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A week has passed since the instructors and my brothers had their mock fight. During this week, I mostly divided my daily time into 3 activities. 

1. Collecting knowledge about this world from the library. This world is complicated as heck. Before this, I needed everything I could to concentrate on my mana potential. It was honestly a pain but still I am happy I reached my goal only in 3 years. Now that I have time and skill, I can look into this world in more depth than I did before.

2. Going out to see the Town or roughly half a city to understand the local behaviour of people and get some common knowledge. This was to get some knowledge outside of the books. This Town being a port town made things so much easier to understand various species and the way they live. Observing them made it easier for me to get an idea of how to interact with them in case I will ever need it.

3. Observing my brothers' instructors while they study and assess their growth. Since I am going to have them around me from now on, watching their growth and enhancing their growth will make the future much easier. At least half the things can be easily done without me needing to interfere. Lowering my workload is always a good goal to have.

In short, we live in, Sun Kingdom, one of the three kingdoms of humanity along with the Kingdom of Magic;Skapia and the Kingdom of Knights;Kostan.

Each kingdom has a speciality-

1 Skapia- 1Wizard King/Queen and 7 royal wizards with lower hierarchy. Magic defines your position in general, there.70% of people are magic users.


2 Kostan- ruled by 7 God'sKnights who take the highest position and rule over 7 divisions of their country. The position is determined by a competition held every 5years in which anyone can participate. Each division specialises in a type of aura.

85% of people are aura users.


3 Sun country a.k.a Sol-Kingdom hierarchy with King Queen and lower hierarchy.The mixed Kingdom of magic and aura users. Noble lineage follows there and King bestows the title. A most divided country with various states covered by various nobles and strong preys on the weak kind of kingdom.

40%Aura users and 35%magic users with 25%unorthodox mana users.


There are various races present in this world: Elves, orcs, demons, devils, etc. Each race has at least 2 Kingdom where they can live freely, while each race has a specialty that separates them from other races. Elves have high mana, Orcs have high physical strength, Demons use something called demon energy, Devils use sacrifices, generally of monsters, to gain their energy, etc. Although there is friction present between the races present in this world, there is one race that is openly against almost all the races, and that race is of the Devils.

One of the interesting thing to note is that some parts of this world still haven't been explored yet. Meaning, there are still unknown present in this world that has the potential to make or break this world. I wonder why they still haven't explored that part yet? Is it something really dangerous? Who knows, I just marked those places to visit, in case I go adventuring in the future.

There are 13 Dungeons present in this world, only 1 conquered by demons. Those dungeons are special places with special rewards. Unfortunately, that's all the information I could collect about Dungeons. .

8:30 AM

I live in the exact east-west corner of Sol kingdom in a town named Eros Town. This city-like town is connected by an ocean on one side, as I have mentioned before. The Ocean, Solaris Ocean, is an important business spot for many, beyond which is the Kingdom of Wind Fairies-Zephyrus. Currently, the Fairies have a neutral stance with us humans, as they rarely allow outsiders to enter their Kingdom. 

Races like mermaids and mermen are common near the shore...you can see a few Elves too and orcs adventure walking around, and a few beastmen too. This town, as I have said before, being a port town, is a pathway to book ships and travel to other places connected by the ocean. This results in various people of various races to cross this town in order to book ships to reach the destination where they want to reach.

Currently, I am walking in the town square market area, where I notice different races smiling and talking with each other. It is quite a refreshing feeling as I observe the lovely atmosphere around me. My eyes then darted to a man chained up by his collar. This reminds me of another important aspect of this world.

Slavery is open to anyone, but kidnapping someone against their will is forbidden and if you got into trouble with some big shot, you are on your own. It wasn't really shocking though, at least given the situation of this world, banning slavery completely will only result in illegal slavery all together. The main reason is quite simple: power is everything in this world. As long as you are more powerful than the other you can't be messed with, creating a leeway is the only way everyone can be happy. Hence, this form of slavery.

The local currency is-

1 platinum coin = 1000gold coins

1gold=100 silver coins

1silver =10 copper coins

1copper =10 iron coins

1 silver is enough for one person to survive for one month



9:00 AM

'My brothers' growth is going well, if I am not wrong, someone must be coming from royal nobles to assess my brothers', I thought

"Robert, how do you become an adventurer?", I asked my servant who always follows me.

"You fight an instructor and he assesses you", replied Robert

"Age limit?"

"No age limit"


"It has been removed last decade because of the upcoming of sir Ralph who defeated a dragon when he was 7years old," Robert continued, "but the enrollment process is very strict with assessing children so except 3 9year old genius talents none else passed within the last decade"

"Oh..okay", I replied and then walked towards our manor.

"Man! I wanna go to adventure as early as possible", I muttered as I walked.


9:15 AM

"Hey, that duo over there!"

I heard a feminine sound as I turned back to see a kid of roughly 12years old looking out of the window of a cart coming in our direction.

"Do you know where the Eros manor is?", she asked.

Wearing a red dress with black eyes and 2 red ponytails, she looked fierce, but her face looked kind yet arrogant and a bit distant, too.

"That direction and left from that big tree. You will reach your destination in 5mins", Robert replied with a slight bow.

"Here, catch", she threw a pouch at me and said, "go fetch yourself something to eat, you look so thin."

And then they left.

'I do look thin a bit even though I eat a lot, but if I increase my metabolism abnormally people will get suspicious so that's a no can do, I guess'

We followed them slowly by walking in the same direction.

9:30 AM

We reached the manor and saw the same cart standing there.

I entered the house and saw a few people standing there, 3 women in their 30s and 2 men in their 40s

with two 8year old girls and the same 12-year-old girl.

She saw me approaching and was going to say something before someone else spoke. "Hey Light, where is Stephan?"

"Welcome back mother, father has a visit to the bank for some inspection, he should be returning anytime soon and my brothers are usually at the training area at this time", I replied while taking a glance at the 12-year-old girl who was a bit shocked.

The woman had black hair with a blue shade at the end. She wore a black dress with a white outline and red shades at the edges. She looked to be in her 20s from a normal perspective and 32 from my perspective.

A genius maniac fire mage. One of the strongest mages of Sol and someone who loves adventuring and doesn't like to stay in one place for long. Someone who massacred thousands of people when she lost her mother in the last war.

Julia Eros,

My mother has come back home.

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