425 Chapter 425: New Quest! Defeat 1,000 Lesser Evil Spirits!

Tang Li Xue kicked several other skeletons and dried corpses until their body shattered, but they immediately recovered to normal again in a few moments.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply and exclaimed in annoyance: "These creatures are really troublesome! Besides that, can they even be killed?"

Meanwhile, the number of resurrected skeletons and dried corpses kept increasing steadily. 

From 30 to 50, from 50 to 80, and so on…

Some of them approached Tang Li Xue from the farther area, while most of them crawled out from the barren ground.

Currently, there were already more than 100 of them besieging Tang Li Xue from all directions and continuously slashed their weapons toward her.

The pressure Tang Li Xue was currently facing also keep increasing, and she was starting to get anxious since she could not even kill a single one of them while their numbers kept increasing at an alarming speed.



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