Redo: Grimoire System in the Apocalypse

"Am I being eaten by a SLIME?!?!" A normal man woke up to find himself surrounded by the unconscious figures of his family and neighbors. The land around him was large and open, not a single structure in sight. "What's... going on?" **** Taylor, an emotionally detached family man, woke up in a strange place. Dungeons dotted the land and Monsters ran rampant. After conquering his first Dungeon, he decides that the best way to protect his children is to build a strong community. He begins his conquest as a Support build, focusing on Defense and healing to better protect his loved ones. Is that good enough to keep them alive? Can he build a community strong enough to survive the incoming disasters? Can he unlock the secrets of the mysterious Mana? Join our hero as he uses his powerful defenses to protect those he cares about! **** *Not for children, this novel will have both lewd and gruesome moments as it progresses further into the story. Cover artwork by BlackLapiz, she did an amazing job at bringing the MC to life. Tags: System, Fantasy, Romance, Fighting, Sex, Love, Husband and Wife, Multiple Lovers, Harem, Apocalypse, Magic, Mana, Kingdom Building, Survival

Ullyr · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
317 Chs

(1) Comets

"This catastrophe can't be prevented" The old man looked wearily at the last few members of humanity. 

The Council had done everything they could to preserve their way of life, now the human race was almost extinct. The last hundred survivors were standing in this very room.

The Elves and Dwarves had been eliminated. The Dragons were losing the war against the Demons. The Demons themselves were currently knocking on the doorstep of humanity's last stronghold!

The old bearded man looked down at the intricately carved Formation on the floor. Many complicated Runes lined the walls.

He turned his gaze towards the other surviving humans. Collectively, they raised three fingers to their left shoulders in a small salute.

A loud explosion shook the entire underground cavern. The old man looked at each member of the Council.

"It's time."

They all nodded, everyone present moved to one of one hundred and one small formations. The circles they stood in were all woven together.

As one, the group began to chant. The massive Formation began to light up. 

Bright Runes shined from the walls and cast themselves down to individual mages. The pain was intense, but they didn't dare to stop chanting.

Inside of their minds, a strange occurrence was taking place. The vast ocean of Mana that made up their consciousness was being shredded to pieces. 

One by one, the last members of the human race began to drop to the ground, blood bursting from every orifice. Soon, only the Council was left chanting. Their immense Mana pools took much longer to split.

More of the Council began to fall. Their bodies almost burst to shreds as their Mana absorbed into the Formation. 

The last standing were the old bearded man and three beautiful elderly women. He smiled at each of them gently while carving intricate Runes into the air with his fingers.

Two of the three women soon fell to the ground, smiles of comfort resting on their bloody faces. The last of the women was barely holding on.

"I love you," She whispered gently before falling to her knees.

He smiled lovingly down at her, "Let's live our next life in happiness."

The old man began to shed tears as the Runes began to form ever more furiously from his fingertips. The lights in the room became blinding as the old man disintegrated.

An extravagant amount of Mana flooded the room. The Formation and Runes greedily consumed it all before gradually fading into nothingness.


Hours later, a strange creature forced its way into the underground room. Its body was built from tentacles and eyes. A slick substance was constantly secreted as it moved. 

Inside the room, it found the bodies of almost one hundred humans broken and bleeding on the floor. The creature began shaking as the tentacle splattered more of the liquid. 

"Ha! Hahaha!" Odd laughter emitted outward from the creature. It looked around the room. It was empty apart from the bodies and blood that splattered across the floor.

It made its way back to the surface. "Lord, the humans are finished. It seemed they preferred to die rather than let us assimilate their power."

"Very good. Then we will shift our focus to the Dragons." A hulking figure looked at the creatures around it. "Move out."

Darkness descended as the creatures tore their way across the land.


It was already two in the morning, the kids had finally passed out. Silence filled the house. Taylor laid his head back on the couch and shut his eyes, not wanting to breathe for fear of ruining the moment of peace.

It had been a rough year, even though the start had been smooth. Taylor had been fired on Christmas Eve of the previous year and hadn't been sure what to do next.

Luckily, he'd made a nice chunk of change in the stock market in February that had let him pay off his wife's car and buy a cheap truck. Taylor had started a small business as a repairman and managed to get by throughout the year.

The kids stayed fed, he had plenty of time to stay home with his wife and children, and he had a bit of free time. Overall it had been a good year.

Of course, things could never stay that way. It was already October, Taylor hadn't received a job for almost two months. They didn't have the money to make the mortgage payment this month. If it wasn't for his wife, Michelle, picking up work making shirts for a small boutique, they likely wouldn't have made it this long.

He looked down at his four-year-old daughter, who had fallen asleep in his lap. Taylor ran his hand through her hair, smiling. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his three children, and he knew that he was cutting it close to the wire.

After four interviews, he still hadn't been accepted even with a decade's worth of experience. Even offering to take a cut in pay, these places wanted salesmen, not someone who could actually diagnose and make repairs to equipment.

Taylor stood up and picked up the little girl in his arms, carrying her to bed and pulling the comforter up over her shoulders.

"Sweet dreams, little one," He whispered. He then crept out of the room while avoiding the obstacle of toys between the bed and door.

He poked his head into his sons' room and found his wife asleep on the bed with their three-year-old snuggled up to her neck. His eight-year-old son's bed was empty. He was across town with his mom since he had school tomorrow. Taylor looked at the bed for a moment, hoping that summer would come back around soon so that he could see his son more than every other weekend.

Turning the light off, he went out to the backyard and stood in the brisk wind of the night. The chilly weather and the dark atmosphere were something he highly preferred over the heat of the summer.

Laying back in the grass, he looked up at the stars and hoped for a chance to come along.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, a streak flew by in the night sky. Shortly after, another flew by, followed by hundreds and thousands. It looked as if a massive meteor shower was passing by the Earth.

As someone who regularly followed the announcements made by NASA and other research departments, he knew that this was unexpected. The phenomenon continued for about five minutes before the sky returned to normal, almost as if it had never happened.

Something he did notice was that the stars looked strange. He couldn't find any of the constellations that he would typically look at. Not even the moon was in the sky tonight for him to use as a guide.

He shook his head, thinking that he really needed to get some sleep. Maybe he'd find an interesting article on it to read in the morning.

He stood in front of the mirror, brushing his teeth before bed. He looked over how much he'd changed over the years. Not quite thirty yet, but his hair was already receding. He had bright eyes that would alternate between a light blue or a bright grey. A thick, braided, brown beard covered his chin and ran down to his chest.

He still had the same broad shoulders, strong arms, and thick chest from working out in high school and for a few years after. Taylor had thick muscular thighs and calves. Mostly from toting around an 80-pound toolbag up and down ladders and across rooftops through the years. Though, he sneered in disgust at the belly in the middle, holding it all together. Many late nights drinking with friends and being spoiled by his wife's delicious cooking had taken him from washboard to beer belly.

After rinsing off and preparing for bed, he lay down and scrolled on his phone. He wondered if anyone was talking about the change in the sky from earlier. As it turned out, hundreds of people were posting about it in some of his groups. Not a single announcement had been made by any of the actual astronomers.

Since there wasn't any relevant information, he switched to his light novel app and read the newest release chapters from that evening. Once those were out of the way, he thumbed through the anime apps and became disappointed. There was not a single new episode for him to watch.

As he was about to plug his phone up and go to sleep, his wife walked sleepily into the room, rubbing her eyes.

Taylor smiled at her, laughing a bit at her shuffling feet. "It seems like we're staying up later every night getting the little creatures to sleep." He chuckled while she crawled in bed and pressed her body up against his side.

"Maybe the next one will be easier." She teased and smiled while clinging more tightly to him.

He just closed his eyes and held her. They both knew that the circumstances weren't right for having another one.

"Hey, you missed something crazy earlier. There were thousands of..." He looked down at Michelle to see that she was already back asleep. "Good talk." He said while laughing and rolling over to close his own eyes.