Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Reincarnated as a fox by mistake, Tang Li Xue got a system that could help her evolve and become a Deity as her compensation. In the vast Immortal World filled with powerful cultivators, demonic beasts, and mysterious spirits, how could Tang Li Xue survive as a fox? There was no other way, Tang Li Xue must continue to level up, learn, and evolve until she becomes an invincible Fox Deity that stands above all! Let's join Tang Li Xue on her journey to face all the dangers in the vast Immortal World and become stronger step by step!

godadi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
871 Chs

Chapter 180: Inscriptionist Test!

In this kind of situation, even Teacher Li Wei could not refuse Zi Yan's suggestion so blatantly since she also volunteered to let her student to be tested as well.

Usually, under the recommendation from Master rank Inscriptionist like Teacher Li Wei or Zi Yan, both Tang Li Xue and Zi Yan's student did not need to be tested and could join Inscriptionist Association directly as new members.

But now Zi Yan suggested her own student to get tested along with Tang Li Xue too!

"Alright! I will accept the test!" Tang Li Xue said firmly with her sweet luscious voice.

Zi Yan's mocking smile became even brighter after she heard Tang Li Xue's agreement, but before she could say anything to provoke Tang Li Xue further...