Reiki Recovery : I am The Destiny Villain

[This Novel is dropped.] Liam was reincarnated into a world, where 100 year's ago reiki recovery was started. Here strong can do anything, rules are only for weak. At the beginning with him was a system, and he choose to be a villain at the beginning. Even though he could be a protagonist and even could live his life as a ordinary person. Why did he still choose villain at the beginning. Is it really his an simple choice or was there a fate in the dark??? But when he knows the cause of his reincarnation and recovered some of his memories. He looked at the sky as if his eyes could see an certain universe. He laughed while his purple eyes flashed with a red colour and said "Even though I was failed but this demon is still alive hahaha." ******* THIS NOVEL IS SLICE OF LIFE FIRST. AFTER THAT THIS CAN BE CALLED A VILLAIN TYPE NOVEL. IN MY NOVEL MAIN CHARACTER WILL BECAME CRUEL BUT THAT IS FROM SECOND VOLUME. **THIS NOVEL CONTAINS INCEST.** **NO NTR.** **NO YURI.** *** The book cover isn't mine, if you're the artist behind this masterpiece, and you want me to take it down! I would gladly do it, just inform me in my latest chapters on the comments! Cover illustration credit on Pixiv : unknown *** Discord Server Link :- https://discord.gg/38sHvNaUzr

Parshant_Morwal · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
77 Chs

Characters Sheet...

*** This Novel Main Character.

Liam Ashleigh :- The main character of this novel. He has same face before reincarnated that is handsome and his hair were black and eyes were purple.

*** Liam Harem till now.

Alice Ashleigh :- Alice is Liam twin sister and his wife in the future. She has very beautiful face that is bewitching, and has black hair and purple eye same as Liam. She also has big boobs and hips, slim waist she has beauty mark near her right eye and left chin.

Venessa Ashleigh :- She is an reincarnated fairy and is also Liam women. Her face is like a fairy but it also contains some innocent features. Her eyes is blue like sea and her figure is very hot with big boobs and hips with slim waist.

*** Some important characters.

Jasmine :- She is the protector of Alice. She has cold character and her face was mesmerizing with black hair and eyes, her body looks hot, like a devil.

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