Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Reincarnated as a fox by mistake, Tang Li Xue got a system that could help her evolve and become a Deity as her compensation. In the vast Immortal World filled with powerful cultivators, demonic beasts, and mysterious spirits, how could Tang Li Xue survive as a fox? There was no other way, Tang Li Xue must continue to level up, learn, and evolve until she becomes an invincible Fox Deity that stands above all! Let's join Tang Li Xue on her journey to face all the dangers in the vast Immortal World and become stronger step by step!

godadi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
855 Chs

Chapter 809: Tang Li Xue's Amazing Discovery!

A few days had passed in the blink of an eye.

The exploration team had already managed to lock the exact location of the Secret Realm's entrance in the gorges, but they still needed to find the exact way to open it.

Zhu Jun might look like a sloppy handsome middle-aged man, but he was actually an extremely powerful True Spirit Beast.

Zhu Jun definitely had more than enough strength to forcefully open the entrance to enter the Secret Realm, but he did not dare to do it rashly since the entire Secret Realm might collapse instead if he did it that way.

Normally, the Secret Realm or Space needed careful maintenance once in a while by the formation master since the sustaining formations might wear off bit by bit over time, but this fallen Ancient Sect's Secret Realm had not received any maintenance for who knows how long.