32 Last Stops

Note: I won't show stats of opponents anymore since it started to be confusing. I will only show Abel's stats. Don't worry about scaling. You will understand where everyone scales after Alabasta arc is over. Also for Cp-9, they are at various strengths. Don't expect every one of them to have high stats. For example in the manga someone like Lucci had around 4000 Doruki, Kaku had like 2000, Blueno and Kalifa had 800 and 600 respectively. So there are extreme differences in strength. The weakest Cp-9 member will have like 65-70 stats, while a genius like Lucci will have around 300. Anyways, I won't be showing it anymore, I just explained to let you know where the crew scales now.

Abel was busy cutting a hundred meter dinasour to pieces and cooking them with his imperial flame before a furious voice interrupted him.

'' Hey! Didn't you get the eternal pose of Alabasta from Whiskey Peak? Why are we wasting time here!?''

Cavendish was really dissatisfied to waste time here. He wanted to get famous sooner!

'' This is a good place to train. We still have a week. Go, babysit the others, I am busy!'' Abel answered casually. Abel was buying and collecting meat from various places to feed Luffy when he went back to east blue to farm relationships with him. ' Dinasour meat is tasty, he would like it. Well... he would like any meat actually.'

A giant shadow appeared behind Abel and spoke with a happy voice.

'' KABABABABABA, Little one, thanks for the wine. İt is my first time seeing people fight dinasours to train. Are you sure your friends will be okay?''

Abel looked at Dorry and spoke casually.

'' As long as your friend keep the big one's away, they should be okay.'' When Abel realised Little Garden was on the way he decided to stop here to train his crew for a few days,. Even though they went through an intense training on the ship, they still needed practical trainings as well.

'' KABABABABA, don't worry. We made a deal, thanks for the wine''

Abel answered with a happy smile and humble tone.

'' Ah... İt's okay, I am naturally a very generous person. I can give you as much as you like.'' ' I have limitless anyway.'

After Abel was done cooking and storing the dinasour meat he stood up to check on other's progress. While walking Abel realized he forgot to sign in.

'' Sign in''

'Congrulations host for signing in Little Garden. Calculating the history and importance...Calculation completed: C grade. Ring of spirit awarded.'

'Ring of Spirit: A ring that strengthens a person's consciousness slightly.'

Abel frowned as he checked the reward from system. ' There is no grade, explanation is also not clear. Well, whatever.'

Abel sat on a rock and watched the other's fight. Bernard was beating a 15 meter dinasour with his naked fists fiercely. Just at that time another small dinasour jumped at his back to bite him, Cavendish was about to intervene but Abel raised his hand to stop him. He wanted to see how Bernard would act in a difficult fight. The small dinasour bit at Bernards back. Bernard didn't seem to care as he laughed and slammed the dinasour on his back to the ground and started to fight 2v1 with them. Bernard didn't care about the injuries he got as dinasours fiercely bitted him he just payed them back with his punches. After a few minutes of struggle two dinasours were defeated by him yet Bernard didn't seem to care as he saw a dinasour double the size of previous ones and immediately attacked it with a fierce roar with his already extremely injured body. The weird thing was he was happily laughing the whole fight.

Abel frowned as he watched him. ' I now understand why he didn't appear in the canon. With such a fighting style not dying would be a miracle.' This Bernard loved fighting to death. After every fight he would be extremely injured as he didn't know what it means to back off. Just as Abel was thinking he saw Bernard immediately challenge 3 more dinasours at the same time. Abel's eyes opened in shock. ' Fuck! 1v4 is too much. '

Abel immediately sent out ranged attacks and killed 3 of them and looked at Bernard thoughtfully. Abel used scan and was shocked from what he saw. ' Bernard... is already at Arlong's level? İt has only been 18-20 days since we left east blue.'

Bernard also realised Abel was looking at him and spoke with a loud voice.

'' BOSS! Did I do well?'' Bernard looked at Abel expectantly.

'' Not bad. You are a bit too reckless though.'' Abel said casually.

'' Thanks, BOSS! I will be even more reckless, don't worry!'' Bernard beamed at Abel.

Abel looked at him speechlessly. ' Do you think being reckless is a praise?'

Abel then turned to see Nana running around a dinosaur, confusing it and attacking it's eyes and weak spots with her claws. ' After she got her devil fruit, she improved by a lot. Even though she is weaker then Bernard, she can still easily beat people like Kuro or Hachi.

Abel turned to see what Barbossa is doing and was left speechless as he watched his so called fight. Barbossa seemingly prepared 20-25 sets of traps somehow and threw them to the floor hiding them in grass. He was on a tree and was baiting a dinasour with a meat. After several minutes of baiting dinasour was baited and ran into traps one by one. İn the end, after the dinasour was weakened Barbossa took out his rifle and killed it with a few shots.

Abel looked at Barbossa speechlessly but didn't say anything in the end.

'' Okay, since you are done, we can leave. I am satisfied by your progress. After this operation is over, you are all promoted to real crew-members. Congrulations.'' Abel smiled at them happily. He really didn't expect them to progress at this pace at all. Even though they progressed much slower than Abel, that was to be expected since he has a cheat. Whole crew's mood immediately improved as they cheered. Abel looked at them and spoke casually.

'' You are still small fries though, don't be complacent. Your training will continue with the same pace.''

And the mood went down again.

' Can't you let us be happy for a little while...'

Cavendish looked at Abel impatiently.

'' Let's go, let's go! I am bored.''

'' Ok. Got any progress with armament haki?''

'' No.''

'' And you are supposed to be a genius?''

'' İt has only been a day since I learned of it's existence! What do you expect!?'' Cavendish was furious.

'' Ok, Ok don't get angry. You will learn it when you grow up'' Abel acted like he was consoling a brat, making Cavendish even more furious. Abel realised that making Cavendish mad was making him work harder. Cavendish has no match in the crew except for Abel who can beat him easily. Thus Abel motivated him by trashtalking.

'' Fuck! I will learn it very soon. Just you wait!'' Abel took out the ring and gave it to Cavendish.

'' Wear this.''

Cavendish looked at Abel weirdly.

'' What does this mean? Just so you know, I don't swing that wa-''

'' Fuck! This might help you with your split personality, what the hell are you thinking?'' Abel was furious. ' My crew is full of weirdos. I really need Robin to have a peace of mind.

Cavendish was a little surprised but took the ring and wore it immediately as he asked Abel doubtfully.

'' Are you sure this thing will work?''

Abel smiled at him warmly. '' Not at all.'' Abel turned around as he commanded the rest of the crew. '' Let's go! We are going to Drum İsland and then Alabasta.''

Abel jumped to the ship and checked the 5 pills he got by signing up with Dorry and Broggy. Rougly 2 days later.

'' Sign in''

'Congrulations host for signing in Drum İsland. Calculating the history and importance...Calculation completed: C grade. Yeti Slaying Rifle awarded.'

' Yeti Slaying Rifle(unique grade): A rifle with infinite ammution. Every fifth bullet explodes and causes a critical damage.'

Abel frowned as he checked his reward. ' A rifle is extremely useless for me. I already have my flames and ranged sword attacks for long range. Let's give it to Barbossa.'

Just as Abel decided to give the rifle to Barbossa, Barbossa came beside him and started flattering.

'' Oh, our mighty and handsome captain. That rifle seems a little lacking for your great self, how about I keep it for you?''

Abel looked at Barbossa's eager eyes and wanted to beat him up. ' I was going to give it to you anyway!'

After Abel gave the rifle to Barbossa he wanted to go and visit Chopper. Abel also needed a doctor so he decided to kidnap one of the 50 expert doctors Wapol keeps for himself. Abel only took 3 steps before he heard Bernard's roar.

'' BOSS! I killed a reindeer, let's eat it at dinner.'' Bernard came towards Abel and put the reindeer in front of him eagerly. Abel was casual as he answered.

'' Sur-''

Abel nearly had a heart attack when he saw the blue nose of the reindeer. Abel's mind froze as he looked at the eager Bernard.

'' Y-You... DİD YOU JUST KİLL CHOPPER!?'' Everyone was taken aback by Abel's roar as they turned towards him. Abel was extremely furious. ' Did this idiots just kill a major character!? Not to mention he is a child.' Bernard looked at Abel confused.

'' Boss? You don't like eating reindeers?''

Abel looked at Bernard's confused face and cursed. ' Fuck! What eating reindeers? He is a fucking major character!'

Abel didn't say anything since they didn't know it was not an ordinary reindeer, he couldn't blame them. Abel sighed deeply and went towards Wapol's castle but then heard Barbossa's screams.

'' C-Captain, I was trying to test my rifle but a reindeer turned into a monster! Help me!''


Abel started laughing happily as he heard Chopper's voice coming behind Barbossa who is running. ' Thankfully he is still alive! I can still farm him!'

'' Don't do anything to him, I will speak with him a bit.''

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