35 Welcome to Alabasta

Author Note: Well last chapter was kind of like a teaser and worldbuilding. Here is the chapter for Alabasta.

'Congrulations host for signing in Kingdom of Alabasta. Calculating the history and importance...Calculation completed: A grade. Book of Curses awarded.'

'Book of Curses(Cursed item): An item that curses everything including it's own master. To learn more about it's functions make the book acknowledge you as it's master.'

' What the hell is even a cursed book? Why would I acknowledge it if it curses me?' Abel was extremely confused and just dumped the book in his space ring for now.

'Congrulations for signing in a desert country and reaching the special conditions to update special skill Weather Manipulation'. Sandstorm function added to the skill.'

After Abel signed in they went towards the capital to scout some information.

'' Nana and Barbossa, go and find some information about Crocodile. Cavendish and Bernard stays with me.'' Abel commanded and they went their seperate ways. Abel needed to keep Bernard by his side in case he messed things up. Abel was aware that he couldn't handle all the operation himself. Broadcasting the event, finding information, scamming royalty... he could only focus on some of the tasks. Abel decided that he would farm some relationships from Vivi and hopefully learn where the ponegliph is located while others scouted about Crocodile. Before they could walk for long they saw there were hundreds of people dressed in fancy clothes being welcomed to the castle.

' İs there some sort of event going on?'

'' İs this some sort of banquet?'' Cavendish asked surprised.

'' İs there any meat inside?'' Bernard asked excitedly.

Abel ignored them as he asked a red haired commoner from the street.

'' Hello. What is going on here?'' Abel asked casually with a light smile on his face. Red haired woman turned around and answered.

'' Today, there is a banquet to honor the royal family. Nobles all around the kingdom or even neighbouring kingdoms are invited.''

A happy smile appeared on Abel's face. ' Hehehe, a banquet for nobles? This is a great opportunity!'

'' Follow me. We are going inside!''

Cavendish looked at Abel strangely.

'' I can enter since I am a prince even without invitation. But you...'

Abel looked at him disdainfully. '' Who says I am not a noble? I am from one of the noblest families! Let me tell you...'' Cavendish sighed as he and Bernard followed Abel who happily kept spouting nonsense. Abel saw someone from Goa kingdom and smiled. Abel just formulated a plan to steal his identity emblem when he heard there was some shouting going on somewhere very close. Abel turned around and watched the commotion. A noble woman and a noble man were seemingly in a fight. The woman shouted at the man while crying.

'' Y-You bastard! You promised to come with me, yet you brought another woman to escort you! I am your fiance! I won't let you enter unless you go with me!''

The man looked at the woman who is blocking the door disdainfully and remarked mockingly.

'' You are only my fiance because my father needs your father to enlarge his bussiness. You ...''

Abel ignored the rest of the conversation as he took the key knowledge. ' So we need an escort as well? Troublesome. This man looks like a young master type.'

'Use young master skill on him'

'Young master skill used on the target. -100 charisma(hidden stat), bonus %200 hatred from common folk for any detested action.'

The noble man kept speaking as he flaunted his identity and boasted about his father. Unfortunately this time many disdainful and mocking gazes were thrown towards him. People started whispering around.

'' He can only flaunt about his father...''

'' Such a wastrel...''

Even the woman that man escorted here instead of his fiance started to look at him awkwardly. The woman who was blocking the door mocked him.

'' You really only flaunt about your father. I don't know what I saw in you...''

After the man was mocked by his fiance in front of everyone he flew into a rage and raised his hand to slap her. Unfortunately Abel caught his hand and broke it in one move. Abel immediately started his act.

'' You are such a useless person! How can you bear to hurt such a heavenly beauty! You should be ashamed of yourself. You are the shame of all men. Dear, ignore this man. Let me escort you, I am more handsome anyway.'' Abel scolded the man while flattering the woman at the same time. Abel was very amazed at the skill young master.

' From now on, whenever I see a young master I will use young master on them!'

İn the end under the stunned gazes of other people, Abel stole the man's escort and confidently walked towards the castle. Cavendish was stunned for a moment but didn't waste time as he flaunted his identity as a prince, flirted with a girl and managed to took her as his escort as he followed Abel inside.

Bernard and the red haired commoner girl watched them with dumb looks.

Just as Abel was about to enter, the guard of the castle made some trouble.

'' Can I see your identity?'' Abel sighed and was about to bullshit his way in when he saw Cavendish who was coming towards here while flirting with his escort. Abel immediately took Cavendish to his side and started scolding the guard.

'' Who do you think he is!?''

Guard looked at him and frowned.

'' Who is he?''

'' He is the prince of Bourgeois Kingdom! He is also one of my close friends! Are you really questioning my identity!? Can you handle the consequences if a diplomatic crisis happens between Alabasta and Bourgeois!?''

The guard's face paled immediately. After checking Cavendish's identity from a book he was covered in cold sweat.

'' P-Please go inside. I-I am terribly sorry about what happened just now.''

Abel snorted as he and the noble woman went inside while conversing happily.

'' You know the prince of Bourgeois!? Who are you really?''

'' I am a prince from a distant land. İt is called sniper island, have you heard?''

'' Not really? Where is it?''

'' İt is in your heart!''

'' Hahaha, you are very funny.''

Cavendish looked at the happily leaving Abel with a disdainful gaze. ' He messed up my dress!' After Cavendish was done tidying up his dress he and his escort also went inside. Bernard looked at Abel and Cavendish who went inside with confusion. He didn't understand anything from their conversation and just took the hand of the closest girl who happened to be the red haired commoner that spoke with them and went inside confidently. Commoner girl's face turned red as she whispered Bernard.

'' W-we can't go inside. Only nobles!'' She tried to explain but Bernard was even more confused.

'' What? İt seems fun, let's go!'' İn the end Bernard took her hand and confidently went inside. The guard was about to scold them but when he saw Bernard's extremely confident look he didn't dare to say anything. ' What if he is also a prince?' İn the end the guard was very scared by Abel's scolding and didn't dare to say anything.

Roughly 40 seconds after entering the castle...

The noble woman looked at Abel who had a pained expression on his face and asked anxiously.

'' A-Are you okay?''

Abel gave her a pained smile and spoke with a hurt voice.

'' İt's okay. My terrible stomache ache started acting again. But I can still escort you, don't worry.''

'' AH! İt's okay. You should go back and rest. Don't worry about me.''

After Abel acted for a while he immediately ditched the woman and searched for Vivi and Cobra. ' This handsome brother can't be bothered with any woman right now! İt is time to scam people!'

Abel didn't search for long when he saw Vivi in the middle of the crowd getting congrulated for some reason. Abel waited for a moment and acted when he saw Vivi went for a rather secluded place. 'Ghost Steps' Abel immediately messed Vivi's carefully made hair and then returned to his place as if nothing happened and kept sipping his wine. Vivi's face flushed red when she saw other people pointing at her hair. She tried hard and managed to tidy her hair after a while. 'Ghost Steps' Abel immediately messed her hair again while laughing inside. Vivi's face turned even redder as she tried to make her hair in a panicked fashion but she found a small paper stuck in her hair and read what is inside.

' Meet me at garden or I will mess your hair whole day!

Sender: Handsome Prince of Sniper İsland '

After reading the paper Vivi was furious as she left for the garden immediately. ' Who is this person!?'


After eating a ton of food Bernard immediately went to the dance area where pairs danced togather as he dragged the red haired girl with him as well. Red haired girl's face was even redder than her hair right now. She helplessly tried to adapt to Bernard who took over the whole dance floor with his weird dance moves. Everyone watched Bernard as he happily jumped around like a monkey while making weird poses seemingly dancing. İn his hand was a piece of meat he was eating time to time.

'' Who is that weirdo?''

Cavendish's face turned red as he heard his escort's remark and immediately responded in panic.

'' I don't know him at all! My first time seeing him! He really is weird. Let's go somewhere else.''

Unfortunately they didn't realize a person with horn-shaped hair was watching the red haired girl with wariness. ' Why is she here?'

[Capital. Trainee Room]

'' Welcome new trainees! Our boss Crocodile has just recently got an invitation to join a newly formed world-famous organizations called the 7 warlords. You made the right choice to join this organization. After you pass the various tests you will be a part of this huge organization. Welcome to Baroque works!''

Everyone cheered thunderously after the instructor's hearty explanation. Nana's mouth opened wide as she looked around. ' How did this happen? We were just scouting for information and bribed some people. Baroque works is recruiting people now?' Nana was about to call Barbossa but was stunned when she saw him chatting with someone happily.

'' Ah, Brother you are really ambitious! But I think you can do it if it is you!'' Barbossa flattered that person immediately.

'' Hah Hah, of course! With my candle devil fruit and my smarts I will be the third highest ranking member in the future. I can't believe Mr1 and Mr 2 positions are already gone. Our boss is hunting a 70M bounty pirate outside the capital right now! He really is a big shot. We can also be famous by joining this organization.'' that person who happened to be future Mr 3 immediately started explaining his grand plans to Barbossa. He liked Barbossa because he was flattering his ego. Barbossa also liked him very much since this guy was giving him info for free. Nana watched the duo who just met but was acting like blood brothers.

She sighed but then an idea came to her mind as her eyes brightened. ' I have the broadcasting den den mushi with me. Captain has the other one. İf I broadcast this place... Our mission can be considered succesful, right?' Even though Abel didn't order this, Nana thought this was the smart thing to do and started planning.

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