1 The announcement

The ominous feeling the girl felt that night was off the chart, her home, her family and everyone was In danger.

Julia did not know what to do, she was so confused that if she had screamed the entire mountain would have fallen apart when she found out that her fiancee was a bastard.

Twenty hours earlier in the mystic mountain, Julia woke up to a bright sunny morning with her family and it was the day of her engagement party.

Julia was the eldest daughter of Chieftain Lusk and his wife Varia. She had another sister by the name of Mish but she died when she was born for her mother's umbilical cord had wrapped her and due to that she died at birth and the girl became the only child, Mish was named after the rear blossom in the mountains that bloomed during winter.

Julia and her family were very happy even though the girl's marriage was arranged but little did they know the guy was no good, he was an enemy and only came into the clan to obtain the orb, which was pure destruction.

It was handed down from father to child for centuries in the clan and everyone feared the power.

Julia got out of her bed that morning and freshened up then went to the stream to check on her father who was already out practicing with some of the warriors.

"Good morning papa" she said,

'Good morning Julia, came to join us?" her father asked,

"Not today, I will just look from afar" she responded then he laughed,

"Okay" he said as she sat down on a rock.

"Too bad you will be getting married they are so many handsome hunks here," her friend Naila said as she sat beside her,

'Naila since you find them so attractive then make a choice already" she replied and the girls laughed,

"Seriously Julia you are young you have a right to choose, not that the guy is any less handsome than these he is even more handsome, very charming but still," she said,

"Naila as my father's daughter and a guardian of the orb, it is my duty" she replied then the girl sighed.

"Fine I get it," she said as she gave the girl an apple and she collected it.

"Uh... Julia, is the orb cursed as they all say?" she asked,

"Well, Naila the orb is very mysterious, it had both dark and light powers, they say whoever obtains the power the one that the orb choose I think will become the most powerful being, will become someone with the powers of the gods" she responded,

"I see well come on, it's time for you to get up, and let's go, your fiancee is already here," Naila said as she grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her.

Some people say once you die there is no returning but in this world of magic that is not true.

The gods and mages had sacred objects in which contained great powers, some had the power of life, creation, and the worse of them all destruction while some held all of the powers you could possibly think about.

Julia was a normal human but had the figure of a goddess, her skin was white like milk and glowed like the moon at times, she had long blonde hair, pink lips, green eyes, her body was the shape of an hourglass and had huge boobs. She was the image of perfection.

Even her fiancee was smitten but he had ulterior motives and wished to destroy her if she didn't give him what she wanted.

After an entire day of preparation, night fell and the full moon came out in which they were having their party under.

Everything was perfect, her friends were dancing by the huge bonfire as the musicians played their song.

That night the girl wore a long flair bottom white and silver dress that looked great on her.

"You look pretty Julia" her fiancee Evan said and she smiled,

"Thank Evan" she replied.

Evan was a young man who moved into their clan a few years back, her father admired him because he was hard working and would make a perfect leader for the clan and everyone agreed with him.

He was tall, had black hair, blue eyes, a fine chin, a long pointed nose and he was lean.

A lot of girls like him but all she could see was a friend, she knew that she would never be able to see him in a romantic way.

"Well it's time, to make it official and put on your engagement rings" her mother said as she placed her arms around her daughter.

"The people of the mystic clan tonight we are here to witness the engagement of my daughter Julia and the most hardworking young man that I have ever seen Evan and soon to be chief," he said then the girl gasped,

'Mom what is dad talking about?" she asked,

'Shush and listen, whatever decisions he is making for you is the best" she responded then the girl frowned as her cousin Dorious came with the rings.

"Here Julia," he said as he gave her the ring to place on Evan and she collected it then Evan grabbed his.

"I promise that I will always protect you," Evan said and the girl smiled nervously as he held her hand and placed the ring on her finger then she sighed and placed the ring on his finger too and the people cheered as she looked at them and put on a fake smile.

"Congratulation," Dorious said,

'Thank you" she replied then went to her father who was talking to the guests.

"Father," she said,

"Ah... the future bride to be, congratulations" he replied,

'Thank you, can I talk to you alone for a moment please?" she asked,

"Sure" he responded then both of them went to their house.

The clan was huge and because of that, it was an entire city of civilized people and warriors.

"Father why would you make him the chief?" she asked,

'You are my eldest child sweetheart and I think it is time that I step down" he responded,

'Father I understand what you are saying but I think things are moving a little too fast" she said.

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