hit by any of the beams, they wouldn't take real damage. Aside from feeling dizzy, the beams didn't do much.

'It would be best I make it seem as though I am struggling so as not to warrant any more suspicion,' Dennis said internally after arriving behind.

Although the beams were very quick and got even quicker as they advanced, Dennis was sure that with proper calculation, he could evade them.

There was no doubt that his physical prowess was still lacking compared to the others, but in his case, he felt tactical calculation could do the trick.

Dennis was a military personnel in his past life, after all.

'I will get further than I did before and let it hit me two more times before advancing,' Dennis decided before lunging forward.


At night, the group of ten lay sprawled out on the floor of the shack they were provided with.

"I'm pooped," one of them voiced with a fatigued expression.

"That reminds me that I need to go take a shit," Hulukr stated while jumping to his feet and running out.

Dennis sat in his corner with his back resting against the wall when Malik came to sit beside him.

"Good job, buddy, you finally got past it," Malik stated while handing Dennis a bottle of water.

"Yes, finally," Dennis responded while receiving the water with an appreciative look.

"It is crazy how we are Modified Combatants yet struggle with the training normal military men go through," Malik had a look of adoration on his face.

Dennis had to admit that it was indeed commendable how normal human military men could pass these training stages. He felt that they may be even more capable than the military on his former earth.

However, it was to be expected.

It was a time of great peril. War and the will for survival create stronger humans.

The situation of his former earth was nothing compared to what he was currently witnessing. 

While Malik and Dennis were engaged in their conversation about how the next stage was going to be, a feminine figure waddled close.

"Hmm?" Dennis looked ahead and noticed Lara standing before them.

She had a slightly bashful expression on her face, which left both of them disoriented.

"What i..."


Lara fell to her knees before Dennis, causing both of them to react with even more shock.

"Please tell me how to overcome the freezing roar," She beseeched.

"Huh?" Dennis was taken aback as he didn't expect Lara to react that way.

"Please, I'll do anything..." She blurted out before covering her mouth.

"Well... not anything, but I'll owe you one later," A tinge of red appeared on her face in the dimly lit room.

No one could tell what she was thinking to make her add her last remark.

"I am not sure..." Dennis tried to explain to her that he might not be able to describe it properly but got interrupted.


"I'm trying to say..."


"You don't understand..."


Dennis felt like bashing his head against the wall at that point.

"Okay," He stated in defeat.

"Thank you," She held his hand while bouncing like a child after he agreed.

'She is kind of cute...' In that split second, Dennis's eyes sparked with interest, but he quickly snuffed it out and pulled his hand back.

"It is fine," He replied.

"You could have asked anyone else though, why me?" Dennis inquired.

"Because you're the first one to get past it. Even the General praised you. Why would I ask the second rate when I can ask the best?" Lara responded without sugarcoating her words.

"Maybe you should change your mind about helping her. She did try to steal our Javelin," Malik pouted with a slightly annoyed tone.

Darrin, who was on the other end, didn't care about the remark, but Regory, who was the last to pass the roar test that day, yelled out, "Who are you calling second rate?"

"Here comes the biggest second rate," Lara muttered.

"You little bitch," Regory approached her while throwing a fist.


Lara's head tilted to the side upon collision, as she fell over with blood rushing out of her nostrils.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Lara held her cheek with a painful expression.

She proceeded to kick Regory's leg, causing him to fall forward while sending an uppercut hurling at his face.


A loud crunch rang out as Regory's nose was instantly dislocated and just like Lara, blood began to leak from his nostrils.

"Ahh!" He cried out while covering his broken nose.

The sudden scenario had taken everyone by surprise as they didn't expect things to go from zero to a hundred real quick.

"You damn broad! This is it, say your last prayers!" Regory jumped to his feet in the next instant ready to fight but everyone swiftly sprang forward to separate them.

"A nose for a nose, bitch!" Lara laughed like a maniac after noticing how Regory was bleeding from his face.

"She is feisty and crazy..." Dennis watched with a dazzled look.

While everyone was holding Regory back, Lara grabbed Dennis and ran out of the shack while pulling him along.

She held up her middle finger for Regory to see and get even more pissed. Regory might have been the third strongest but five MCs holding him back was something he couldn't overturn.

Darrin yawned from the side, "Boring," He proceeded to return to dreamland after the scuffle had ended.

"Wasn't that your partner?" Dennis questioned as they arrived in the middle of a grassy environment.

"Was... but he is a little bitch that couldn't even successfully get a Javelin away from the weakest person in our unit," Lara responded while sitting on a patch of grass.

Dennis had a look that said, 'You do know I'm right here, right?'

"No offense," Lara smiled at him and wiped the blood off her face.

"Come sit," She beckoned to him while tapping the grass beside her.

Dennis slowly stepped forward and sat beside her underneath the dark and starless night.

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