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The published stoey, each chapter shows a great turning point, a lesson. Although it is Non=exclusive but I feel it has the ability to grab up readers. I encourage you to write more.

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I liked your story very much. I read a few chapters and it is awesome. I am really really curious to how this story ends. Keep up the great work. Kudos to the author!!!


When I read the synopsis I thought it was a love-hate relationship like they are rival etc but when I read the first chapter it told me that it was a one-sided love meaning it would. leave to an angst story, would be an emotional journey can't wait.❤️


As a fellow author, I feel this book has alot of potential with each captivating chapters written with beautiful descriptions. Please do update soon. Way to go author-nim


I feel like this book would be a very intense one... I feel like it would be one of those books that would leave your heart clenching and wishing for more..... the author is doing a wonderful job..... keep it up... I will be waiting for more.. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update]


Wow! This is interesting. It seems like this book will have a sad ending. Or so I think. I hope they'll be together at the end. Anyways, you did a great job author. Keep up the good work🥰


A great and interesting story author. And the plot is so catchy and interesting. I love your style of writing. Just read the prolong and I'm so curious to find out more on this three friends


It felt like I was there when it happened and the way the story was being told was like going down memory lane. The story felt real, the emotions of the characters could be transferred to the reader. It's not cliche in any way for me, rather it was like the scene was straight up from reality. You get the bittersweet, the disappointments, and the butterflies. Great job to the author.


I thought tis is one of the typical and cliche love-hate stories, but I thought wrong! Just by reading the first chapter, I could already tell that this story has a great plot!


I'm excited about the plan! I love the flow! I'm looking forward to read more! Highly recommended! Great job! Keep it up. I'm currently reading it. And the more I read, the more I get curious.


Wait wait omg this is turning out to be an angst novel. I'm sold! I love the uniqueness of the plot too, I never really read one that centers around bandmates. You're a very creative writer, keep it up!


author, you nearly made me cry. I like how the plot starts and you could feel the emotions written by you. its amazing. I am looking forward for your story. keep it up ❤


Your writing is flawless author! Well edited chapters made it a smooth read for me and I could picture the scenes in mind effortlessly. Great job you did there. One thing which I felt though, was that the flashbacks started way too early. I meam before I could connect with the character I was being given flashbacks and in one chapter there were two, just one after the other... Apart from that, the characters, the plots, the lyrics are all too good and overall it's a good read. Cheers to you. Higly recommended one...


Yas! Another romance novel to read! This story seems interesting just by reading the sypnosis and it didn't disappoint me when I read the first chapter! I bet this story has a very interesting plot! Gotta read more!


I'm a guy but I am reading this now. Great work! I'm reading every word and the emotions are successfully conveyed by the author to me. Keep it up! Will be reading this book all the way. Please notice this, author hehe


Hi, sangay! This is me! hahaha end up downloading this app to read your book here. awts! kailangan ba english dito? haha My gosh! These chapters you publish here are not published on wattpad. good that I followed you here for me to read these chapters. good job for you, sangay! ang ganda ng story talaga. more chapters pleaaaase 😍😍😍. ang galing mo talaga mag english! we can still feel the pain of Reign. but i think the first or the tagalog version was better. but I'm greatful you have it here. love you, MystWriter1007! -from wattpad


Reveal spoiler


This is a honest review by ssfx3yuchens. Read the first few chapters and am so hooked! The first chapter (prologue?) was so poetic... and I'm glad to say, this story is not the typical hate to love stories that are common in webnovel nowadays but between bandmates! I find it interesting! can't wait for more!


oh my gosh...it grab my attention at the very beginning, the way the emotion is conveyed, it's real each person has possibly gone through it some portions of their lives, if not then someone they knew..good job author I'll keep reading.


This was such an interesting read, really curious how the lives of every character will pan out. Great writing author, can't wait for more chapters to be uploaded.