7 Are These Two Old Perverts?

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The stars gathered and the galaxy hung in the sky. Under the night sky, the lights in the Lin family were bright and filled with laughter. The news of Lin Xuan's birth had already spread throughout the entire family.

Everyone in the Lin family already knew what had happened today. Be it the purple qi or the Dao sound in the crying, the cause was really Lin Hao's son, Lin Xuan!

Apart from shock, the Lin family was also excited and happy!

After all, ever since Lin Hao, there had been no geniuses in the Lin family for more than a hundred years. This was fatal to a large family clan. There would be many problems in an era where there was no potential.

Now that Lin Xuan had appeared, it greatly reduced this possibility, let alone such a peerless genius!


Under the night sky, the vicinity of the Lin family's Lin Hao's mansion was filled with people from the Lin family. All of them were here to congratulate him.

"Haha! Congratulations, Lin Hao. You've given birth to a good son! This thousand-year-old Nine-Petal Orchid can be considered a token of my appreciation!"

"Haha! Lin Hao! This time, when your son was born, I also benefited from it. I broke through two levels in a day. You have to accept this 3,000-year-old Dragon Spirit Grass no matter what!"

"This Spirit Transformation Fruit is only 6,000 years old. It's nothing. I broke through to the next realm after listening to the Dao sound today and owe your son a big favor. When that old tree in the Eastern Sea matures, I'll pluck a 10,000-year-old Spirit Transformation Fruit no matter what!"

In the hall, Lin Hao looked at the three golden fruits in the old antique's box. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and smiled bitterly. He refused, "This… Ancestor Lin Bao, this is too expensive. I can't accept it."

This old man was one of the old antiques who had come out of seclusion today. These Spirit Transformation Fruits were good things that Lin Hao had never seen before. If each of them were placed outside, it would be enough to make anyone fight to the death. They could be sold for a sky-high price of 10,000 spirit stones.

Upon hearing this, the old antique immediately rolled his eyes, "This is for my family's Saint Child, not you. Why are you so agitated?"

After saying this, the old antique seemed to feel that it was inappropriate. He took out one precious medicinal herb after another from his sleeve and threw them all to Lin Hao.

"Accept it, accept it all. With the birth of the Saint Child, we old things have all benefited from it. If we don't express our gratitude, won't it be embarrassing?"

Looking at these resplendent treasures, Lin Hao could not help but smile bitterly. He could only thank them and accept them.


The outside of the house was crowded, and there were also many people wandering around. Lin Xuan knew everything that happened outside clearly.

The current Lin Xuan had already woken up from his half-asleep state. He was curled up in his swaddling clothes, his eyes closed as he quietly breathed.

After listening for a while, Lin Xuan roughly understood many things.

This world seemed to be a place called the Profound Sky Continent.

The cultivation path on this continent had nine realms. The first three were Body Refinement, Qi Refinement, and Foundation Establishment. The middle three were Circulation Sea, Purple Prefecture, and Golden Core. The last three were Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, and Tribulation Transcendence.

Lin Xuan did not know the realms above these nine for now, but within each of these nine realms, it was divided into ten levels.

The Profound Sky Continent was boundless. No one knew how big this continent was. The known places were divided into seven major counties. The area of each county was incomparably vast.

The Lin family was in a place called Qi Mountain County in the east of the Profound Sky Continent. They were one of the strongest families in the county. This background was not bad. At the very least, he should have had a safe childhood.

Lin Xuan listened to the discussions of the surrounding people and silently calculated. However, soon, he sighed.

In fact, according to Lin Xuan's original plan, he should continue to develop and not be reckless. He should wait until his strength was higher before revealing himself.

However, from the looks of it, there was no hope for this now.

Just as Lin Xuan was thinking about this, a few shadows suddenly enveloped him.

Lin Xuan's current condition was very strange. Although his eyes were closed and he did not move, he seemed to be able to easily "see" everything around him.

In the words of this world, it should be that he had activated his spiritual sense or in other words, the "Heavenly Eye", right?

As Lin Xuan thought this, he 'looked' at the shadows. They were two old men with bulging muscles and a majestic aura. Their bodies were well-built and they were at least two meters away. When they stood there, they looked like two huge mountains. Their sideburns had already turned white, and their appearance was a little similar to Lin Hao.

Seeing the two of them walk over, Lin Hao smiled and went up to them. "First Uncle, Second Uncle."

When the slightly younger old man saw Lin Hao, he laughed loudly and went up to pat Lin Hao's shoulder. He laughed heartily and said, "Haha, Lin Hao, you kid. I really didn't expect you to have such a good son! This is the Thousand-Year Coral Stem in the Eastern Sea. It's best used for nourishment. Let my niece-in-law consume it to nourish her body!"

"Thank you, Second Uncle." Lin Hao rubbed his shoulder and received it with a bitter smile.

The older elder handed over a box. He coughed and was a little embarrassed, "I shouldn't have said those words back then. I shouldn't have… Forget it, there's no use in saying that now. You have to accept this ten-thousand-year-old Flood Dragon Lightning Core no matter what! Looking at the situation now, it's fortunate that you persevered!"

Halfway through his sentence, the old man could not continue. Instead, he hammered Lin Hao's chest until the latter coughed.

"Lin Hao! Your body is still a little weak! Hahaha! To think that you produced my family's Saint Child! Quick, let me see Xuan'er!"

Lin Hao rubbed his chest helplessly. He looked at his wife, Xuan Yu, and smiled casually, "Uncle, you're so strong. You have to be gentler."

"What are you saying! This is the future hope of our Lin family!"

The two elders rubbed their hands in excitement and carefully received the swaddling cloth.

The hands of the burly old men were almost larger than swaddling clothes. Just here, there was an extreme sense of oppression. However, now, their movements were as gentle as young wives. They held the swaddling clothes and did not dare to move much.

"Good, good. This is Third Brother's grandson. Unfortunately, Third Brother is outside and can't see him. When he comes back, tell him that I hugged his grandson first. Hahaha!" The old man laughed loudly.

The old man carried Lin Xuan and stood there like a mountain. The difference between the small swaddling clothes and the old man was too great. However, feeling the old man's warm gaze, Lin Xuan's heart actually felt a little warm, but this warmth did not last long.

"Hahaha, this is my Lin family's Saint Child!"

"Good, good!"

"Look at his small nose and small eyes. As expected of our Lin family!"

"Come, let me see how big this little guy is!"

After saying that, the old man stretched out his hand and carefully began to search in the swaddling clothes.

Lin Xuan was speechless. These two old fellows were probably old perverts, right?

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