Reincarnated as a Hero- and the Wrong Gender?! Book

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Reincarnated as a Hero- and the Wrong Gender?!


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Hinata had pretty good luck, as a high school student living in modern Japan. The cutest of girlfriends, the best of grades. Lots of friends, and even the teachers liked him! Yes, life was never bad, and Hinata was never lacking. However, out of the blue, he trips and falls down the subway stairs, breaking his neck- because in truth, when mages from another world summon heroes, they don't always have the best of timing! Hinata understands well enough when he wakes up in that fantasy land that he's been reincarnated, but there are a few... problems. A.) Hinata has been reincarnated as a girl, instead of some hot guy with an instant harem. What the hell? B.) He, now a she, is a demi-human, a hated, second class race in this misogynistic world! C.) She has no support, because she woke up face down in the mud in some random forest! Taking on a new name and countenance, the guy who should have been a hero will have to start from the ground up- and in a world like this, there are some crazy, CRAZY adventures to be had! (TRIGGER/TURN-OFFS WARNINGS BELOW) *Sex scenes *Bloody combat *Yuri/GxG, apparently some people don’t like that *Futa/Futanari MC (she really is just a girl most of the time, though. Don’t worry, I promise this is a legitimate story, not only an eroge) *Sexism/Racism (medieval times) https://discord.gg/bRfbqXzsdF (good for ten uses)


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