Redoing My Life (Modern Family)

Daniel is stuck in a dead-end job with no direction in life, but he is given a second chance when he wakes up as a kid again. He realizes that there are subtle changes in the world around him, particularly in popular culture like movies, music, and technology. He decides to make use of this opportunity to the fullest The story is set in the modern family world, where the main character has only vague memories of the TV show. If you wish to support me check out my patreon.com/Illusiveone

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Memories of the Future and a Photoshoot

The casting for the Blair Witch Project was finally complete, and shooting was about to begin. I was buzzing with excitement at this.

After all, with the right marketing strategy, this movie had the potential to be a major hit. It was one of the most successful indie movies ever. 

Initially, there had been some resistance from some investors at Stardust Studios about venturing into live-action films. However, Chris managed to sway them by highlighting the minimal financial risk involved due to the project's modest budget.

The fact that I was shouldering almost half of the budget and other expenses meant I was set to gain a major share of the profit.

My ultimate ambition stretched far beyond this project, though. I wanted to acquire the rights to DC Comics characters to launch a DC cinematic universe that could rival Marvel's upcoming one. 

Chris had told me that Jon Favreau was in the early stages of producing an Iron Man movie, It was slated to be released in a few years. The race was on to secure those DC rights, or perhaps even to buy out Nebula Studios entirely. But such grand plans required substantial financial backing.

I pondered various strategies to amass the necessary capital. I could try and befriend a billionaire. It was easier said than done.

Investing in stocks presented another avenue, though my expertise in that area was limited but i did want to buy some in Netflix.

And then there was Bitcoin, the burgeoning digital currency I knew would be significant, but my understanding of its mechanisms was vague at best. Perhaps in a few years, I'd delve deeper into that opportunity.




"Teen Vogue?" I echoed, the incredulity clear in my voice.

"Yes, exactly," Lucy confirmed, her tone suggesting this was the most natural thing in the world.

Shifting uneasily, I struggled to wrap my head around the concept. "But why?" I pressed.

Lucy simply shrugged, her expression one of bemusement. "Why not? You're making it sound like it's out of the ordinary," she pointed out.

"I just thought... it's usually for celebrities, models, or teen idols," I countered, trying to articulate the source of my hesitation.

Lucy leaned forward, her gaze direct. "And what do you think you are, Daniel? With four best-selling novels under your belt, a Golden Globe, and an integral role in one of Hollywood's most promising new studios, you're quickly becoming a household name. You're shaping up to be a significant figure in the entertainment industry," she elaborated, her words striking a chord.

Before I could formulate a response, my mom chimed in, her voice laced with a mix of pride and conviction. "Lucy's right, honey. Besides, you're absolutely handsome enough for any magazine cover. Don't sell yourself short," she encouraged, her smile warm and unwavering.

I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "Thanks, Mom. But you're biased," I teased..

Lucy seized the moment to drive her point home. "Daniel, this isn't just about looks. It's about your achievements, your influence on young readers and aspiring writers, and yes, your role in the broader entertainment landscape. Teen Vogue recognizes that, and so should you," she insisted, her tone both stern and supportive.

"I wasn't going to say no to this" I said 

"Oh I know I already agreed to it" Lucy informed me with a smirk.

"Yeah I know" I replied.




I sat on the couch, staring at my reflection on the glass panel infront of me.

I remembered back to my alcohol-fueled college days I had kinda let myself go then It was a dark period, culminating in me dropping out and spiraling into a cycle of depression and self-neglect.

Eventually, I pulled myself together, but the damage was done. I had already sabotaged my life.

Lately that part of my life was in my mind and the incident that led to all this was bothering me.

My recent experience at the party, where I knowingly drank the spiked drinks even after mentally telling myself to stop, worried me. The sleepless nights that followed were a mix of anxiety and dread.

All of this led me to finally confront why I was acting this way. Something I had been avoiding thinking about.

It all centered on one pivotal event that reshaped my existence and one I was afraid of happening in the future in this alternate world.

The death of my mother.

That day, which is two years in the future, is like a specter that haunts my every step, filling me with indescribable fear.

As I watched Mom and Lucy in the kitchen, the normalcy of the scene clashed with the turmoil within me.

Mom, now happily engaged to Nathan and busy planning their wedding – that very fact should ease some of my fears. I had changed so much that it might never happen.

'Let future Daniel handle it,' I often tell myself, a way to keep the dread at bay and live in the present.

But even as I try to stay grounded in the present, the fear of reliving the loss of my mom remains ever-present, like a specter that won't go away.





It was the day of the photoshoot. I had done the interview with them, and now all that was left was to take the photos.

I found myself standing in a well-lit studio filled with a team of professionals. There were makeup artists, stylists, and photographers. Everyone was moving around, and soon I was whisked away, a group of makeup artists surrounded me.

"I have to take photos with all these outfits?" I asked, looking at them.

"Yes," one of the production assistants answered. "Settle in; it's going to take a while."

"Oh, this is going to be great," Mom said from behind me.

"I am the one who had to sit through all this," I replied.

A smile appeared on Mom's face as we were taken to another room.

I was led to the makeup chair, and a friendly artist greeted me with a smile. "We're going to keep it natural, just enhancing your features," she explained, working her magic with an array of brushes and products.

After they were done I looked at myself in the mirror.

Wow they really did a great job no wonder all the celebrities look so great.

Next came the wardrobe selection. The stylist presented me with several outfits, each one more fashionable than the last. "We want to showcase different sides of you—the writer, the visionary, and the everyday teenager," she said.

"The visionary," what even was that? Are they going to photograph me in a Steve Jobs' turtleneck?

Thankfully it was not that.

The photographer, a woman, guided me through the shoot.

"Just relax, Mr. Adler. I'm trying to tell a story as well through you, so I hope you understand," she said, her camera clicking away as we moved from one setup to another.

With each change of outfit, I found myself slipping into different roles. One moment, I was the serious author, peering thoughtfully into the distance. Next, I was the normal teen, laughing at a joke.

During breaks, I chatted with the crew; some were even fans of the Percy Jackson book and the Toy Story movie.I was as humble and respectful as possible for you know the reputation i did't want to be known as being an asshole behind the scenes like Ellen.

As the shoot wrapped up, I looked at some of the preview shots on the photographer's camera. The images captured me in a way I had never seen before. It was great. It was a whole different perspective.

I felt more confident in my looks after seeing those pictures. 

"Great job today, Daniel. You're a natural," said the photographer.

I left the studio feeling exhausted. As I stepped out into the afternoon light, my phone buzzed with a text from Lucy: "Can't wait to see the photos! I told you you'd do great. 😊"

"Come on, let's get some ice cream," Mom said.

I looked at mom and smiled.

"Best thing I heard all day," I replied as we walked to find cold, refreshing ice cream.