Regressing With King's Power

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What is Regressing With King's Power

Read Regressing With King's Power novel written by the author ApexApex on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, reincarnation, system, mystery, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I’ll eat all your skills!”, ‘f*ck this awakening bullshit’, ‘To hell with being a loser.’ Kim Taehyun, whose awakening level remains undetermined, was treated as a loser because he failed to awaken. However, he awakened his ability at the moment of his death when a gate was created which leads to the king. Afterwards, Taehyun, who has returned due to the power of the king, gains a new skill called Predation. Taehyun, a 35-year old male, regresses to when he was 19. [Skill has been developed]. Using this power, I can be placed among the best

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The world becomes a video game. (SFX: Dramatic Music.) You know, the classic cliches: Pretty women, extraordinary skills and a lot of cool stuff, there will even be some wars; but, following the rules of a programmer. What do i mean? [Operation and rules are important.] I do not know what you believe, but, in most novels that I have read, they always start with a system full of details, many functions and buttons to click; but as the story progresses, they are fading, forgotten, and only appear to save the day. what a coincidence! They are more like magical godparents who fulfill wishes. Obviously, the system cannot be the protagonist either, but you have to make them useful. And with respect to the rules of the "game", they must understand that even cheats are within the rules. In games everything must follow the rules, especially if you have the power to turn the world into a "video game", it would be ridiculous to leave those bugs. [The abilities] When I read, in most novels, there are only explosions, and the name of the abilities. What are they? How are they used? Or any other detail, it just doesn't exist. I just need something minimal, to be able to imagine it better. [The logic] From my own personal perspective, no matter how crazy the world you create is, by itself, it is not without logic; but, you should not contradict yourself in later chapters. Or so I want to try. I don't know what reason made you read this far, but thank you. And already in confidence, I must confess, that this is the second synopsis that I write, and it does not seem very synopsis. But I have improved. And the third must be better. * If you are sensitive or easily offended, you had better not read. I am not sure myself that I am going to write. They are warned. Thank you.

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nice story and story development till now


Its a fine story, this translation is just offensively bad. Don’t waste your time.


is this active webnovel? how many chapters a week? pls reply. thanks


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