Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Yu Su is making a comeback with her system! Yu Su didn't grow up with her family. At age four, her older brother lost her while they were out and about. Her family adopted a girl close to her age and even gave her Yu Su's name. Many years later, Yu Su's family found her. However, nobody in the family treated her better because they felt guilty. On the contrary, they pampered the adopted child even more. If Yu Su and her adopted sister ever set their sights on something at the same time, their family would let her sister have it. Yu Su relied on her own hard work to succeed in showbiz. Not only did her family not show her any support, they even tried to interfere with his career. They claimed to want to look after her, but they gave all their resources to her adopted sister. In her previous life, Yu Su craved familial love and tolerated endless bullying from her family. However, in the end, when she and her adopted sister were kidnapped, everyone, including her family and the boyfriend she grew up with, chose to rescue her adopted sister first. In the end, Yu Su was killed by her kidnappers. After reincarnating, Yu Su decided to cut off all ties with her family. To survive, she ventured into showbiz! Later... Was her eldest brother a dominant CEO in showbiz? In the blink of an eye, Yu Su's studio became the top-performing company in the industry! Was her second brother a successful manager? Yu Su became the ace of all managers in showbiz! Was her third brother a famous and talented singer? Yu Su went viral with a single song! Was her fourth brother a genius director? Yu Su's film sold so well that even he became envious! After seeing Yu Su's success, her biological parents and brothers regretted their actions. They begged her for forgiveness. "I refuse!" Yu Su exclaimed.

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Food Poisoning

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Yu Su had gone to bed early today, but the sound of vomiting in the courtyard woke her up in the middle of the night.

When she went out, she realized that Yu Ruo was hugging the trash can and sitting on a stone bench in the courtyard, vomiting violently. After a few seconds of vomiting, he started retching again.

Yu Su watched quietly as Yu Ruo vomited repeatedly. In the end, she really felt that it was too noisy and walked over. She reached out and placed her hand on Yu Ruo's right hand to feel his pulse.

"You ate something you shouldn't have. There's some slight food poisoning." Yu Su's voice was very soft.

The sudden sound and the touch on his wrist shocked Yu Ruo, who was focused on vomiting.

If it were any other time, Yu Ruo would definitely scold her loudly. But now, for some reason, looking at Yu Su's good-looking but expressionless face, Yu Ruo actually could not say anything to scold her.