548 Chapter 548: Mutual Deception!


After flying for more than fifteen minutes, Tang Li Xue finally managed to get out of the collapsed mirror maze's range.


On her way, Tang Li Xue estimated that the mirror maze might collapse for more than two hundred miles because of the stone-armored fox's divine ability.


'That was a truly dangerous move! But it must be also pretty exhausting for that stone-armored fox to use that move. If not, that stone-armored fox might already demolish this entire mirror maze to kill the Doppelganger and us!' Tang Li Xue concluded in her mind.


Tang Li Xue hastily landed back on the mirror floor after she made sure that the surrounding was safe, and she quickly checked Yaya's condition.


Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she found that Yaya was all right and only fell asleep because of exhaustion, but she still decided to use one of her [Talisman of Regeneration] to heal Yaya's wounds.



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