437 Chapter 437: Tang Li Xue’s Way of Cheating!

Regarding the way to get out of the maze, Instructor Mei Lan had already trained Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao in this using the sparring room on the 2nd floor of the Education Building.

Instructor Mei Lan even played hide and seek with them in the sparring room that projected the maze-like palace filled with dangerous traps before.

It was heavy torture for Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao... But Tang Li Xue had to admit that Instructor Mei Lan's hellish training really worked wonders since she was not even flustered, anxious, or panicked when she was facing this kind of dangerous maze in front of her right now.

Other than troublesome, Tang Li Xue never thought that she would not be able to find a way out from this maze. It would only take more of her time and effort.


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