Reincarnated and Regressed Villain - Make heroines beg for forgiveness

Author: A4KL
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What is Reincarnated and Regressed Villain - Make heroines beg for forgiveness

Read ‘Reincarnated and Regressed Villain - Make heroines beg for forgiveness’ Online for Free, written by the author A4KL, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: There isn't any R-18 chapters till now in this book (221 chaps), Story is pure regret making based and world building bu...


There isn't any R-18 chapters till now in this book (221 chaps), Story is pure regret making based and world building but soon harem will be introduced too.. "So, Diana, what's your excuse for betraying me?" His amber glinted eyes bore into the woman with bloodied, broken blue hair, kneeling in complete disarray. "... you're evil." "Oh, so, looking out for all of you makes me evil?" The man narrowed his eyes, contemplating the echoes of protagonist halos and heroines' mentality, starkly real now. Coming from a world far removed from such grim reality, he had read about these personalities in novels, but experiencing their shortcomings firsthand was a different story. "How am I evil?" He looked down at his foot where a young man, limbless and crushed, lay in a state of complete brokenness, mustering the little strength he had left to utter some words. "... y.. you ba..stard, You killed millions." Hearing these words, the man's internal amusement grew at the absurdity of these hypocritical people. He had eradicated all the evil organizations within the Empire after ascending to his throne. Wars were waged to crush rebellious kingdoms that stood against his Empire, uniting the entire Heidal Continent under one flag—the Selvius Empire. He shifted his gaze towards another woman with pink hair, her body completely broken, supported by a rock to maintain a semblance of balance amidst the devastation. "Hmm, so what about you, Karina? Wasn't your family about to be executed by the Aidiac Royal family? Is it wrong for me to have intervened?" "You killed them without mercy, and although you saved my family, it was not worth it." "I just saved—" "It's bullshit. You could have solved everything peacefully without drawing so much blood." Hearing all this, the man began to understand why those novels depicted these people as hypocritical and low in intelligence. If he hadn't saved them, they would have suffered the most gruesome fate. Yet, despite being saved, these ungrateful individuals chose to blame him. The bitter irony of their ingratitude gnawed at him, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. "Guess you all have the same reasons." The man looked towards the seven people, their disdainful gazes directed at him. He had only aimed to change their fates, to rescue some from slavery, others from crippling circumstances, and a few from inevitable betrayal. Yet, they all blamed him for saving them, unable to comprehend that he had severed the root causes that would have subjected them to excruciating suffering. "Hahaha." "Indeed, now I see." He now understood what those novels had tried to convey—'these idiots think this whole world works like they think it would.' 'System......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Discord for Faster Update notification:: https://discord.gg/QZnWtQARft Additional Tags :- Smart MC, Harem, Time Travel, Yandere, Tsundere, Ruthless, Manipulative, Cunning, Regret, Reincarnation, Transmigration, System, No-forgiveness, Betrayal, elves, werewolves, vampires, dwarves, demons. **NO YURI, NO INCEST, NO NTR and Anything That Readers Hate, Me myself being a Reader, will never provide content that will destroy reader's mood. **MC is not Weak and Simp, his mentality maybe, to have soft corner for people in need but by no means he is blind, Don't take his Silence as his weakness. **About My Writing style - I love to keep Readers on edge, Don't believe what your eyes read as maybe they are some illusions, Coming to conclusions about plots will be your biggest mistake. Lastly, Don't Ask Questions in Review, it is for your true opinion about Novel, Go through novel once and leave a review, if you like it. ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE ~ you can expect some errors Villain https://discord.gg/QZnWtQARft

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Rise from Shadows: Unknown mysteries revealing themselves
Volume 2 :Ryuk's Arc: Battle Against Systems

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Giving 5-Star myself cause it's deserves, don't believe me then read first chapter. The story is about a normal man from today's society, particularly a peaceful one not yours type where guns speak first, hahaha, So, he lived first life in hope to help others and fulfill his duty as a king, as a human being and as a person who have sympathy for others but in the end what he got was nothing but betrayal, He never believed in Protagonist halo but after seeing how others betrayed him,he snapped, Now he will not stop at anything until become a Supreme Villain.


Although it’s a emotional roller coaster, sometimes I’m frustrated other times sad or angry. It’s a really good book, the author’s ability to drag you into the story is phenomenal.


Till chapter 23, mc has embraced his villain path and hasn't forgive any of the heroines. There is some mystery with few of the heroines and mc got his thick plot armor as well but overall a great novel. As a pro Kr and Cn regret misunderstanding harem novel reader. this would be classified as pretty high tier in that regard just because mc aint bishing out on making the heroines life as miserable as possible for his sadism. I personally dont think mc in this life will kill the heroines but just push them to suicide or something, or maybe just torment them enough and later on have them join the harem as secondary wives. Mc is pretty strong but has next to no information about the top dogs of the world even though in previous life he killed millions after millions and became a tyrant and still dont know anything worthwhile about the so called top families in other continent. I will personally stop here just to see how it ends before i continue, i have been burned by way too many regret novels and their trashy heroic mc ends :< Anyway if you are fine with mystery of the plot and things being explained slowly, you can try this novel.


Very good novel. Really enjoying it. 💕 Unlike author's another novel (fat villain) where the starting was a bit too fast paced, the pacing in this one is just right.Pretty much all characters have a backstory which is really good. But apparently most of the heroines seem to have been rendered brainless by the protagonist halo, which is bland in my opinion. You can craft unique motivations of each heroine behind their betrayal to the mc and the reason they support the protagonist.Also coming to the part about not forgiving them, I would prefer they come under mc after suffering enough. Because they are beauties, why waste them, they should be used for bed warming. But please don't ever let them rejoin the protagonist, that would feel like ntr.Last but not least please don't drop and release more chapters 🙏


I will this I like it and it is juicy story of revenge,pain, suffering . in a metaphorical sense am addicted to this , I like it and highly recommend it


Okay I wasn't expecting it to be good but this is one of the gems


It has been a good novel it has a good revenge baackground but it would be great if it was no-harem with a single female lead and the female lead that is Adanyl with some contents with romance


I FREAKING love this book! The MC is the full embodiment of "F**k these bishes" He was betrayed and unlike most "reincarneted villians" he didn't just let them suffer a little and then take them back or Manipulates them into being his Slaves. He straight-up destroys the ones who hurt him not only physically but mentally as well and makes those hypocritical bishes pay. It is quite refreshing and makes my day!




This novel is very good even better than the second novel of the author but it needs more chapters to attract larger audience so please release more chapters daily and weekly. Overall the novel is one of the best available novels.


your story is Great, though there are a few things that confused me it's still a great story, keep it up.


great novel! i definitely would continue reading it if only the cost for each chapter weren't that expensive. forgive me author


ok so updated review. Just wow.......................................................................................................................


Finally, my bro updated his novel. This novel is great. You will enjoy it because I did. Give it a try.


Reveal spoiler


I ll start reading it after it crosses 300 chapters so keep going author


Eu estou ansioso esperando novos capítulos, eu não sei se acúmulo muitos capítulos para ler mais tarde, pq eu leio tudo muita rápido e fico triste quando acaba.[img=recommend][img=exp][img=exp]


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I love the book and its premise i hope they suffer more....


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