95 Absolute Domination


A loud deafening bolt of lightning and thunder descended down on the building's terrace and half of the building cracked in that single hit.

Everyone screamed in shock and fear. They were already on their last breath and shivered at the thought of what was about to come next.

However, after that flash of lightning disappeared and the entirety of the building was crumbling like it was made out of cards, a big black dog's silhouette was visible.

A powerful aura seeped out of the beast and its lonesome self looked elegant even amidst the chaos.

Qin Hua summoned out her clone and howled loudly. [Everyone! Climb on top of me RIGHT NOW!!!]

Woof! Woof! Woof!

She used her clone's paw to sweep up Su Yan's body in one single swift motion and threw him on her back. The clone then tossed Lu Chen as well on her back.

The others now understood what she was trying to do and quickly climbed atop her and her clone.


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