Redoing My Life (Modern Family)

Daniel is stuck in a dead-end job with no direction in life, but he is given a second chance when he wakes up as a kid again. He realizes that there are subtle changes in the world around him, particularly in popular culture like movies, music, and technology. He decides to make use of this opportunity to the fullest The story is set in the modern family world, where the main character has only vague memories of the TV show. If you wish to support me check out my patreon.com/Illusiveone

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Awards and a House Party pt.3

[Commentary with Cam and Mitchell]

"So today, we are going to a party that our friend Mary invited us to," Mitchell said with a bright smile on his face.

"Yep, Mary," Cam chimed in, his excitement evident. "The one with the amazing taste in home decor. We met Mary about a year ago through a mutual friend," he added.

"Cam is very excited since Mary's son is…" Mitchell started to say but was interrupted by Cam.

"...is the very talented Daniel Adler. He even won a Golden Globe a few months ago. Who knows what celebrities will be at that party?" Cam exclaimed, his enthusiasm contagious.

Mitch shook his head. "Well, it's not just about the celebrities, Cam. We are going because our friend Mary invited us," he said, trying to temper Cam's excitement.

"Maybe Tom Hanks will be there…" Cam went on as Mitchell sighed.

[Commentary End]

Mitchell is having breakfast when Cam walks in wearing the outfit he is planning to wear to the party.

"Ta-da! What do you think, Mitchell? Isn't it fabulous?" Cam said proudly showcasing his new outfit.

"Wow," Mitchell said, raising an eyebrow. "Cam, are you planning to attend a Hollywood gala or the housewarming party our friend invited us to?" he added.

"Well, you never know who we might bump into! Her son is a celebrity, Mitchell. There's a chance we could meet someone there."

"I highly doubt we will be rubbing shoulders with Tom Hanks this evening."

"You'll never know, Mitchell. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to practice my singing voice," Cam said as he walked away.

"Wait, singing? Cam, what singing?" Mitchell said as he ran after his partner.




Gloria was in the kitchen making breakfast, Jay sat on the counter engrossed in the day's newspaper when Manny walked in holding a book.

"Hey, kid, what you got there?" Jay asked.

"Oh, just some ideas for a story I've been thinking about. I wanted to share them with Daniel," Manny replied excitedly.

"The writer kid whose party we are going to today?" Jay asked.

"I wanted to ask what he thought of them. He wrote his first book when he was my age."

"And I'm sure he will love it, mi amor," Gloria said as she put a plate of pancakes in front of Manny.

[Commentary with Jay and Gloria]

"I think it's great that Daniel is our new neighbor. He and Manny are alike in many ways," Gloria said, smiling.

"Alike? How?" Jay said skeptically.

"I read an article about Daniel in a magazine! It said he's very creative and smart, and how he wrote a book when he was just 10 years old. I see a lot of that in Manny as well. It's good that Manny knows someone who thinks like him as well," Gloria said in a heavy Colombian accent.

Jay looks ahead. "I don't see it, seems like a stretch."

[End Commentary]




"How do I look? It's fine, right?" Cam asked Mitchell as they were about to enter the house. The party was in full swing as people came from the neighborhood to welcome their new neighbors.

"You look fine," Mitchell said.

"No, no, you were right, Mitchell. I am overdressed," Cam said, looking at other people.

"It's fine, Cam. Let's just go in," he said, looking at the entrance of the house. "I think my dad and Gloria might be here," he added.

"Cam, Mitchell, what a surprise!" Jay said from behind them.

"Dad, hey, I thought you'd be here. Where's Gloria?"

"They are just behind me. So how do you know our new neighbors?" Jay asked as Manny and Gloria joined Jay and greeted them as well.

"Oh, Mary is a friend of ours. It's her house," Cam replied.

"Great. We can all go together," Gloria said as she led them to the entrance.

As they entered the house, they spotted Mary greeting other guests. She spotted them and walked over.

"Heeey, Cam, Mitchell, glad you could make it!" Mary exclaimed, her face lighting up with a bright smile.

"Oh, Mary, this place is fabulous! You did an outstanding job with the furniture," Cam couldn't help but compliment.

"That's a great outfit Cam"Mary said complementing him.

"I know right"Cam said giving a side eyes to Mitchell.

Mitchell Ignored him and looked around and remarked, "This place is huge."

"Oh, it's all thanks to my baby boy," Mary said with a proud gleam in her eyes.She spotted Jay standing behind them.

"Oh, Mr. Pritchett, welcome!" Mary welcomed him warmly.

"Oh, please, call me Jay," he replied with a friendly smile. He gestured towards Gloria and Manny. "Mary, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Gloria, and her son, Manny."

Gloria extended her hand, "Hi, nice to meet you, Mary."

"Nice to meet you too. Wow, that is a lovely dress!" Mary said, reciprocating the gesture.

"Oh, thank you. I just bought it," Gloria responded.

"Nice to meet you too, Miss Adler. Where is your son?" Manny inquired, his eyes scanning the surroundings.

"Manny is a huge fan of your son," Gloria explained.

Mary smiled warmly. "Oh, Danny is by the pool. Go on, he won't bite."

"Please enjoy yourselves. I'll be with you guys in a minute; I see someone coming in," Mary said, gracefully excusing herself. With a warm smile, she walked towards another arriving guest.




"You were right Mitchell there are no celebrities here" Cam said as he looked around the room.

"I told you.Oh Cam have you seen the awards" Mitchell said as he led cam to a cabinet in the living room.

"Oh look at that Mitchell a real golden globe" Cam exclaimed admiring the awards in the cabinet.

"Hey, Cam and Mitchell," a voice said from behind them. It was Daniel.

"Hello, Daniel. Nice to meet you," Mitchell said, extending a friendly greeting.

"Oh, did you forget me? We have met before," Daniel teased.

"Oh, I told you, Mitchell, he would remember us. We are not easily forgotten," Cam said, chiming in and shaking Daniel's hand.

"So Daniel are any of your celebrity friends going to show up" Cam asked.

"Not really but Tom Hanks sent a great gift though"Daniel replied looking at the big grill in the backyard where Nathan was grilling burger patties in.

"I see you are looking at the awards," Daniel remarked.

"Oh, it's great how you won these at your age. You, young man, are a genius," Cam commented, his eyes fixed on the awards, clearly impressed.

"Eh, not really," Daniel replied modestly.

"Oh, stop being so humble," Mitchell added.

"Do you want to hold it?" Daniel asked Cam.

"Can I?" Cam quickly turned to him.

"Sure, I don't see a problem," Daniel responded.

Daniel took out the Golden Globe and gave it to Cam. Just then, he was called by Mary, so he excused himself and left.

"Oh my god, Mitchell, we have to take a picture. Give me that new phone of yours," Cam said, holding the award in his hands.

"It's too crowded here. Let's go upstairs. We haven't seen there yet," Cam said as he and Mitchell went upstairs.

Finding a room, Cam asked Mitchell to take some photos with the Golden Globe. As Cam was posing with the award, it fell from his hands, and a tip of its marble base broke off.

"Ahhh," Cam said, quickly putting a hand on his mouth to stop screaming. Mitchell was doing the same, too shocked at what had happened.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Cam said as he paced around the room. Mitchell was looking at the award and trying to see the extent of the damage.

"Oh, Mitchell, what did we do?" Cam exclaimed, his voice higher than usual.

Mitchell inspected the damage with a worried expression. "It's just a small chip on the base. Maybe we can fix it, glue it back together or something."

"But it was pristine, Mitchell, pristine!" Cam continued to fret, clearly distressed about what he had done.

Mitchell tried to reassure him, "Cam, accidents happen. We'll figure something out. We can tell Daniel; he seems like a calm and collected kid."

"What if he won't, Mitchell? This isn't just another award," Cam replied.

"Or… or maybe we can discreetly get it fixed before he notices."

Cam nodded, still looking distressed. "Okay, okay. We're resourceful. We can fix this. But we need to be careful. We have to hide it."

Mitchell carefully placed the broken piece on the base of the award, making it look like it was not broken, and then put it inside one of the cabinet's in the closet.

"Alright, I am going to find something to fix it. You stay here and cover for me," Mitchell said as he left the house. Cam, still nervous, put on a happy face and began mingling with the guests.




"Let's see this closet you have been talking about," Gloria said as she led Jay to the rooms upstairs.

"Oh, you will love it, Gloria. It's one of my best works," Jay said happily, leading her to see it.

"Oh, is it better than ours?" Gloria asked.

"You will understand when you see it," Jay said as he led Gloria into the master bedroom and into the large walk-in closet.

"Ayy, this is huge!" Gloria exclaimed.

As she was checking out the closet, she saw something shining on a shelf. Curious, she went to see what it was. She opened it, and the Golden Globe fell on the ground again for the second time in a row. The piece that Mitchell had placed carefully on the base also came off.

Gloria gasped as she saw the award lying on the ground broken.

Jay, hearing Gloria, walked towards her and saw the award lying on the ground. "What happened?" he asked her.

Gloria picked up the award and inspected the damage. "It fell from the shelf, and this little piece broke off."

 "It was an accident. We can just tell the kid what happened," Jay said, trying to calm Gloria down.

"No Jay we can't we have to fix it"Gloria replied 

"What why this really is't a big problem"Jay said trying to talk gloria down.

Gloria glared at Jay.

"Oh jeez… Alright, alright, I am going to the house to get the glue I used to fix the counter. You stay here with the thing," Jay replied, realizing there was no arguing with Gloria.

"Why can't you take it with you?"

"I don't want to get caught walking out with it. Just stay here with it, and don't let anyone see it," Jay said as he took off to the house to get the glue.

A few minutes after Jay left, Gloria was pacing in the room when Mary entered. "Oh, Gloria, what are you doing here?" she said, walking towards her.

Gloria quickly hid the award behind the pillow on the bed. "Oh, I was just looking around. Jay was showing me the closet he did; he is very proud of it."

"Oh, he did a fantastic job," Mary replied.

"Where is Jay? I saw him walking towards the gate," Mary added.

"It is time to take his medicines; he is old, you know," Gloria said, covering for Jay.

Seeing that the award was poking out from below the pillow, Gloria quickly distracted her.

"I have some questions about your new furniture. Let's go downstairs?" Gloria said as she led Mary downstairs.




Mitchell returned with glue to see Cam singing for the people at the party. He signaled Cam, and he ended his performance to applause.

"Oh, that was the most stressful hour of my life," Cam said, walking towards Mitchell.

"Let's go and get it fixed," Mitchell said as he led Cam to where they left the award. They entered the closet and found it missing.

"Where is it? We left it right here!" Cameron exclaimed.

"I left it here on the shelf," Mitchell said, looking for it in the other cabinets.

"This is bad, Mitchell. What if someone found it?" Cam said, freaking out and pacing around the room.

"Cam be quiet I hear someone in the room"Mitchell said as he put a hand on Cam's mouth.

Gloria returned to the room to to hide the award in a more secluded location as she looked behind the pillow she found it missing as well.

"Ay, dios mío! where is it" Gloria said panicking looking all over the bed.Mitchell and Cam used this opportunity to sneak out of the closet.But Gloria catches them.

"What are you doing out of the closet"Gloria said 

"Hey there's nothing wrong with that"Cam replied.

"No Cam that's not what she....Hey what are you doing on the bed" Mitchell said looking at Gloria who was on the bed.

"I was just looking at the bed It's very big you know" Gloria said as she laid on the bed.

"What.... did you see anything"Gloria added 

"We did't see anything.... did you see anything"

"No"Gloria said

"No"Cam repeated.

"We are going to go. Big house you know so much to see" Mitchell said with a fake smile as he pushed Cam and exited the room.

Gloria's phone rang she answered it"Hey Gloria I found the glue i'm coming over find a place i can fix the the thing in private."Jay said over the phone.

"Jay I can't find the award"Gloria said.

"You lost it I told you stay with it"

"I was distracted and when I returned it was missing"Gloria replied.

"Great just great"Jay said sarcastically as he cut the call.




Cam and Mitchell stood at the corner of the living room, engaged in a heated argument about the missing award.

"I still can't believe It's gone" Cam exclaimed, waving his hands in the air."Do you think Daniel found it"Cam said panicking.

"Where could it have gone?" Mitchell retorted, frustration evident in his voice. He crossed his arms, mirroring Cam's distressed posture

"I told you we should have put it somewhere safer," Cam scolded, pointing a finger at Mitchell.

"When...when did you say that."Mitchell fired back.

On the other side of the room, Jay and Gloria were also deep in conversation.Jay scratched his head, looking around the room.

"Could someone else have taken it?" Gloria suggested, her eyes darting around the crowded living room.

"I told you not to let it out of your sight"Jay said.

As they continued arguing they heard a commotion from upstairs Both couples exchanged puzzled glances before rushing upstairs to investigate the source of the commotion.They reached entered Daniel's room and found Chris trying to wake up Daniel who was passed out in the closet, the Golden Globe lying near him.Gloria and Cam gasped.

"There it is" Cam and Gloria exclaimed together.they then looked at each other with wide eyes.

"What happened"Jay asked.

"I don't know I found him like this call an ambulance"Chris said panicking.

Jay quickly called an ambulance and Mitchell helped Chris get Daniel out of the room to the bed.

"Ayy look the golden globe must have fell in him and look it's broken"Gloria said pointing at the award loudly.

"Yes...yes Gloria is right it must have broken when it fell on him."Cam repeated Gloria ceasing the opportunity.

"Come on Cam help me get him out of here"Chris said to looking at Cam.




The doctor came outside of the room. Seeing him, Mary stood up and went to him.

"How is he, doctor?" Mary asked.

"Your son is going to be fine, Miss Adler. Just a small concussion, nothing to be worried about," the doctor replied with a reassuring smile.

"Oh, thank god," Mary said.

"We are going to move him to a private room you can see him then" the doctor said.

"See he is going to be fine" Chris said with smile.Mary looked relived they waited for Daniel to be moved.




I Really could't remember what happened today.... I remember Chris throwing me in the pool and going to change my cloths something shiny fell on me when I opened the cabinet It was all Hazy after that.

I saw mom entering the room she rushed to my side, and I could see the concern in her eyes as she hugged me gently.

"Hey, Mom," I greeted her.

"Are you all right?" she asked, cupping my face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry," I reassured her.

As I tried to piece together the events of the day, my confusion only grew. "By the way, what fell on me?" I asked, still trying to make sense of everything.

"It was the Golden Globe," Nathan replied, his tone neutral.

"Wait, what? How did that get there? It was supposed to be in the living room," I said, feeling a mix of surprise and curiosity.

As we discussed the mystery, Chris entered the room with his family, followed closely by Cam, Mitchell, Gloria, Jay, and Manny. Everyone seemed eager to see how I was doing.

"Heeyy, I'm so glad you're all right," Cam said, approaching the bed.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it," I replied, trying to reassure everyone.

"Look what we brought," Mitchell said, producing the Golden Globe.

"Why did you bring it here?" Mom asked, eyeing the award.

"It's fixed, see? Barely any scratch," Cam said, showing it to me.

"Yes...no scratch, it is fixed," Gloria quickly added, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"How did it get up on the shelf it was in the living room"I said again.

"It's alright you are ok that is all that matters"Mom said

There was silence for a while Gloria would break that silence. 

"It was me I broke the globe"Gloria said to everyone's surprise.I saw that cam was going to say something as well but he stopped mid way and looked Gloria with surprise.

"How" mom asked.

"I opened a cabinet and it fell off so I asked jay to get the glue to fix it"she said quickly in her heavy Colombian accent.

Mom gasped "That's why you brought me downstairs it was not to see the furniture was it and jay did't have to take his medicine"

"What medicine"Jay asked. 

Gloria nodded.

"But why put it on the top of the shelf" I asked.

"I did't i put it behind a pillow and it was missing when i look for it again" Gloria said.

A memory flashed through my mind. "Wait, I remember giving it to you, Cam, before the... ."

"Ah, right. About that..." Cam began to say.

Everyone turned to Cam as Mitchell hid his face in his hands.

"I broke it I'm sorry Daniel I was posing with it and it fell from my hands I panicked so we hid it in the cabinet"

Gloria gasped "Aha so you broke It"

Everyone started arguing.

"Wait....Wait" I said everyone went silent again.

"So I gave the award to cam who broke then hid it a cabinet were Gloria would find it and think she broke it and she would hide it under a pillow in the master bedroom...."

"That sounds about right" Nathan chimed in.

"So if Gloria or Cam did't put the award on the top shelf then who did" Chris said 

A squeak was heard as Chris turned to see his son on the verge of crying.

"Jaime" Chris asked.

"It was actually me," Manny confessed coming forward. "I thought I broke the award while Jaime and I were playing in the room. We didn't know how to tell you."

 "Ah so he was....."Cam started to say

"Cam shut up"Mitchell whispered.

"Manny and Jaime I understand but Cam and Gloria" Mom started to say

"Alright obviously some events have transpired that have led to me to get to this position"I said interrupting mom.

"Manny Jaime you should have just told me and I hope you both learned something from this"

"Cam Gloria well all I can say is the same thing I don't want to leave any bad feelings between us so what's done is done"

"Sorry" Cam and Gloria said together.

"Well Chris I think I am over not winning the Oscar now" I said turning to him.

"Why Danny" he asked.

"Well if we won I think I would be dead."I said as I started laughing.




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