Reincarnated as a Dog with System

After an unfair life and death, Qin Hua was miraculously gifted with a second chance. But she was a dog now? And the world suddenly changed? Terrifying beasts roamed the streets instead of cars and trucks. Plants turned deadly. Rifts to other realms opened in random street corners and more importantly, humans gained unimaginable abilities! Earth entered a new beginning where mana was abundant and one's monetary wealth no longer determined their fate! With the strong surviving and the weak perishing, will Qin Hua kill or be killed in this new world? This is a story of the earth's spiritual awakening and a dog's rise to power!

Yolohy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
219 Chs

Mysterious new skill Part1

"It does look like that. We are expending a lot more energy than usual. So we also need to consume more."

Lu Chen thought for a moment and then looked at Alex and Xu Meilin. "How much of the boa meat is still left?"

"About 2 boas are left. The meat should be enough for at least 6 more meals?" Alex approximately estimated.

Earlier when they were allotting food for dinner, they used a lot of the normal food times like rice and frozen meat and less of the mutated beast meat as the latter was obviously in short supply.

Considering this, Lu Chen couldn't help but think of a scary possibility. What if consumption of normal nourishment was no longer enough?

Perhaps they could prevent starvation and becoming extremely weak and malnourished by still continuing to consume normal items such as rice, grains, unmutated vegetables and meat, but to function actively and fight with energy, were these alone enough?