Reincarnated As A Dystopian Resident Book

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Reincarnated As A Dystopian Resident


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Prince Vikram II was notoriously infamous for his cunningness, cruelty, and cheat-like memory. He was not only the most successful General in the history of the Empire but was also known as the "Rakshasha" cause of his devilry in war and politics. One night, while reading the final volume of the Diaspora Trilogy, he shouted with fury, "WHAT BULLSH*T!!!" In his uncontrolled anger, he threw the glass of priceless Soma wine at the empty castle wall, colouring it bloody vermillion. With unforeseen dissatisfaction and betrayal stuck on his face, his mind started to drift into slumber as he reflected on his actions over the past few years of War. "Mhmmm!" "*stun*... WHAT-?" He was groaning and tussling in sleep like a spoilt child when his eyes suddenly opened in horror. 'What the hell is going on?' He muttered in suffocation when he found himself gagged and tied to the metallic tracks in the middle of a deserted town.