441 Chapter 441: Overpowered Gate Guardian!

"I know that there is no shortcut to becoming stronger, but Fox Hunting Festival is a big chance for every fox to grow stronger, so I am afraid Bing Shui will get much stronger after she enters there. So much stronger… that I cannot catch up to her again…" Bing Yi revealed her fear and anxiety to Instructor Mei Lan honestly.

Instructor Mei Lan dropped her jaw in disbelief, and she almost dropped the teacup in her grasp when she heard Bing Yi's worry.

Luckily, she has not drunk the tea in her cup yet, or she might already spurt it out onto Bing Yi's face.

Instructor Mei Lan smirked at Bing Yi's naive way of thinking and started to rebuke her: "Kid, you really like to think too much, don't you? What kind of event do you think the Fox Hunting Festival is? Charity event from the higher-ups to make all of you, the younger generation foxes, grow stronger? HELL NO!"


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