453 Chapter 453: Place of Inheritance!

"All right, I agree. BUT this will be the last test, and you must give me the inheritance immediately after you test me!" Tang Li Xue replied to Tomb Owner's Will.

"Yes, I promise I will lead you immediately to the place of inheritance after you pass my last test. The test is also quite simple. You only need to put your palm onto the glowing mural on the wall." The Tomb Owner's Will spoke directly into Tang Li Xue's mind.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply since the last test's method was actually out of her expectation.

She thought the Tomb Owner's Will would only ask her a few more difficult questions about the content of ancient murals.

Suddenly, one of the ancient murals on the cave's right wall started to shine with dim blue light.

"Put your palm onto the glowing mural on the right wall. All of the ancient murals that you already comprehend will start to shine too later." The Tomb Owner's Will explained to Tang Li Xue with usual his archaic voice.


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