Reincarnated as a Dog with System

After an unfair life and death, Qin Hua was miraculously gifted with a second chance. But she was a dog now? And the world suddenly changed? Terrifying beasts roamed the streets instead of cars and trucks. Plants turned deadly. Rifts to other realms opened in random street corners and more importantly, humans gained unimaginable abilities! Earth entered a new beginning where mana was abundant and one's monetary wealth no longer determined their fate! With the strong surviving and the weak perishing, will Qin Hua kill or be killed in this new world? This is a story of the earth's spiritual awakening and a dog's rise to power!

Yolohy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
219 Chs

Second Evolution Part1

Qin Hua bolted towards the tall building as soon as she could move and directly jumped into the fray in the midst of the chaotic goblin army. Her rough landing knocked out dozens of goblins like bowling pins.

She did not hesitate, she did not think. Only one goal was in her mind and that was slaughtering the disgusting creatures surrounding her. 

She sunk her canines into one of the goblins, throwing it towards the several dozen coming towards her. Blood sprayed everywhere and the goblins screeched louder.

She positioned herself near the ground floor entrance of the building, instantly grabbing the attention of half of the goblins. However, unlike the team standing on the terrace, she didn't have others to block and share the load.

Six to eight goblins lunged at her from the front and the back at the same time. Even some of them who had already started climbing up, jumped back to the ground floor to pile up on the big black dog.