1 Prologue


You hate me. I know.

You love her. Everybody knows.

You make a perfect couple. That's the obvious.

But I have always liked you. Then I came to like you so much that it hurts cause I know I should not. Then I learn to love you. Until it became even deeper that I started to regret everything that happened which led me closer to you.

Now, I truly regret it as much as I love you.

But Neil.. What should I do? Cause I don't wanna Regret.. No More.


I have always known that Reign likes me. I don't hate her for that.

She's an attractive lady. Her talent suits her well. She could attract people easily. I know she's good, and independent. She's such an impressive lady at young age.

But she's close to almost all of the guys she knows. She doesn't turn them down. She even keeps them company. She's too friendly for me to reciprocate her feelings in a way I know she wants.

And I have Leila. I like her so much that it also hurts. It's not that she can't love me back. I know she loves me. It's just that, when you come to fight for something worth fighting for, the battle's not easy. But I will keep on fighting.

Cause I also don't want to regret.

3rd Person

Reign and Neil are members/ vocalists of a band named Democratic Band. Reign has always been sure that she has feelings for Neil the first time their eyes met. But Neil doesn't want to reciprocate her feelings.

Then, Leila comes along, not just an ordinary person for both of them. Leila is Reign's closest friend since high school. And Neil comes to love her that he could do everything she wants him to do.

Everything for Neil and Leila is close to perfection. Love is in the air, there is no denying.

But one night.. One sinful night will change this set up. And their thought-to-be unrequitted love of Reign for Neil worsens with another factor added to complicate things between them and the people around.

Disbelief. Hatred. Love. Betrayal. Decisions.

All will come along too, without warning. The once solid friendships will be in chaos. Plans will be ruined. The future will no longer one can predict. Nobody will be in control any more.

And to want these dark trying times to end, someone has to let go. Someone has to find its exit from the world they had entered unwillingly.

But who will? And if someone does, then what will happen?

Would there be regrets? Who'd feel it? Who's gonna say, "I'm gonna Regret No More"?

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