Reincarnated as a Dog with System

After an unfair life and death, Qin Hua was miraculously gifted with a second chance. But she was a dog now? And the world suddenly changed? Terrifying beasts roamed the streets instead of cars and trucks. Plants turned deadly. Rifts to other realms opened in random street corners and more importantly, humans gained unimaginable abilities! Earth entered a new beginning where mana was abundant and one's monetary wealth no longer determined their fate! With the strong surviving and the weak perishing, will Qin Hua kill or be killed in this new world? This is a story of the earth's spiritual awakening and a dog's rise to power!

Yolohy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
219 Chs

Slaughter Part2

Lu Chen stared at the horror in front of him, unable to believe what was happening. Tears rolled down his cheeks without even him realizing it. His eyes were completely bloodshot.

No one deserved to be treated this way.

What were they even supposed to do now?

Fight these monsters? There were so many of them. What if they lost? This was what awaited them? This would be their fate also?

He shivered. He wanted to fight and kill them badly. He wanted to shred and rip their limbs apart as well.

But how could they fight so many of them? His body was trembling. Could they afford to take their chances? 

No, they needed to run. They can may be… may be come back later… when they are stronger… but they needed to get the hell out of here right now, go back to their truck and get out of the city, fast and far away from this monstrosity. 

His hand was clutching the dagger so tightly that the blade was cutting through and blood was seeping.