34 Please Have Self-Respect

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"Yu Su, can you stop fooling around?"

Ye Chang was filled with fatigue. He really did not know what Yu Su was up to for so many days. She pretended to be unfamiliar with him and was even so close to Xiao Han today.

"Big Brother, you should know that you're the one who's being unreasonable by blocking my way."

Perhaps it was because she had been criticized like this too many times in her previous life that Yu Su hated the words "stop fooling around" the most. Therefore, when Ye Chang spoke, she was originally just annoyed, but now, she was a little angry.

"Move aside," Yu Su said coldly.

"Yu Su, there are too many misunderstandings between us. You keep refusing to communicate with me. This is not conducive to the resolution of the problem." Ye Chang softened his tone, but he still had no intention of moving aside.

He felt that the current Yu Su was just acting like how young girls would. She wanted him to coax her humbly.

He was not against it and was willing to lower his head. He believed that as long as he said a few good words, Yu Su would take the initiative to take back the words about breaking up with him.

"Didn't I make myself clear enough in the message? We have nothing to do with each other now. Please have some self-respect!" Yu Su's answer was clearly beyond Ye Chang's expectations.

He, who had always been held up high by his fans and worshiped like a god, was instantly angry. However, his rationality told him that he had to endure it.

"How could it be explained clearly in the text message? You've never listened to my explanation at all." Saying that, he grabbed Yu Su's wrist and refused to let go no matter how much she struggled.

Yu Su was speechless. She resisted the urge to hit him and said word by word, "I don't need an explanation. Regardless of whether you explain it or not, my answer won't change. Breaking up is the only ending."

She deliberately lowered her voice when she said the last sentence. There was no need for others to know at the moment.

"You're eating from the bowl and looking at the pot. Do you want to sit back and enjoy the happiness of everyone? Where did you get such a big face from?" Yu Su originally wanted to mock him, but she did not expect Ye Chang to think that she had acted in this way because she still liked him.

"Don't be angry. I've always treated Yu Su as my sister. That's all," Ye Chang said.

Yu Su sighed deeply. She really could not reason with this person. Just as she was about to hit him and return to her room to sleep, she realized that the wrist of the hand that Ye Chang was holding her was grabbed by a large hand. Immediately after, Ye Chang let go of her hand in pain.

Yu Su rubbed her wrist with her other hand and looked up. She saw that Xiao Han had already arrived beside her at some point in time. Under the moonlight, his expression was not too good.

"Does your fan know that Best Actor Ye is harassing a female guest here in the middle of the night?" As soon as Xiao Han spoke, Yu Su couldn't help but give him a thumbs up.

"Xiao Han, this matter has nothing to do with you!" When Ye Chang saw Xiao Han's face, he was infuriated. His voice could not help but become much colder.

"Yu Su is my friend. I'm protecting my friend from perverts. How is it none of my business?" In terms of words, no one could compare to Xiao Han.

"Xiao Han, you! Do you believe that I'll sue you for slander?!" Ye Chang wanted to say that Yu Su was his girlfriend, but he endured it. He had too many concerns. Now, he couldn't risk his relationship being exposed.

"No wonder you want to be a pervert harassing a female guest. You really don't know anything about the law. Investigate carefully and discuss what constitutes defamation with me."

Xiao Han's tone was still calm, and there was even a hint of a smile.

"Yu Su, it's getting late. Didn't you say that you would wake up early tomorrow? Hurry up and rest. No matter what, Best Actor Ye is a celebrity in the industry. Let's not lower ourselves to his level. There's no need to alarm the police in the middle of the night."

Yu Su really couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was really either he didn't speak or he could anger someone to death.

"Mm, you should rest early too. Good night." After saying that, she walked past Ye Chang and returned to her room.

Ye Chang wanted to stop her, but Xiao Han stepped in between the two of them and blocked him.

After Yu Su returned to her room, Xiao Han glanced at Ye Chang disdainfully before turning around and returning to his own room, ignoring Ye Chang's expression.

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