20 Demonic Dragon's Blessing Level 2, Black Gold Behemoth

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The Golden Behemoth's tone turned serious when it saw the creatures in front of it.

Because of the large number of hellhounds that appeared in the last wave of the Blood Trial, Cerberus was attracted by the death of the hellhounds and their blood.

Unlike the Golden Behemoth, Xu Yuan was very interested in Cerberus. He was thinking about what kind of reward he would get if he killed it.

Just as he was about to make a move, a message flashed.

[Congratulations Overlord Su Wan for completing the Blood Trial. All the rewards obtained will increase by x3]

Xu Yuan was Su Wan's initial hero so he could see the message. His experience also tripled.

"Lord Luphus, what are you doing?" asked the Golden Behemoth.

Under the Golden behemoth's surprised gaze, a black flame appeared on Xu Yuan's head and a pair of dragon horns grew.

At the same time, a crack appeared on Xu Yuan's chest. It slowly widened into a purple-black eyeball.

The Golden behemoth knelt in ear. "Lord Luphus, you are getting stronger.!"

Xu Yuan didn't say anything. He felt powerful.

[Name: Xu Yuan]

[Demonic Dragon's true name: Luphus Olga]

[Race: Dark Demon Dragon]

[Level: 20]

[Strength: 960]

[Spirit: 958]

[Agility: 957]

[Constitution: 960]



[Night Shift LVL1]

[Dragon God's slumber LVL1]

[Lord of Darkness]

[Demonic Dragon's Blessing]


[True Eye of The Magic Dragon: The True Eye of The Magic Dragon can see through all illusions. It can trace back time and see what happened 24 hours ago.]

[Dark Duel Domain: Drag the enemy into the duel domain and engage in a fair one-on-one duel. There is no interference from the outside world during this period. The winner will devour the soul of the loser and absorb the power.]

Xu Yuan was in a very good mood looking at the new abilities he had obtained. He wagged his tail.

The True Eye of The Demon Dragon ability was from the Demon Eye on his chest.

The Demon Dragon's True Eye, which was derived from this Demon Eye, could see through all illusions and see the essence of things.

Moreover, this ability had another very powerful use. It could peer into the river of time and see everything that had happened 24 hours ago!

"Is it the Dark Duel Domain ability that is making me want to fight?"

The Dark Duel Domain ability was derived from the Dragon's Horns.

A ball of darkness is shot out from the horns. Any living being hit by the ball of darkness would be dragged to the Dark Duel Domain, a space which was isolated from the world. The domain would only be dispelled when one of the parties in the domain died.

'I just don't know if the winner can absorb all of the loser's power or only a portion of it,' thought Xu Yuan. If he defeated a creature with a 100 strength in the Dark Duel Domain, would he absorb 100 points for his strength or only some portion?

Xu Yuan was immersed in his new ability.

The Golden Behemoth's voice trembled. "Lord Luphus, it might not turn out well if we don't fight."

 Xu Yuan raised her head in dissatisfaction. Three ferocious heads looked down from above. He had been discovered!

The Golden behemoth stared at Xu Yuan expectantly. If they didn't fight now, they might die here.

"Arega, go! Kill it," Xu Yuan ordered.

The Golden Behemoth was perplexed. How could he fight against Cerberus? However, he did not dare disobey Xu Yuan.


The Golden Behemoth roared and dazzling golden light erupted.

The Golden behemoth charged at Cerberus, but before it could even touch it, it was swatted away by Cerberus's paw like a mosquito.

"Lord Luphus!"

The Golden Behemoth sprawled on the ground. He tried his best to stand up. He looked pitiful. The difference between their strength was too great.

Xu Yuan stood there calmly, his tail wagged, and the blue flame danced in the air.

Xu Yuan had been so lazy every day. Now that there was a problem, Xu Yuan's first thought was to let it be. He didn't want to use his hands to fight.

But with such a huge gap in strength, Demon Dragon's Blessing in Level 1 was not enough to strengthen the Golden Behemoth.

Therefore, now that he had leveled up to Level 20 and obtained skill enhancement points, he chose to enhance the Demon Dragon's Blessing ability.

[Demon Dragon's Blessing has been upgraded to LVL 2]

In an instant, the blue flame on Xu Yuan's tail turned black.

A black flame flew towards the Golden Behemoth. The Golden Behemoth instantly burst into flames.

The Golden Behemoth felt endless power and strength flow through his body. He could even tear space apart with a single swipe if he wanted to.

Gradually, the Golden Behemoth's golden fur changed color and was dyed black in the pitch-black flames. The dazzling golden light radiating from his body turned black gold in color.

Black Gold Behemoth roared. He flew at an impossible speed.


Cerberus's defense was broken, and one of its arms was scratched by the Black Gold Behemoth!

The three-headed hellhound roared in fury.

Although the Golden Behemoth was relatively large, with the mutation it had turned into a giant.

However, the Black Gold Behemoth was like an ant in front of a mountain-like Cerberus.

The three-headed hellhound attacked. Hellfire shot out from one of its three heads.

"Hellfire?" Black Gold Behemoth was stunned. If he got hit by the hellfire, his soul would suffer. It would be torture. It was better to be dead.

There was a whooshing sound. The Dragon wings flapped, and the hellfire was instantly blown away towards Cerberus!

Xu Ya had been observing the fight Even with LVL 2 Demon Dragon's Blessing, Black Gold Behemoth was no match for Cerberus. He decided to fight it himself.

Xu Yuan used his Demon Dragon's Wings. He seemed to veer through time and appear near Cerberus. He used Demonic Dragon's Breath.

The hellfire that Cerberus spat was dark green, while Xu Yuan's Demonic Dragon's Breath was pitch black. The green flames clashed with the black flames.

The two terrifying powers clashed together, and the resulting shockwave spread throughout the area.

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